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We are so much busy with our own works and responsibilities that we don’t have enough time for the most important thing in life – the family. We live and work for the family, yet we grossly ignore our family members. A picnic with all the family members could be the next best thing to happen to you.

Short and Long Essay on A Picnic With Family in English

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A Picnic With Family Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A family picnic is a way to enjoy together and spend time with loved ones.

2) Recently I went to a beach for a family picnic.

3) We left home early in the morning and moved to the beach.

4) I along with my brother and parents went to the picnic.

5) My mother had prepared sandwiches, juices, and other snacks for us.

6) We took a ball and toys with us.

7) We played so many games at the beach.

8) After playing we sat together and talked so much.

9) We clicked so many photographs there.

10) I enjoyed it so much and will wait for our next family picnic.

Advantages of a Family Picnic – Essay 1 (250 Words)


A picnic with family is something more than literally being a picnic; it is a family outing that provides many opportunities to talk to your family members, which you wouldn’t be able to do due to busy everyday schedule. It is a time to enjoy and make moments that will be converted into memories.

Advantages of a Family Picnic

A family picnic is advantageous both psychologically, physically and also from the relationship point of view.

An urban family didn’t get much time at its disposal to spend it together with the family members. Even the closest members meet only on dinner tables. Therefore, a family picnic planned on a holiday is like a new lease of life to the relationships and emotional bonding. It also gives you the opportunity to speak to your family members about your future plans, thoughts and all. It is time to unwind your soul and relax your mind.

Also, the picnic is kind of a physical exercise without you even realizing that you are doing one. You walk a long distance, play, and dance and do a number of physical activities as part of the picnic plan. So many physical activities improve your stamina and tone up the vital organs of your body, making them ready for the coming days.


A family picnic is the best way to reignite love among the family members and also to tone up your mental and physical health. It is advisable to organize at least one such outing once in a week or a fortnight to keep the light of love and faith glowing in a family, which is otherwise too busy with everyday chores.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How to Decide a Family Picnic Destination


A picnic with family is not only an event to go out and enjoy but also a time to understand each other and know what lies in the heart. It’s time to forget the everyday routine and jump into the pool of happiness, joy, and togetherness.

Where to Go?

When you are a part of a nuclear family, living in cramped two-bedroom apartment in some residential complex; your concern for where to go for a picnic with family, is genuine. It’s hard to find a picnic place these days, when you are surrounded by signs of human settlements. But, don’t be disappointed, as there are still lots of good and pristine places left in this world. Hunt for a place that is at a convenient distance from your house to conclude the picnic by the end of the day.

Many cities have zoological parks, commonly referred to as zoo. See if your city has one. A zoo has many small clearings and parks where you can sit back with your family, intermittently during the tour through the animal enclosures. It would be a nice and relaxing experience.

Even if there is no zoo in your city, look for a place outside the city limits, that is often used as a picnic spot by the locals. Take the advice of your friends, neighbors; they must know about a place like this. Take care to avoid isolated and deserted places as it may not be safe from the safety point of view.

A Time to Relax and Enjoy

The moment you start on your picnic expedition, start enjoying each and every moment. Don’t wait for the destination to start enjoying, rather, enjoy even the journey. Sometimes the journey holds more rewards than the destination itself.

Cherish each and every moment and the first thing to do while commencing the journey is to leave your office and home worries locked behind the door. When out on a picnic with your family, you need to keep your headlight without any unnecessary worries and responsibilities. Let your office worries wait till you get back from the picnic. Till then just relax and chill out, spreading love and smile.


Picnic with family is the best that could happen amid the chaos and business of a city life. It is like a shot of energy and happiness both in the life and in the relations.

A Picnic With Family Essay

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Importance of a Family Picnic


A picnic with family is always a relaxing and pleasurable experience. It gives you a time out with other family members where you can do a number of things and activities together with them.

Importance of a Family Picnic

Family is the most important group of people constituting an individual’s close relatives. It consists of – father, mother, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, grandparents, etc.

Every younger family member in an urban family is too busy all day long in his/her own affairs- office, college, school, etc; while the elders crave for attention and love. Working sons/daughters don’t have time for their ailing parents and are too involved in their own chores. Their day begins with just one thought and that is ‘to reach office on time’. Ironically, it is their day’s primary goal. You may laugh it off, but it is the truth with almost every urban family.

Children in the household, find their grandparents too old fashioned and often avoid their company. In this state of affairs, it becomes necessary to take a step towards saving the broken relationships and bringing them back to life, with whatever resources you have. A picnic is very important as sometimes for a busy family, it is the only weapon to mend their broken relationships and hearts, of course!

When to Plan?

But, what can an earning family member do, on whom lay the responsibility of well being of the family and its expenses. You have to work six days a week 24/7 to meet the requirements of your family and also your own. Don’t be disheartened because you still have the weekends at your disposal and can utilize it at your leisure.

Also, you can choose any of the public, religious or other holidays that your employer grants you. It is not necessary that you need a long holiday for a family picnic; rather, it can be planned only in a day’s time. The key is to get up and get going.

A Time to Reinvent Relationships

A picnic gives the family members ample of time to rejuvenate their relationships. Even if you have seldom spoken to your parents or grandparents in the gone week; it is the right time for you to do so, while on a family picnic.

A picnic is a perfect time to spread smile and interact with each family member on issues close to their heart. You can chat with them about their health and preferences, just to make them feel important and cared for.

It could also prove the best time to ward off any kind of misunderstanding or sour feeling among the members. Picnic gives a time to interact and understand the real intentions, thereby helping in removing misunderstandings.

Some Necessary Precautions

As you have known by now the importance of a family picnic, when to plan it and how it helps in fixing relationships; it is time to move on the most important aspect of a picnic, that is the safety of family members.

It is highly advisable that you get a complete idea of the place where you intend to visit with your family. Search the internet for reviews of the place. Ask any of your friends or colleagues who had already been there. Make sure the place is safe enough and has all the basic amenities and the emergency services available, just in case.


A family picnic is like a family gets together away from home and other everyday chores. It is time to relax and just enjoy the company of your loved ones. You might feel a little lethargic over an idea of a picnic and would prefer relaxing in the comfort of your house, but believe me, once you return from the family picnic; you won’t regret it at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by a family?

Ans. A group of people living together and connected to each other genetically or by marriage or birth etc is called a family.

Q.2 What is the root word for the family?

Ans. The word family has been derived from the Latin word ‘familia’.

Q.3 What do we call to the son of our brother or sister?

Ans. The son of our brother or sister is called a nephew.

Q.4 What is a joint family?

Ans. A joint family is one in which the family members of two or more generations live together.

Q.5 Which family is a happy family?

Ans. A family where there is love, understanding, and respect among the family members is a happy family.

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