Speech on International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga is celebrated globally on the 21st of June every year. It is a United Nations declared global event, observed throughout the globe in several countries. I am giving below three speeches of varying word lengths for my readers to enhance their knowledge on this important global event.

Short and Long Speech on International Day of Yoga

Speech 1 - India and International Day of Yoga

Good morning Principal Sir, respected teachers, and dear friends. I am honored to address you all on the international day of yoga, celebrated throughout the globe on 21st June.

It is indeed a moment of pride for India, for yoga is an ancient practice originated in India. India’s religious gurus and ascetics have been practicing yoga for ages. They have all been benefited by it, both physically and mentally.

A few decades back, yoga became a household name in India; thanks to some yoga gurus who promoted its practice to the masses.

Then came the moment of pride for India, when the United Nations adopted a resolution declaring 21st June as the International day of yoga. Since then there is no looking back and yoga has today become a global brand. Today it is practiced by millions all throughout the globe, as enthusiastically as ever.

Let’s be a part of the change that yoga seeks to bring to our physical, mental health, and spiritual well-being. Let’s spread the glory of yoga to every corner of the world, making India more proud of her cultural heritage.

I think that I should end my speech here and begin practicing yoga with you all. Thank you and let’s begin!

Speech 2 - International Day of Yoga: Benefits

Good morning Principal sir, respected teachers, my dear friends, and all the guests. Today is 21st June and as you all know that we have gathered here to celebrate ‘International Day of Yoga’.

How do you celebrate the international day of yoga? Of course, by performing yoga! That’s why we have gathered here. But, before we move onto our sessions I would like to tell you all, briefly on why we are doing this.

I know many of us think yoga as a kind of physical exercise that involves different postures and movements, sometimes even challenging your flexibility. I must tell you that yoga is much more than a physical exercise – it is also a mental and spiritual exercise; although, you would better understand the effects, only if you practice regularly.

There are several breathing exercises in yoga. There is a concept in yoga that states that breathing is directly related to your temper and hence your mental state. Have you ever noticed that irregular and deep breathes you take whenever you are angry or nervous?

Well yoga, seeks to reverse that effect. The modus operandi is simple yet very effective. Breathing practices in yoga seek to synchronize your breathing pattern; thereby, keeping you mentally calm and at peace with the world. Have you ever noticed the breath of a newborn child – long deep breaths of exact duration?

No anger, frustration, or inhibitions of any kind, a child is the happiest and peaceful individual in the entire world. That is what you do to you – make you childlike at least for the mental part of it.

There are many other physical benefits of yoga also, but you would better experience them if you practice yoga. I must tell you that millions across the globe practice yoga today and we all must follow.

Let’s begin a new healthy and peaceful life! Thank You!

Speech 3 - All About International Day of Yoga

Good morning everyone! It is the international day of yoga today and I see that everyone has enthusiastically occupied their places on their mats. You look so filled with energy! That’s the way to go.

Before we begin our yoga session, kindly allow me to speak a few words about the event. International Yoga Day celebrated on 21st June was established in 2015.

It was suggested by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address in the United Nations. There was also a reason behind choosing the date 21st June for the event. Any guesses? Actually, 21st June is the longest day in Northern Hemisphere and the date has its own significance in other cultures as well. Following the recommendations by the Indian Prime Minister, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution declaring 21st June as the International Day of Yoga. It was indeed a very proud moment for India as the motherland where yoga originated.

Since its inception, International yoga day has become immensely popular not only in India but also to other parts of the world as well; although, the first observance in India, had been a remarkable one.

It was distinguished in more than one way. Firstly it was the largest recorded yoga class to date. Attended by 35, 985 people, the Prime Minister himself and dignitaries from 84 nations performed various asanas for around 35 minutes. The event was hugely covered by media and broadcasted live, over the globe.

When the yoga was performed live at Rajpath, New Delhi, millions across the globe were performing it in front of their televisions. It was the largest covered event that got a global response as never before.

I am happy to announce that, within a span of 4-5 years the day has become immensely popular and is enthusiastically celebrated even in the remotest corners of the globe.

People from different countries, speaking completely different languages are united by a single cause – good health. The world has lately realized the potential in yoga – the benefit it could bring to physical and mental health.

An event like this depends on its volunteers and the truth that could drive millions to follow. There are millions of yoga teachers, instructors who are working hard to make events a success, not to mention volunteers and common yoga performers like you and me.

I am sure that one day the world will witness the goodness of yoga. Perhaps, one day there will be more healthy and mentally happy people on the planet than they are today. We all know that true happiness lies in a good state of physical and mental health. If you are healthy and have a sound mind, free from unnecessary thoughts, desires, and all – you can work wonders. Yoga guarantees just that, only if you practice regularly and in a disciplined way.

Today, millions are joining every day in the already strong force of yoga performers, volunteers, instructors, and teachers. With this huge response, I have no doubt that one day ‘yoga’ will become so popular that there would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t practice it.

Yoga is already a household name not only in India but also in several other countries. People of France, the United States, Brazil, and others are routine practicing yoga every day.

I think I have taken enough time and we should begin with our yoga session now. Let’s do this – let’s spread the glory and benefits of yoga in all the directions and be a part of it too – in fact, an active and energetic part.

Let’s practice yoga in the name of good health and peace in the world. Let’s do it!