Speech on Kabir Das Jayanti

Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated in India on a full moon day in the month of Jayesthya as per the Hindu calendar. It is reverently celebrated by Kabir Panthis from across the country. I am giving below three speeches on Kabir Das Jayanti celebrations of varying word lengths for my readers.

Short and Speech on Sant Kabir Das Jayanti

Speech 1

Good Morning Respected Principal Sir, teachers, honored guests, and my dear friends. As you all know that Sant Kabir Jayanti is being celebrated today; I, therefore, take this opportunity to tell you a little more about Kabir Das and today’s celebrations.

Kabir Das was a 14th century Hindi poet born at the holy city of Varanasi. His teachings are in the form of ‘dohas’ or small poems written in Hindi. Thorough his dohas, Kabir condemned the unnecessary and rudimentary religious beliefs and customs of Hindu as well as Muslim religions.

So much impressive were his teachings that he inspired millions to form a separate sect called ‘Kabir Pant’. Kabir Panthis don’t follow any religion and only follow the teachings of Kabir Das as their religious text. Kabir Panthis celebrate Kabir Jayanti with enthusiasm and religious fervor.

The Jayanti is more prominently celebrated at Kabir Prakatya Sthal in Varanasi, which is the birthplace of Sant Kabir. It would be right to say that Kabir Jayanti celebration at Varanasi is the greatest congregation of Kabir Panthis from across the country.

It is indeed a non-religious cultural event that must be celebrated every year with a large participation of people from all religions. Thank You!

Speech 2

Good Morning Principal Sir, teachers, and all my dear friends. Today we are celebrating Sant Kabir Das Jayanti and I take this opportunity to give a speech to let you dive deep into the philosophy and life of Kabir as well as the celebrations of his Jayanti.

India is a land of saints. We had many saints throughout the history of civilizations. Some of them had left their imperishable mark in history. But most of them had been associated with a particular religion. Like there had been Hindu saints as well as Muslim saints.

But, there was also born a saint on this land who claimed no association with either of the religions. In fact, even his actual religion through birth was never known. He remained non-religious throughout his life and that is the reason why his followers come from Hindu, Muslim as well as Sikh religions.

In fact, those who follow Sant Kabir’s teachings claim no allegiance to any religion and are called ‘Kabir Panthis’. They don’t even make or revere statue of Kabir as he was strictly against Idol worship.

Kabir Panthis from throughout the country celebrate Kabir Das Jayanti with religious fervor. They sing bhajans and dohas written by Kabir himself. Prasad is also distributed in public and the poor.

As Kabir was against religious beliefs and customs and was a critic of all unnecessary religious practices; his Jayanti also presents an opportunity for those who want to break free from religious obligations.

Kabir Das Jayanti is a celebration that brings to the front the reality that the world’s greatest religion is humanity. The essence of all Kabir’s teachings is that we have to be humans first, before being a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or anything else, for that matter.

With this, I end my speech. Thank you for being such a patient and wonderful audience. Thank You!

Speech on Kabir Das Jayanti

Speech 3

Respected Principal Sir, honored guests, teachers, and my dear friends, we have gathered here on the auspicious occasion of Kabir Das Jayanti. I have been given the opportunity to give a speech on Sant Kabir Das and his Jayanti.

Most of us know Kabir as a Hindi literary poet whose dohas, meaning songs or couplets on wisdom are extremely popular. They are so popular that we often hear them on TV shows and even in movies.

I believe that apart from being an excellent Hindi poet, Kabir was also a revolutionary. Through his writings, he condemned the rudimentary religious beliefs and customs of both the Hindu and Muslim religions. For this, he had always remained at loggerheads with the followers of both religions.

However, he had also inspired some people from both the religion and together they formed a separate sect called ‘Kabir Pant’. Even Sikhs from western India are ardent followers of Kabir Pant or are Kabir Panthis. Many dohas of Kabir are also mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred book of Sikhism.

Kabir’s followers, admirers, and Kabir Panthis celebrate his Jayanti on the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Jayesthya.

Kabir was born in the holy city of Varanasi, situated on the banks of River Ganga. His exact date of birth is unknown; however, historians claim that he lived between 1398 and 1448.

Kabir Jayanti is celebrated throughout the country; however, it is more reverently celebrated in Varanasi where Kabir Panthis from far away corners of the country gather.

I must tell you that there is a place named Lahartara in Varanasi, which the historians claim to be the birthplace of Sant Kabir. The birthplace has taken shape of a mat, popularly called “Sant Kabir Prakatya Sthal”.

This mat is the focal point of the celebrations and Kabir Panthis from several corners of the country come there to celebrate Kabir Jayanti. An exhibition of Kabir’s books is put up during the Jayanti. Even the CDs with audio files of Kabir’s dohas are on display for the followers to bag it.

Daylong bhajans and kirtans are organized in the mat which remains open for people from all religions. Anyone from any religion or community is welcomed and can take part in activities.

Even a langar or community lunch is organized by the mat’s management. Kabir Panthis who have come from faraway places and also the locals feast the food as Prasad.

The event is also attended by many religious gurus and sometimes prominent politicians and public representatives, also visit. They all revere saint Kabir and sing his dohas.

Similar events are celebrated throughout the country. Kabir Panthis from across the country organize such events and remember the teachings of their guru. In some places, processions are also carried out in which devotees take out the palanquin with a portrait of Kabir, and they carry it along the streets, singing bhajans and dohas of Kabir.

Other than usual celebrations, Kabir Jayanti is also a significant event from the secularism point of view. As we all know that Kabir was against religious propagandas and throughout his life, he valued practical human sentiments devoid of any religious obligations. He has disciples from across the religions, who celebrate Kabir Jayanti together with brotherhood.

In the end, I would like to request you all to take out some time from your busy lives and visit Kabir Mat in Varanasi. We should know about the saints who have become an integral part of our culture. Although you can visit anytime, it would be better if you visit on Kabir Jayanti. This way you would know more about the greatest non-religious saints of India. Thank You!

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