Speech on Global Warming

Global warming is the most important factor that concerns the environment and also life on the planet. It is causing significant damage to the ecological balance and number of species. I have given three speeches of varying lengths on global warming for my readers.

Short and Long Speech on Global Warming

Speech 1

Good morning Principal Sir, teachers and all my dear friends. I hope you all know that I am here to give a speech on global warming.

As well all know that global warming is the most important topic of environmental concern. It is extremely important that we understand the gravity of the situation.

It is nothing but our own activities that are heating up the planet, up to a level that is becoming damaging to the ecology. The fuel that we use in our homes, for transport vehicles, etc. are the main sources of global warming.

Burning and production of these fuels release toxic gases that linger in the atmosphere. These gases prevent heat from escaping the surface of the earth thereby increasing its temperature.

Everything, the earth’s surface, oceans, water bodies are heating up, consequently damaging species and ecology. More species are losing the battle of life due to temperatures they cannot tolerate.

It is in our own hands to get our planet out of the effects of global warming. If only the world powers come together and take stringent measures in this regard that the things will start changing for good. I think I have said enough on the matter. Thank You!

Speech 2

Good morning Principal Sir, teachers, honored guests, and my very dear friends. I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to address you all from this dais. I have been asked to give a speech on global warming, by our dear Principal Sir.

Many of you might be well aware of what global warming is. It refers to a subsequent rise in the earth’s surface temperature over a definite period of time.

As we all know that earth has an atmosphere, a part of which constitutes gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, and all. These gases are present in a definite natural quantity and act like a blanket, by preventing the reflected heat of the sun from escaping into the atmosphere. This phenomenon is subsequently responsible for maintaining the average surface temperature of the earth; a temperature that is just suitable for the life to flourish on the planet.

So far so good, but sadly the scenario is changing. There has been a consistent rise in earth’s surface temperature in the gone three to four decades, something that is adversely affecting the ecology and life on the planet. And no one else but humans is primarily responsible for this effect.

Activities like transportation and others including industrialization, chemical industry; release greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases only add to the atmospheric concentration of existing gases and thereby causing an augmented greenhouse effect. This increased greenhouse effect causes the temperature of the earth to soar. More pollution, more release of gases and thereby more greenhouse effect consequently resulting in global warming.

Therefore the main solution to global warming is to prevent pollution and any further release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

That’s all for now and I think that I have said enough. I hope that you all have well understood global warming and its causes. Thank You!

Speech 3

Good morning respected Principal, teachers, and honored guests. I am here to give a speech on global warming. As we all know that global warming today has become a matter of concern and debate for environmentalists and governments across the world.

First, let me just briefly explain what global warming is. As the name itself hints, global warming refers to the warming of the globe, which is the earth, beyond a perceptible limit.

Why is it a matter of such grave concern? Well, the average surface temperature of the earth is persistently rising year by year, making the earth a little warmer than the previous year. If we go by decades, the rise in temperature becomes more significant. Scientific fraternity is stating that by the end of the century the average temperature will rise above 3°C to 5°C.

This rise in temperature may look insignificant but it has a severe impact on the ecology of the planet. Even a minimal rise in earth’s temperature has an effect on ecology, though, the signs of it may be difficult to identify. Some of the effects are too evident while some are silent and will only intensify over time if the situation isn’t brought under control.

The climatic effects of global warming are becoming prominent with each passing year; though, the impacts vary from place to place. Haven’t you heard the news of incessant rains at places that usually remained dry throughout? Also, the monsoon patterns have shifted over time. Oceans are raising causing floods and glaciers are melting. All these are effects of global warming only.

What is more troubling is the fact that global warming is caused due to human activity. Human activities like construction, deforestation, industrialization, transportation are primarily responsible for global warming. Pollution however is the greatest contributing factor. Human activities like transportation and industrialization release toxic gases into the atmosphere. These gases act as a blanket over the surface of the earth, which prevents the sun’s heat from escaping back into the atmosphere. This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect and is one of the main reasons behind global warming.

One thing is very clear – as long as we continue exploiting our resources and polluting the environment, the situation of global warming is only going to get worst. The proportionality is direct – if the pollution increases so will the temperature of the planet.

An increase in temperature is as damaging to humans as it is to other species as well. There are many plants, species of aquatic and land mammals, reptiles, etc., who are extremely sensitive to even a minimal rise in temperature. For instance, the rise in the surface temperature of oceans is derogatory affecting the coral reef, and other aquatic species like tortoise, whale, etc. Their numbers are decreasing and some of them are almost on the verge of going extinct.

In a way, everything – the ecology, the genetic pattern, and behavior of the species, gets affected by global warming. It also seriously affects the food chain, thereby considerably giving a blow to the ecological balance.

This is the right time for the world to take cognizance of the situation and take necessary preventive measures, to prevent any further environmental damage and hence to prevent global warming. Unless we understand the gravity of the situation and acknowledge the fact that only we humans have the ability and resources to fight and reverse the damages that we have so far caused to the environment.

We must understand that if the situation continues like this, our future generation will face more tough situations that we can’t even imagine. That is all I had to say. Thank You!

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