Speech on National Integration (Rashtriya Ekta)

National Integration is nothing but a feeling of unity and togetherness among the citizens of a country. It plays a significant role in the progress of the nation and also its security against the threats.

Short and Long Speech on National Integration in English

I have given below three speeches on national integration (Rashtriya Ekta) of varying lengths for my readers. You can select and use any one of them as per your choice and need:

National Integration Speech 1

Good Morning everyone! Very special greetings to respected Principal Sir and teachers. Last but not least – a very loving hi to all my dear friends out there.

I am thankful to my teachers and Principal Sir for giving me the opportunity to address you all by giving a speech on national integration.

Those are just two small words but believe me it is the most powerful force behind the progress of a nation; more so, if the nation is as culturally, religiously, and linguistically as diverse as India.

National integration may be easily understood as national unity. It is a condition when the people of a country stay united for a single cause, despite their differences.

India is a perfect and most practical example of national integration. India’s diversity has always surprised the world. There is even an old Indian saying – “Kos kos pe badle pani, char kos pe badle wani” meaning that, In India the taste of water changes every 200 meters, and on every 800 meters the language to gets changed. Despite such huge differences, the people of India stay united and religiously obey one constitution. This is nothing but national integration.

I think I was able to explain the true meaning of national integration in the simplest way possible. Thank you all for being such patient listeners. Jai Hind!

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National Integration Speech 2

Good Morning Respected Principal Sir, honored guests, teachers, and all dear friends. Today, I am given the opportunity of giving a speech on national integration. I am grateful to Principal Sir and my teachers for the same.

Friends; national integration is something that binds the people of our country despite hundreds of their demographic divisions. People will entirely different cultures, religions, and ethnicity, follow one law of the land, and are extremely loyal to their motherland. When there is a threat to the motherland, they all stand united to protect each other and the land, oblivious of their differences – this is what national integration is!

National integration is nothing but a sense of common citizenship among the otherwise different citizens of a country. It is only when the people are united that they get loyal to their country. When the people of a country are not united, it can’t remain one or secure its borders for long. We can say that in the absence of national integration among its citizens, a nation is bound to disintegrate.

The importance of national integration is also into keeping the country progressive and thriving. India is the world’s largest and most diverse democracy, only because its people are united. People of India have a common feeling of unity despite their differences. This is the most fundamental factor behind the democratic setup of India and its success.

National integration fosters the feeling of unity among each and every citizen of India and makes them loyal to their motherland. It is one of the main strengths of India and has been successful in keeping the external threats out and nipping the internal threats in bud.

This is all that I have to say about national integration. There is much more, but the time doesn’t allow me to have that liberty. Anyways, I think what I have said today is well understood by my audience. Thank You!

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National Integration Speech 3

Good Morning Respected Principal Sir, teachers, and my dear friends. I sincerely hope to find you all in good health. I am here to give a speech on National Integration. It is indeed a significant subject especially for a country as culturally and religiously diverse as India.

Let us start with a basic understanding of what is national integration. National Integration is the sense of unity among the citizens of a nation, despite all existing differences of religion, caste, ethnicity, and culture between them.

People speaking different languages, having totally different cultures and beliefs, live in brotherhood and unity – this is called national integration.

Now I guess, you must have got a clear idea as to what national integration is. Many world leaders have stressed on the essentiality of national integration among the people of the nation, for their growth and security.

It is a feeling that dwells in the heart of every citizen fostering a sense of unity and common citizenship towards others. This further makes the citizens develop a sense of loyalty towards their nation and to keep it safe from external as well as internal threats.

Believe me, national integration is very important to keep up the democratic sanctity of a country and also to protect it against external intrusion.

There could be no better example of national integration and its significance, than our own country India. India is home to people of six different religious groups; at least 645 distinct tribes; more than 19, 500 native languages spoken throughout the country; the culture, ethnicity and food changes from state to state; yet people live with an unwavering sense of unity among themselves as well as loyalty towards their country.

This cultural diversity of India has taken centuries to build up. We have gracefully accepted other cultures that have traveled to our land. With the due course of time, they became an integral part of our own Indian culture.

It is very clear that India would have not been as it is today had there not been a sense of national integration or unity among its citizens. It would rather be broken into thousands of small groups with their own unique language and culture.

Thankfully, this is not the case and today we stand united as a mountain, ready to face any threat, head-on. Apart from the unity and security of the nation, there are also other benefits of national integration.

It plays an essential role in preserving democratic principles of India as well. People, both culturally and religiously, different backgrounds, exercise their franchise, to form a single government, with a unified objective of the progress of India. Would it have been possible in the absence of national unity? No, absolutely not! Had there not been national unity among our citizens the whole democratic setup would have collapsed.

Through national integration comes growth and prosperity, as the people strive to together achieve the economical milestones. As I have said before that national integration also plays a significant role in keeping national threats out. Nobody dares to challenge or intrude a nation whose people stand united to protect their motherland.

I think the true beauty of India lies in the unity of its people and the feeling of national integration that exists between them. As long as we the people of India stay united we would be free from any kind of threat, either external or internal.

I think I had said enough on the subject; sincerely hoping that I was able to make you understand the meaning and importance of national integration and increase infest the same in your heart. Thank You!

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