Speech on Alcohol Prohibition

Alcohol is another name of disaster that works as a slow poison and kills not only the person but also his relationship, dignity, and peace. Many of us consume alcohol just to enjoy but you never know how your enjoyment turns into an addiction. I have brought some well-worded speeches on alcohol prohibition of different words count and hope it will help you.

Short and Long Speech on Alcohol Prohibition/Ban

Speech 1 – Alcohol Prohibition

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal sir, teachers, and my dear friends. Today I have been honored to deliver my opinion and thoughts on the very famous topic of alcohol ban as it is illegal in many states.

It is not so easy to ban liquor because there are 14% of Indians who drink on average, which is near about 15 crore Indians. Alcohol-consuming people age from 10 to 75 just because of its easy availability. Punjab, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Tripura are some of the topmost liquor consuming states. Isn’t it a concern and does the government really thinks about it?

Liquor directly affects health and there is not even a single benefit of having it still, it is available everywhere. Once a person starts having alcohol, he becomes addicted and this addiction causes different problems. Sometimes people don’t have money and to manage their drink and they start selling their belongings. It is dangerous in many ways.

It also promotes criminal activities and domestic violence. All of us know these things but we never teach our children about the harm liquor can cause. Now it is time for self-awareness, educate your child and tell them how harmful it is. This will at least change their mindset.

I end up my speech with a ray of hope that can change at least a group of mindsets.

Thank you!

Speech 2 – Liquor Ban in India

Greeting to the honorable chairperson, teachers, and my very dear brothers and sisters, I am Shrijan of class 7 presenting my speech on the Liquor ban in India.

It is China known for introducing alcohol; apart from China we also find the evidence of liquor in the early Egyptian civilization. In the beginning, it used to be made from rice. Slowly fruits like apple, grapes, and some other ingredients came into existence. It got popular among people day by day as a result today it is produced on a very large scale in many countries.

India also produces more than 5 million liters of alcohol every year and it is produced from sugarcane. Actually, when sugar is made from sugarcane, some by-products are formed, and it forms alcohol. So, it is not made separately in some places.

Alcohol is used in various medicines but people misuse and use it as a drink. The diluted form is used everywhere but when people consumed it as alcohol; they have to face many harmful diseases. States like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab gets a lot of revenue from alcohol because the production of sugar cane is highest in these states which automatically triggers the production of alcohol in these states.

It was Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar took a major step and banned alcohol in Bihar on 26th November 2015 and is active even today. The state has completely banned any kind of liquor either in hotels or in clubs. It is a crime and there is a law of 5 to 10 years imprisonment with a penalty. Apart from Bihar, Gujarat also has some strict laws like the death penalty for manufacturing or selling liquor. Even in Maharashtra, only license holders can only trade liquor. Mizoram, Lakshadweep, Nagaland are some other states with no liquor.

Apart from these states, all national holidays have been announced as dry days such as Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti.

I would like to end my words with an appeal that ‘liquor cannot justify your tastebuds, health, and even wealth so be wise and choose the right.

Thank you!

Speech 3 – Why Liquor Should be Banned?

A very Good Morning to our Principal Sir, teachers, and my dear friends, today on this occasion I would like to convey my speech on Why Liquor should be banned? Hope it will be helpful for you.

Alcohol consumption is one of the most common problems these days. Although people are enough able to choose what is good for them and what is not, still excess consumption of anything leads to a disorder. China tops the list of alcohol-producing countries. And there are only 2% of heavy drinkers which are very less as compared to other countries. Isn’t it a smart game? Although there are 40% of people who consume liquor very seldom.

You will be surprised to know about the discovery of alcohol. The existence of alcohol was approved in between 6000 B.C to 4000 B.C in China. Production or discovery is not a big deal, but the main problem is its outcome, that we face after consuming alcohol. It causes many health issues and some harmful diseases like cancer, kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart attack, etc, the list is long and the benefits are rare.

All of us know the drawbacks; still, many of us consume it. There are some states like Bihar, Nagaland, Gujarat, Mizoram, Manipur, and Lakshadweep with no liquor. It is illegal in these states to have alcohol. Let me tell you some major drawbacks of consuming alcohol.

Apart from harmful diseases, it also affects society, it shakes the root of a family, because some people don’t care about family and they only focus on fulfilling their desire of having alcohol. It is endorphin which gives an artificial feeling of pleasure when you consume alcohol as a result people get addicted to it. Once a person is addicted to alcohol, he needs it at any cost and starts behaving abnormally which causes violence, breaks a family relationship, divorce, etc.

A drunk person never feels pity and does not behave properly, which also brings defame when you live in a reputed society. Every year thousands of cases of domestic violence are registered just because of this evil alcohol. Many youths spoil their life and carrier just because they get addicted to alcohol. It is not vitamin syrup; it is equal to the poison which kills you every day. But nowadays youth thinks it is a matter of shame if they will say no to alcohol in their friend circle.

All those acts which you perform alone with some group of people are evil acts and either it is consuming liquor or having cigarettes. Be brave to adopt some habits which you can show others. It is a coward activity, not bravery. Don’t spoil your life in this never-ending thrust and adopt some good habits.

Youth is the future of a nation and today India is the strongest emerging country, just because of the highest youth population. Each and every person is important to benefit the economy of this country. Enjoyment is okay but when something goes excess then it is a warning. Smart are those who listen to the warning bell.

These are some serious reasons which indicate that alcohol should be banned everywhere. Nowadays it is easily available everywhere which is not a good thing. Kudos to the Chief Ministers of Bihar and Gujarat who took such a big step to ban alcohol in their states. It is a brave step which should be appreciated and other state persons should also learn from them. Keeping the personal benefits aside, states should think about people and nations and ban liquor.

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