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World Environment Day is observed by around 143 countries across the globe on 5th June every year. It was instituted by the United Nations with an objective to minimize human interference with the environment. Since 1974, World Environment Day is celebrated every year with a specific environmental theme.

Short and Long Essay on World Environment Day in English

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World Environment Day Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) 5 June is marked as the World Environment Day around the globe.

2) This observance was initiated by the United Nations.

3) All over the world about 143 countries observe World Environment Day.

4) The main aim is to reduce the environmental harm caused by human activities.

5) To protect the environment, this day was initiated in 1972.

6) The United States celebrated the very first World Environment Day on 5 June 1974.

7) Every year this day is celebrated with a particular theme.

8) The National Security Council manages and monitors the events of this campaign in India.

9) On this day, many programs are organized to aware people of protecting the environment.

10) Schools and colleges celebrate this day by planting trees.

World Environment Day Essay 1 (250 Words)


Every year, several countries around the globe, celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June to raise awareness about the impacts human activities make on the environment and how they can be minimized. United Nations is the main body that governs the global observance of World Environment Day.

Why is World Environment Day Celebrated?

Environment is the most precious gift to humans and also to every living creature, plant, etc. on the planet. It is very important that every element of the environment – air, water, soil, trees, forests, oceans, etc. remain in its pristine and undisturbed form so as the planet and the life it supports, could continue till ages.

Sadly, the environment today is being damaged by a number of human activities including deforestation, mining, industrialization, etc. It is to reduce this damage due to human interference with the environment; the United Nations came up with an idea of observing World Environment Day to raise awareness on environmental protection.

How to Participate?

There are several ways in which you can participate in World Environment Day celebrations as give below-

  • Stay active on social media – give your opinion and inspire others for the cause.
  • Make a commitment to yourself about the optimal use of natural resources like water, etc.
  • Use less electricity and avoid burning of fossil fuel, petroleum, etc.
  • Show your concern by planting a new tree in your backyard or in the neighborhood.


World Environment Day must be celebrated by all the countries around the globe, in order to make human activities less damaging to the environment.

World Environment Day Essay 2 (400 Words)


Every year, countries around the globe celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June. It is celebrated under the guidance of the United Nations, which issues guidelines and instructions to the member state in this regard.

World Environment Day – India

The World Environment Day was instituted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, to commemorate the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. The first World Environment Day was observed in 1974 in Spokane city, United States, with the theme “Only One Earth”. Since then it is observed every year with a specific theme. Every year the World Environment Day is celebrated by a different country that plays the host of the events. India had twice been the host of World Environment Day, both in 2011 and 2018 with the theme – Forests: Nature at Your Service and Beat Plastic Pollution respectively.

In India, the National Security Council has taken up the responsibility of the World Environment Day events. It has been managing campaigns for every consecutive year since 1999.

National Security Council (NSC) of India provides promotional material including badges of the environment day, banners, posters and informational booklets to the public and members. Every year over 500 government and non-government organizations including the municipalities and all, get benefited from the NSC material.

How is World Environment Day Celebrated?

Environment day is celebrated with a prime objective to make efforts conducive to retain the true form of the environment, without damaging it. Organizations support the WED by taking greener initiatives in offices.

Issues like carbon footprint, waste disposal, and deforestations, etc. are addressed and people commit to new methods conducive to the environment growth.

Guidelines are issued to manufacturing industries and other businesses instructing or advising them to adopt environment-friendly policies. Many businesses come forward and display their commitment towards a safe and healthy environment and to reduce any human impacts on it.

Any common person can also actively participate in World Environment Day by making a commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Use alternative sources of energy, avoid overuse of resources and plant a sapling in your neighborhood. There are thousands of such activities that you can do on World Environment Day.


Celebration of World Environment Day is essential to keep the people aware of the cause of environmental protection and commit for the same. It is a platform for the world to come together on a significant issue of environmental protection and make necessary plans.

Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words)


World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June by the United Nations and around 143 other countries. It is being celebrated since 1974 as a global program to reach out to the masses on several issues of environmental concern. In the essay below we will go through the details of World Environment Day.

Institution of World Environment Day

The Scandinavian nation Sweden in 1968 suggested to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that a UN conference be held focusing on the interference of humans with the environment. Following the proposal, ECOSOC passed a resolution no 1346 in support of the idea.

Next year in 1968 the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution 2398, in which it gave its consent to organize the proposed conference in 1972. The conference was held in which the environmental issues were discussed and guidelines were issued to the concerned countries and organizations. Thus, beginning in 1974, World Environment Day is observed every year.


The main objective of the World Environment Day is to reach out extensively to the masses on the different issues of environmental concern and to raise awareness.

The basic idea is to create an environment where individuals feel their responsibility towards the environment and governments take necessary conducive efforts for the protection of the environment.

By environment we mean here all the possible constituents of the environment – air, water, marine life, wildlife, vegetation and all. Every year a new theme is adopted for the observation. The theme is selected based on a different issue concerning the environment and human interference with it.

Governments, NGOs, and dignitaries from around the world adopt the theme to raise general awareness about the environment. United Nations also issue guidelines to the concerned governments regarding the plan for environment conservation.

Themes and Host Countries

Every year a specific theme is adopted by the world nations for the observation of World Environment Day. The theme is decided by the United over a concerned topic and the events are coordinated based on that particular theme. The theme of the first World Environment Day observed in 1974 was “Only One Earth”.

In 1987 began a tradition of selecting a country to play host for a year’s observation of the World Environment Day.

Like in 1974, the city of Spokane in the United States played the host of the first-ever World Environment Day. Similarly many of the nations including, Australia, China, England, Pakistan, India, etc. have played host with different themes.

New Delhi, the capital of India, hosted the events twice – firstly in 2011 and again in 2018. The themes of World Environment Day 2011 and 2018 were “Forests: Nature at Your Service” and “Beat Plastic Pollution” respectively.


Governments and organizations plan their events based on the annual theme. Social media is abuzz with common people and celebrities talking about environmental issues and raising awareness.

People and small societies also plan their own events like talk shows, discussions, awareness programs, etc. Many environment enthusiasts also post their photos with nature, on social media. Children in schools are also given special awareness lectures on the environment and its significance and also how human interference can be reduced.


World Environment Day is an important global event which is the United Nation’s front end program to raise awareness on human interference to the environment. Many countries actively participate in the events, reaffirming their dedication towards environmental causes. It is very important that World Environment Day be observed without fail including more and more member countries to raise global awareness for environmental protection.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on World Environment Day

Q.1 When is World Environment Day celebrated?

Ans. World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June.

Q.2 When was the first World Environment Day celebrated?

Ans. The first World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June 1974.

Q.3 Which slogan was used when World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time?

Ans. The slogan used while celebrating the first World Environment Day was “Only one Earth”.

Q.4 When did India first host the World Environment Day?

Ans. India hosted World Environment Day for the first time in 2011.

Q.5 What was the theme for World Environment Day 2020 in India?

Ans. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 was “Biodiversity”.

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