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English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and one should definitely learn it. Different people have different opinions regarding choosing their language, but in my opinion, one should also move with society.

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Why Learning English is Important Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Learning English is important because it is the most used language today.

2) English is important to adapt to digital technologies.

3) Learning English will help you to enhance your communication skills.

4) English is important to crack interviews of multinational companies.

5) English will help you to communicate in foreign countries.

6) Speaking English makes you look smart and educated.

7) Most of the subjects are in English; therefore, it is important to learn.

8) Learning English will give you the confidence to express your views more clearly.

9) Most of the social platforms prefer English as their main language.

10) English is important because, in places like hotels or theatres, all the information is given in English.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why Learning English is Important


There are more than 6000 languages are spoken worldwide. In India, people speak more than 120 languages, English is one of them. Language is a medium to express our thoughts and actions. All of us need a medium to talk and that is our language. Those who cannot listen have a sign language. Apart from all these languages, we are talking about English.

Importance of English Language

English is one of the most spoken languages around the world. India is known for Hindi; still, there are places where people won’t speak Hindi. I have mentioned some of the importance of learning English.

  • Nowadays it is very necessary to learn English because the stuff on the internet is available in English.
  • Although there is an option of customization of the local language in phones, still there are many brands that are available only in English.
  • Whenever we travel abroad, English is one of the most spoken languages and helps us everywhere.
  • Various government notifications and information are mostly available in English and Hindi, so one should know it.
  • Apart from literature and foreign language studies all other books are in English.
  • English makes us look sophisticated.


It is a fact that one should never forget his mother tongue; still one should learn English because it helps us everywhere. Apart from the above-mentioned importance, there are many more. English got popular because people across the world know this language more as a comparison to some other language.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – English Language and its Importance in India


As we know all of us to need a medium to express our feelings and whatever we think or want to say. Most of us talk in our mother tongue at home but at the same time, we also speak some other language at our workplace. And the most spoken language apart from our mother tongue is English. Do you know why this language got so famous and what historical importance it carries? Let’s have some details.

History of English in India

As we know India follows British English, and it started just when the Britishers came to India. It was 1830 when East India Company ruled India and as a result, they also forced us to learn their language.

It was 1835 when an Act was passed by Thomas Babington Macaulay, in which English education got compulsory for Indians. In this way, English got compulsory for us and it continued. Those who use to learn English were called mannered and sophisticated so, people started learning it.

Effect of English Language on Our Society

Although Britishers left us, we got habitual of their language; after all, they ruled us near about 200 years. After some time, English became the only language that people understood all over the country because most of the south Indian states disagreed to accept Hindi as their official language. As Britishers had all their Acts and rules in English, so we decided to translate it in our local language. But English was everywhere like our Education, Politics, etc.

Although we are free today, we are not free in terms of language. Apart from the language itself, we have also adopted English culture. Change is good when it is beneficial for us. It is good in terms of the abolition of some hypocritic thoughts and culture. English made things easy and it is the beauty of a language that we can talk to anyone and visit anywhere in the world without any difficulty.


English was a result of Britishers but when they left us it was totally our choice. Today the scenario is English is everywhere, either it is a signboard or a name of a station, it is always bilingual. Not only Indians but also tourists from other countries feel convenient when they get information in English also. There are multiple benefits to this language, so keep learning and keep growing.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – How Important is English Language in India


India is a country where all Indians are equal and they are never discriminated in terms of their religion, language, or culture. So, while talking about their language it is quite difficult to select one language as our national language. As we know there are more than 100 languages spoken in India. And if we will elect one as a national language, people of other states will definitely oppose it. Then what about English?

English and its Origin in India

India was a country where people use to speak different languages at different places like Hindi is spoken in the north whereas Tamil, Telugu, Malayan, etc. in the south. Unity in diversity is the beauty of our country, and apart from these many languages, we choose 22 languages as our official languages. But Hindi and English are adopted widely across the nation.

Now talking about the origin of English in India was the Britishers. As we know English is of two types one is American English and the other is British English. We follow British English just because the Britishers ruled us and gave us this language.

It was Lord Macaulay, who wanted to make a well-mannered society in India. So, in the year 1835, he passed an Act introducing the English language in our education system. English was also made as the official language of India. All the official work under crown and court were performed in English. This was the origin of English in India and although Britishers left us, they are still with us in terms of language.

Importance of English in India

As discussed, there are more than 100 languages spoken in India and it was very difficult to select one official language after independence. Although Hindi is spoken across the country, people from the southern part of the nation strongly opposed Hindi as a national language. As a result, English was left as it is and the other 22 languages were elected. Today there is no official language of India but English has some significance.

  • English is a language which people easily understand all over the country, so we can say that this language unites us.
  • English is also spoken all over the world and this connects us with the world.
  • Our education system is based on English so, it is very necessary to learn English in India.
  • Nowadays various companies conduct interviews in English, so one should definitely know it for good placement.
  • One should definitely learn their native language but English holds equal importance, especially in India.
  • Public places, hotels, restaurants, movie theatres, etc. all provide information, food menu in English, so one can really feel embarrassed if they do not know this language.
  • English is not only a language but also a culture and it has helped us to boycott some social and traditional taboos like dressing, eating, etc.
  • It is quite simple to earn knowledge in English as compared to other languages, just because all the educational kinds of stuff are available in English; the internet is filled with English. So, it is necessary for one to learn this language first.


India is a developing nation and a language can completely change your life, just because it opens more options for you. Suppose you know your native language, you can only work nearby and when you know English, it automatically brings lots of options for you. So, it is better to learn it. Some of us don’t want to adopt a foreign language and want to boycott this language but my opinion is, the world is changing and those who do not accept change are always left behind. It is good to promote your native language but at the same time, one should also understand the market strategies. Learn English as a language and it will definitely help you.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Why Learning English is important

Q.1 Which English is used in India?

Ans. British English is spoken in India.

Q.2 In how many countries English is spoken?

Ans. In about 54 countries all around the world, English is considered the official language.

Q.3 How old is the English language?

Ans. The English language is evolved from Anglo-Frisian languages. Later in the mid of 5th to 7th centuries AD, it was brought to Britain.

Q.4 Who is recognized as the father of the English language?

Ans. Geoffrey Chaucer is considered the father of the English language.

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