Essay on Why and How Dev Deepavali is Celebrated in Varanasi

Dev Diwali Celebration in Varanasi

Varanasi gets drowned in lights and festivity on the day of dev Deepavali. Each stair of every Ghat in Varanasi starting from Ravidas Ghat till Rajghat at the end is lighted up by candles and earthen lamps. People from different parts of India and the world gather in this holy city to become the live spectators of this great event. The city appears as a bride on this day full of the earthen lamps as its ornaments.

Short and Long Essay on Dev Diwali Celebration in Varanasi in English

Essay on Why and How Dev Deepavali is Celebrated in Varanasi for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000 words. Also find short Why and How Dev Deepavali is Celebrated in Varanasi essay 10 lines.

Why and How Dev Deepavali is Celebrated in Varanasi Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Dev Deepavali is a special and famous festival in Varanasi.

2) After 15 days of the Diwali celebration, Dev Deepavali is celebrated.

3) It is believed that on this day, the demon Tripurasur was killed by Lord Shiva.

4) Dev Deepavali is a celebration of joy for the victory of Lord Shiva.

5) People take bath in the Ganga River and ritual like deepdaan is performed.

6) All the Ghats of Varanasi are decorated with earthen lamps.

7) In the evening the incredible Ganga Aarti is performed on the ghats.

8) On this day, every temple is filled with glowing earthen lamps.

9) People from different states visit Varanasi to enjoy this beautiful festival.

10) The beauty of the Ghats on this day is not less than heaven.

Short Essay 250 Words


Dev Deepawali is popularly called the ‘Diwali of Deities’. It is the festival in which the entire city of Varanasi is filled under the lighting of diyas and lamps. The festival of Dev Deepawali seems as if it is a festival like Diwali but it is totally different from the Diwali celebration.

Dev Deepawali is a festival that falls in Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated after 15 days of the Diwali celebration. It is believed that long ago Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasur on this day and since then Dev Deepawali came into existence. The deities were happy and celebrated the victory of Lord Shiva over Tripurasur by lighting lamps on every riverbank in Varanasi and the same is followed to date.

Dev Deepawali Celebration

The rituals like Kartik snan and deepdaan are performed by people on the occasion of Dev Deepawali every year in Varanasi. The beautiful Ganga Arti is also sung in the evening. Here are some of the important rituals of the celebration of dev Deepawali in Varanasi.

  • Every Ghat in Varanasi is properly cleaned before the arrival of the festival of Dev Deepawali.
  • People take bath in the holy River Ganga early in the morning on the day of Dev Deepawali.
  • All the river banks are fully lighted by earthen lamps in the evening and then the Ganga Arti is performed.
  • Every small temple and house in Varanasi is lighted and decorated with different designs with earthen lamps.


Dev Deepawali is a festival that is mainly celebrated in Varanasi. Thousands of people from different parts of India and the world come to watch the beauty of Varanasi city on the day of Dev Deepawali. The entire city of Varanasi appears as a paradise on earth on the day of Dev Deepawali.

The beauty, significance, and customs of the festival are unique and are described in form of a long essay presented below. It might enlighten the mind of readers and can be of great help to students of school, universities, and colleges.

Why and How Dev Deepavali is Celebrated – Long Essay (1000 Words)


Dev Deepavali is popularly known as Diwali of deities. It is celebrated in Varanasi that is considered to be one of the religious and spiritual cities of India. This festival is celebrated after the Diwali celebration.

The advent of Dev Deepavali and Tradition of Lighting Lamps

The provision of lighting diyas and candles came into the tradition from Panchganga Ghat in 1985. The festival of Dev Deepavali is celebrated on Kartik Purnima that is a full moon day in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar.

Is Dev Deepavali Different from Diwali?

Dev Deepavali is celebrated after 15 days of the celebration of Diwali. As both the festival spell the same many of us have the misconception that Diwali is similar to Dev Deepavali. The celebrations of both the festival are for different reasons and therefore Diwali is different from Dev Deepavali. Diwali is celebrated to welcome Lord Ram in Ayodhya after killing Ravana and returning from exile. On the other hand Dev Deepavali is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Shiva over the demon Tripurasura.

Mythological Stories behind Celebrating Dev Diwali

There are many stories behind celebrating the festival of Dev Deepavali. The most relevant ones are enlisted below:

There was a demon named Tripurasura, granted with the blessings of Lord Shiva. He started making destructions after becoming powerful. He tortured the deities and did now allow them to reside in heaven. The deities went to ask help from Lord Shiva to save them from the tortures of the demon Tripurasura. Lord Shiva punished the demon by killing him in Kashi itself. The deities were filled with happiness after the demon was killed and they celebrated Diwali in Kashi which is known as Dev Deepavali.

There is another story that enumerates king Trishanku was sent to heaven by the blessings of Saint Vishwamitra. The deities were not happy with this decision of saint Vishwamitra. They sent king Trishanku back to earth. The king now was placed hanging between heaven and earth. The saint was very angry when his decision was not considered by the deities. He started creating another universe by his power. This step of the saint worried devas and therefore they went to please and beg saint Vishwamitra and take his decision back. The saint was ultimately pleased by them and accepted their request. The deities celebrated this event by lighting earthen lamps and this is how dev Deepavali came into existence.

Customs of Dev Deepavali

  • Dev Deepavali is the festival of lights and therefore millions of diyas are lighted on different Ghats and riverbanks of Varanasi.
  • There is the provision of taking a bath in the holy river Ganga and get purified called as Kartik Snan. It is believed that on this day deities also come to take bath in the holy river and therefore the people get an opportunity to bath with devas.
  • The other works and pooja are to be done after bathing only. People wash and dry the earthen lamps, prepare cotton wicks and place oil in the earthen lamps. These lamps are lit as soon as the evening approaches known as Deepdaan.
  • Ganga Aarti is performed by the priests along with musical instruments played with full dedication to worship river Ganga. The processions of deities are taken by the people after decorating the idols of deities.
  • People decorate their houses with lighted diyas and rangoli. Temples are also lighted with the earthen lamps.

The Beauty of the Festival Attracting Millions of Visitors

The earthen lamps, candles are decorated in different designs on the Ghats of the river. They appear very beautiful and pleasing. The talented artists from different states of India present their talents and art at this festival. This festival is a representation of our culture. Millions of tourists are live spectators of the occasion. The soul is filled with a divine feeling on this day. The sand art on the opposite side of the riverbank is a beautiful representation of the talent and art.

The businesses get profited during this month. The hotels, restaurants, cab drivers, and the tourism department all are benefitted from this festival.

The Process of Giving Honour to Brave Martyrs

A program is conducted by ‘Ganga Sewa Nidhi’ to honour the soldiers who lost their lives while fighting for the nation. On this day the martyrs are reminded for their bravery. The flowers and garlands are offered on the memorial of bravery made in respect of dead soldiers i.e. Amar Jawan Jyoti at Dashaswamedh Ghat and other places too.

Ganga Mohotsav Depicting the Culture of Varanasi

Varanasi is known to be the most ancient city of India with its existence prevailing from 5000 years ago according to Hindu mythology and 3000 years according to recent studies. The city is situated on the banks of river Ganga and has harvests the ancient culture and traditions. Ganga Mahotsav is organized every year in Varanasi by the tourism department of the state government. The festivities of Ganga Mahotsav continue for a period of five days. It can also be stated that this fest is a great welcome to the deities on the occasion of Dev Deepavali.

Mahotsav begins from Probodhni Ekadashi and is continued till the arrival of dev Deepavali i.e. Kartik Purnima. The rich cultural heritage and traditions are represented by the dance, skits, songs, and classical performances. Millions of tourists become spectators of festivities and get to know about the ancient city Kashi. Fairs are arranged where the different stalls are put up. The specific items like pickles, papad, kites, handicrafts, etc. are sold in the stalls. The festivity ends on the day of the Dev Deepavali celebration.


The Ghats on the occasion of Dev Deepavali appear as the paradise on the earth. The beauty of the evening of Dev Deepavali is wonderful.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.1 When do we celebrate Dev Deepavali?

Ans. The festival, Dev Deepavali is celebrated on Kartik Purnima after 15 days of Diwali celebration.

Q.2 Why is Dev Diwali celebrated in Varanasi?

Ans. It is assumed that the deities took bath in Ganga and lit lamps on the riverbank in joy when Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura in Kashi, and therefore the festival is celebrated in Varanasi.

Q.3 What are the other names of Dev Deepavali?

Ans. The other names of Dev Deepavali are Diwali of Gods, Tripurotsav, and Tripurari Purnima.

Q.4 At what places in India Dev Diwali is celebrated?

Ans. Dev Deepavali, which is specific to Varanasi, is also celebrated by people in Prayagraj, Kanpur, Chitrakoot, Mathura, Haridwar, etc.

Q.5 What do Dev Deepavali symbolizes?

Ans. The festival symbolizes the victory of Lord Shiva over the Demon Tripurasura.