What I Want to Become in Life Essay

Everyone has a dream to become something in their life and we work hard to follow our dreams. It is very good to have dreams because they help us to choose the correct path and make us successful. It never allows us to waste our time and perform the best.

Short and Long Essays on What I Want To Become in Future in English

Essay on What I Want To Become in Future for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short What I Want To Become in Future essay 10 lines.

What I Want To Become in Future Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I want to chase my dream of becoming a social worker.

2) My interest in social work was from my childhood.

3) I want to do something good for the people of my country.

4) The great work of social activists attracted me to become a good person in life.

5) I want to help the poor and needy as much as possible.

6) Helping others makes me happy and I want this happiness permanent in my life.

7) By becoming a social worker, I want to make a positive change in society.

8) By helping others I feel pleasure, peace of mind, and satisfaction.

9) While helping my friends and others, I realize that I can take these efforts to a higher level.

10) Seeing the helpless poor and beggars motivated me to become a social worker.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What I Want to Become: A Choreographer


All of us have some dreams and want to become something, just the difference is how much we follow our dreams. When I was young, I use to watch different reality shows of dance and always wished to dance like them and I decided to be a Choreographer one day.

My inspiration

When I was in my primary classes I performed in my annual function and I was also awarded for it. It was an awakening incidence for me because I was very young. I can hear the hand of applauses even today. How everyone cheered me up and I felt really very happy. Dance always attracted me and I be more ready for my dance classes rather than going to school.

My parents admitted me to a dance class, where I daily learn new styles and techniques. I practice daily and focus on what my teachers say. My mother also works hard for me, because she takes me to the dance class then my tuition. When she comes home, she also cooks for us and I will never let my parents down.


My parents always say that no profession is small or big, it is our determinations. If we decide to be the best human being, we can also be another Mother Teresa. It is all upon our hard work and passion. We should learn everything but should focus on one thing. Always be the best in your profession and this is the key to success.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What I want to Become: An Astronaut


“A dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep” a famous quote of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and it is absolutely true. I also have also seen a dream to become an astronaut and become the make our nation and parents proud.

Why I want to be an Astronaut?

When I was young I and my grandmother used to sleep on the roof and I use to ask many questions about the sky, like how far is the sky? Why sarks look so small? etc. the sky always uses to fascinate me and I was never satisfied with her answer and wanted to see the sky and stars with my naked eyes.

Then one day my father told me that, I need to become an astronaut to see all such things. It is like a dream for me and I really want to see the sky and stars in the future. I heard about many women like Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Willems, etc. and I also want to be one of them.

How can I Achieve my Goal?

The only way to become an astronaut is to study thoroughly and I always concentrate on my studies to get good marks in my academics which will help me to get admission to a good college. Apart from this I always various TV shows related to space and learn many things.

My father always helps me and he provides various videos and interesting books related to space. They help me to enhance my knowledge and also motivate me. My parents support me so much as if it’s their dream. My school teachers also support me and I always take part in the inter-school science competition. This competition helps me to make new gadgets and show my creativity and I like it very much.

I am sure that I will definitely be an astronaut one day because I follow my dreams and it’s my passion. When a person is very much passionate about his/her dreams, no one can stop him/her.


All of us should see dreams and should have a goal because we are human and God has given us a brain that works far better than other animals. As animals and insects also eat and sleep but the only difference is, they do not have any motto in their life. So, don’t be an animal and use your brain and choose a goal and just go for it.

Essay on What I Want to Become in Life

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – What I want to Become: An Engineer


It is not necessary to have a big dream, if something is necessary then it is how much hard work you do to achieve it. Generally, when most of the students change their goal as per time like me. As when I was young the auto rikshaw use to fascinate me a lot and was really like a puzzle and I always use to complain my mother to ride it. When I grew old, I saw an original airplane and it again provoked me and again I wanted to ride it. Finally, my parents figured that I love machines and want to know then, I use to look very curious whenever my father use to visit a car garage.

How to be an Engineer?

Another reason behind being an Engineer is my father himself. He is an engineer and he always helps people and when people thank him, I feel proud and I decided to be an engineer someday. My parents never forced me I choose my goal as my own interest.

To become an engineer, you have to focus on your academic studies and this will help you to decide your college. One has to take the science stream in their class 11 and 12 and then have to qualify an entrance exam which will decide their college. In India, there are many colleges. It is not about getting admission to any college; one should try to get an IIT college. Because nowadays the level of competition is very high and one should be the best.

What I Do to Achieve My Dream

I daily read through for 4 hours a day and always complete my assignments and projects on time. Actually, discipline is very necessary for our life and if you develop a habit of completing things on time, it will always help you to be successful. I have a routine and I follow it thoroughly. Whenever I have doubts about any subject, I ask my teachers and clear everything. To stay focused it is very necessary to be clear. How I will help others as an Engineer.

I have decided to invent the automatic machine which will help people and will make their work easy. Generally, people invest a lot in house cleaners, and in the absence of my house cleaner, my mother suffers a lot. So, I decided to gift my mother as well as others an automatic house cleaner. I also want to make a machine for students, which will guide them in their studies.

Generally, we have to search for anything on Google, and for this, we have to focus on our phone screens which are harmful in many ways. So, I want to develop a machine which will teach you like a teacher and will automatically show you images and will give you all types of information as per our needs.


No stream or field is small if something matters, it is how you think. Some people want to make money in their profession whereas some want to help others, in the same profession. The only thing you need is to stay loyal to yourself and work hard. Read when it’s time to read and play when it is time to play and believe me you will definitely be successful someday. There are many examples from our history like Newton, Thomas Addison, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, etc. read their story and struggle; this will definitely inspire you to become successful in life. Apart from your profession, one should also focus on becoming a good human. Because it is not only your work it’s also your attitude which makes a difference.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by aim?

Ans. The aim is the target that we want to achieve in our life.

Q.2 Why is it important to have an aim in life?

Ans. It is important to have an aim as it makes us determined to achieve the goal of our life.

Q.3 How can we face the obstacles that hinder us from achieving our aim?

Ans. We need to be positive and face the obstacles that hinder us from achieving our aim.

Q.4 Is there a difference between aim and dream?

Ans. Yes, dreams can be seen without any effort but the aim needs effort to be fulfilled.

Q.5 How can we achieve our goals?

Ans. We can achieve our goal if we are self-determined, enthusiastic, hardworking, optimistic, and punctual in our life.

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