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India is being called a democratic country but incidents such as protests, mob lynching, and other are still committed against minority groups. This majorly affects the development and status of the country. Therefore, there was a need to unite the people of the country together. To fulfill this need, Quami Ekta Week is celebrated. It ensures that all people have access to the rights and opportunities necessary to meet their fundamental requirements. Today, we will talk in depth about Quami Ekta Week so that you can understand this week better.

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Quami Ekta Week Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) In India, Quami Ekta Week is observed from 19 to 25 November.

2) The first day of this week observes the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi.

3) Quami Ekta Week is also referred to as National Integration Day.

4) The aim of this week is to preserve the communal harmony of the nation.

5) It is an effort to promote a sense of national unity among people.

6) Quami Ekta Week provides the opportunity to live with pride and liberty.

7) During the week, seminars, meetings, functions, etc are held.

8) It is celebrated to strengthen the country’s honesty and liberty.

9) The seven days focus on culture, ethnicity, poverty, women’s empowerment, and weaker sectors.

10) It is commemorated to bring attention to the importance of women in society.

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Short Essay on Quami Ekta Week (250 – 300 Words)


Quami Ekta Week also known as National Integration Week is a seven-day celebration in India. It is celebrated every year from 19 November to 25 November in India. The first day of the week marks the birthday of India’s third Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. The main aim of this week is to encourage unity in India. People of different religions and groups celebrate this week together.

How Quami Ekta Week is celebrated?

Many events are organized all over the country during Quami Ekta Week. Some of the programs to highlight the themes include meetings, seminars, specific famous functions, and cultural activities. The seven-day long celebration starts with the National Integration Pledge. During the pledge ceremony, participants have to promise to protect India’s tradition and unity. The pledge ceremony is followed by a cycling rally organized by the administration.

Significance of Quami Ekta Week

Quami Ekta Week is celebrated to promote the values of love, unity, peace, and brotherhood. This event gives us the chance to reaffirm age-old traditions. The social standing of women is intended to be improved through a number of programs. It brings the people together to build a proper Indian nation for everyone’s prosperity and the advancement of the Indian country as a whole.


Quami Ekta Week is a festival that lasts for an entire week. Each day of this week has its unique theme that is celebrated with a different set of events. However, Quami Ekta Week is not only a celebration but it is an effort to make India more united.

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Long Essay on Quami Ekta Week (500 Words)


The word “Quami” is derived from the Urdu word “Qaum”. This word is used to refer to the nationality or religion of an individual or community. Therefore, “Qaumi Ekta week” is a week that celebrates and promotes religious harmony. Quami Ekta Week is celebrated all around India with great excitement.

What is Quami Ekta Week?

Quami Ekta Week also known as National Integration Week is celebrated annually from 19th to 25th of November in India. The celebration of Quami Ekta Week lasts for an entire week. Each day of that week has its unique theme accompanied by unique sets of events. The celebration begins on 19 November which marks the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi is a symbol of women’s empowerment and was the third prime minister of India.

Quami Ekta Week is celebrated with “Secularism, Anti-Communalism, and Non-Violence” as the central theme every year. During the National Integration Festival, a commitment is made to maintain India’s independence and integrity.

Importance of Quami Ekta Week

Quami Ekta Week is important as it encourages a sense of brotherhood, integrity, love, and harmony among the people of the nation. It aims to unite people who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. This week also revitalizes the trust and love between people who belong to different religions, cultures, practices, or beliefs.

During Quami Ekta Week, a variety of delicate topics, such as minority rights, women’s status, etc are discussed. The Foundation also works to develop national integration while also fostering communal harmony. The primary purpose of this week is to encourage a more positive attitude toward all the individuals who fought for India’s independence.

Week-long Celebration

The Quami Ekta Week is a nationwide event that takes place over seven days. The list of celebrations is given below:

19 November: The first day of Quami Ekta Week is celebrated as “National Integration Day”. People celebrate the birthday of Indira Gandhi on this day. Many seminars, meetings, etc are held on this day.

20 November: The second day of this week is observed as “Welfare of Minorities Day”. This day focuses on the encouragement of minorities in society.

21 November: This day is marked as “Linguistic Harmony Day”. Programs like Kavi Sammelan and other literary functions are organized.

22 November: This day is commemorated as “Weaker Sections Day”. On this day, rallies are carried out to support the weaker sections like STs and SCs of the country.

23 November: On this day, people celebrate “Cultural Unity Day”. Different cultural functions are organized on this day to highlight the rich culture of India.

24 November: This day is marked as “Women’s Day”. It highlights the importance of women in nation-building.

25 November: The last day of Quami Ekta Week is celebrated as “Conservation Day”. It focuses on the need to conserve the environment.


During this week various events and programs are held. To maintain communal harmony in India, Quami Ekta Week should be celebrated on a large scale. Every citizen should come forward to make the event more successful.

I hope the above provided essay on Quami Ekta Week will be helpful in understanding the different aspects of this celebration.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Quami Ekta Week

Q.1 Who organizes Quami Ekta Week?

Ans. The NFCH (National Foundation for Communal Harmony) organizes Quami Ekta Week.

Q.2 When is Communal Harmony Flag Day celebrated?

Ans. On 25 November, the last day of Quami Ekta Week is celebrated as Communal Harmony Flag Day.

Q.3 Who started the celebration of Quami Ekta Week?

Ans. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the organization that began celebrating this day to encourage religious coexistence and world peace.

Q.4 What is Quami Ekta Diwas?

Ans. The first day of Quami Ekta Week is celebrated as Quami Ekta Diwas or National Integration Day.