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Festivals are likely a way to unite people together for the betterment of society as well as the nation. People celebrate and enjoy all the festivals together irrespective of their caste and religion. A large number of festivals have been celebrated in India. Out of which, one festival that excites all the children the most is Christmas. People eagerly wait for winter due to this incredible festival. So, to know more about this famous festival, today we will discuss the Christmas festival in detail.

Short and Long Christmas Festival Essay in English

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Christmas Essay 10 Lines (100-150 Words)

1) Christmas is the most important festival for Christians.

2) Every year, on December 25th, people gather to celebrate Christmas.

3) Christians decorate the X-Mas tree on this day with different decorative items.

4) The churches are decorated with lights and candles on this occasion.

5) Christmas marks the birthday of Jesus Christ.

6) “Christmas” is derived from “Cristes maesse”, which might be translated as “mass of Christ”.

7) People throw parties and enjoy special Christmas meals.

8) A special star-shaped light is placed on the door.

9) Santa Claus is the main attraction of this festival.

10) The festival of Christmas is a symbol of love and brotherhood.

Short Essay on Christmas (250-300 Words)


Christmas is the festival of Christians, but it is now celebrated by people of all castes. Jesus is a symbol of love and peace, so the festival brings people together from different castes and religions.

Christmas: The Incredible Festival

Every year we celebrate Christmas on 25 December. Christmas marks the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the god of Christians. Christmas tree, Christmas Carol, and Santa Claus are the main excitement of this day. Shopping malls and showrooms are decorated with red and white Christmas theme to welcome Christmas. Children wait for Santa Claus who gives gifts to children. This festival teaches us to stay together and share the bond of love. People feel excited and happy during this festival.

How Christmas is Celebrated?

Around the world, people celebrate Christmas in diverse ways. People say “Merry Christmas” to each other to wish them well. Christmas is incomplete without the “Christmas tree” or “X-mas tree”. People decorate Christmas trees with lights and gifts. The night before Christmas is celebrated as Christmas Eve. Schools also celebrate Christmas with a lot of joy. Christmas treats are traditional plum cakes, cupcakes, and muffins that are made at home. People enjoy partying with their relatives and friends. Many people also visit the church on this day.


Every child loves Christmas for Santa Claus. Children think that Santa Claus would bring their gifts at night. However, they get gifts not from Santa but from their parents. Everyone should celebrate the festival with joy and spread the message of love and brotherhood.

Long Essay on Christmas (500 Words)


Christmas is a famous festival that is celebrated every year on December 25. Christmas means “day of Christ’s feast.” Christmas is celebrated in all Christian countries, but each one does it a little bit differently. Everyone, no matter what religion they follow, celebrates it with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

History of Christmas

Christmas has roots in both the pagan and Roman ways of life. Christmas started in the old Roman Empire a few decades after Jesus was born. During December, the Romans celebrated two holidays. The first was Saturnalia, a two-week celebration of Saturn, their god of agriculture. On December 25, they celebrated Mithra, their sun god, coming into the world.

On December 25, the Romans made a big deal out of the winter solstice. Sextus Julius Africanus was the first person to say that Jesus was born on December 25. After that, everyone agreed on that date.

Preparation of Christmas

The preparation for Christmas begins almost a week. People go shopping and buy various decorative items. Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are important parts of this festival. People put candy, gifts, sweets, lights, etc on a big pine or fir tree. A big star hangs on everyone’s house. Different kinds of lights are used to light up cities.

Many people throw small parties. For Christmas, a special meal is made, and houses are decorated with candles, dancing lights, etc. For the event, the church is also decorated. Many people go to church to offer prayers.

Christmas Celebration

People celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ, who taught people how to live in peace and harmony. Everyone, especially kids, can’t wait for the festival because on this day they get lots of gifts, sweets, and surprises. People wish each other and give each other sweets. Many people wear white and red clothes on this day.

People spend Christmas day by going to church, spending time with friends and family, and eating special meals. Little kids wait for Santa Claus to come with lots of gifts for them. Some people dress up as Santa Claus and distribute gifts to kids.

Significance of Christmas

Christmas is a special festival all over the world, especially for Christians and people who follow Christianity. This is a time for people to get together with their loved ones, forget about their worries, and have fun. So, during the Christmas season, everyone puts aside their differences and comes together with great zeal and passion to celebrate the festival. It’s about giving to others and helping them. The festival teaches us to be kind and loving to each other and to help those who don’t have as much as we do.


In Christian Mythology, Jesus Christ is revered as the “Messiah of God”. Jesus’ life is an example that everyone should try to live together in peace on earth. Christmas is a good time to remember how important it is to give and share with friends and family.

I hope the above provided essay on Christmas Festival will be helpful in understanding this festival and celebration clearly.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas

Q.1 Which country does not celebrate Christmas?

Ans. Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bhutan, Pakistan, Libya, Vietnam, etc. countries do not celebrate Christmas.

Q.2 Is the Christmas holiday in India?

Ans. India observes the gazette holiday on the occasion of Christmas.

Q.3 When was the first Christmas celebrated?

Ans. The first Christmas was celebrated in 336 AD in Rome.

Q.4 Who is Father Christmas?

Ans. Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas.