Essay on Is Equality a Myth

Is Equality a Myth

Every one of us has been created equally by the creator of the universe. We cannot be identical in our characteristics. Some are born geniuses and some strive to become talented. We all are born with unique characteristics. It is always mentioned that all people should be treated equally without any kind of discrimination.

Short and Long Essay on Is Equality a Myth in English

We will be discussing equality that, Is it a myth or practiced in reality? I hope it might be useful for the students preparing for different exams, debates, and arguments on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Is Equality a Myth (100 – 120 Words)

1) Equality refers to the fact that everyone should be treated equally.

2) Equality should be seen in terms of caste, gender, religion, etc.

3) Equality should be practiced in every field of work.

4) People always talk about equality but do not follow it completely.

5) Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc fought for equality.

6) People consider equality as a myth because they believe it only exists on paper.

7) Equality is the right and necessity of every citizen in this world.

8) Equality is necessary for the growth of people as well as the nation.

9) Equality is an idea that will become reality when people follow it properly.

10) God created us equally but it is people and their mentality that distinguish each other.

Short Essay (250 words)


Equality is something that states that everybody is equal in this world. It is classified into religious, social, economic, and gender equality. We basically consider and discuss equality in these terms. We all are born equal and therefore everybody must be treated equally in this world. The major issue is that this equality just exists in saying but not followed in reality.

Equality is necessary for peaceful existence

Equality means that everyone is getting equal opportunity to do what they desire in their life. It is vital for the peaceful existence of the people in any society or nation. There is less chance of any kind of problem where people are treated equally.

Gender Inequality is the major issue

Women and men both should have equal status in society. The progress of society or nation is impossible without the equal contribution of men and women. Gender inequality is a crucial issue in many of the countries of the world. India is a country where there is male supremacy. The women’s in this nation do not enjoy their rights as men do. They are facing discrimination for years.

At present, the trend has started changing and women are trying their best and attaining success in every field. Gender inequality still is a major hindrance for women in getting the proper education, health, and other opportunities in backward areas of the nation. The crime rate against women is also very high in the nation. It is the dire need for men to understand and put their effort to end this inequality.


Equality is said to be a myth because it is more in books and saying instead of observing the same in reality. If we start practicing it in reality it would be an end to several problems.

Is Equality a Myth or Reality – Long Essay (1100 Words)


Equality is certainly about giving equal opportunities to everyone in life. It is very important for us in our life as it helps in the growth and development of an individual. If it would be the same as it is spoken and every person might get the right to excel in their life then the situation might be something else. There would not be such differences then existing in the society.

What is Meant by Equality?

Equality can be emphasized in different criteria. We all have been created by the supreme power God and every one of us is bestowed with different talents in us. It cannot happen that every one of us might excel in every field. We get succeeded in different fields and therefore if equality is seen in this perspective it is totally a myth. It can never happen that all of us are having equal potential. But on the other hand, we are born on this earth and thus have some rights granted to us.

There must be equality in this criterion. Equality is not a myth in this and is a concept that needs to be applied well. If the measures of equality are followed in the right way it will lead to the progress of all the people in the society including the lower sections. They will not remain devoid of any kind of facility and other things.

Why is Equality Stated as a Myth?

Equality is an idea. The law and rights are equal for every citizen in the nation. There are certain rules and acts meant to protect our rights so that equality can be given to us. But sad to state that the concept of equality is more relevant on the paper and is never fulfilled in reality and thus it sounds better to be called a myth. Equality is a fact i.e. concept. It has been granted to all the people of the nation irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex, etc. This concept has not been properly applied by the people of the society. When we talk of the broader concept of equality can be categorized into religious equality, social equality, and economic equality.

Religious Equality – Discrimination on the basis of religion or caste is very common these days. We have also heard of different incidences that if the employer is of a particular caste or religion he/she favors the same caste person in the recruitment process. In this way, the person deserving to be the right candidate can not avail of the position. The people of one caste have hatred from the people of other caste or religion. It is all because of the narrow thinking of the people. The differences are created by the people by themselves. They want everyone to live like them and that is impossible. Instead, we should learn to love and respect every religion or caste.

Social Equality – The social rights of the citizen are getting equal opportunities, participation, education, health facilities, etc. Social inequality is caused when the resource distribution is unequal in the society. Have you ever imagined that if equality exists then why people are differentiated as rich and poor or why gender inequalities prevail? The state of being rich and poor according to our abilities is another thing but when the poor people will not get the opportunities to grow they can never come out of that suffering. The upper caste people are jealous of the success of lower caste people. In this science era also people practice untouchability. It is all because the concept of equality is best meant on the paper rather than to make it a practical concept.

The people belonging to the backward sections of the society are not able to get a good education, health, and housing facilities. They are not treated well by the forward sections of society. An example of such inequality is seen in the mid-day meal scheme initiated by the government to encourage more students for coming to schools. The students and teachers belonging to the higher class treat badly the students of the lower caste. The people of the backward sections of society are not able to get good opportunities as they lack money and good education and in this situation how can these people be benefitted from the opportunities.

Gender Inequality issues and Racism are the most important concerns of social inequality. Women have always been dominated by men and thus are the sufferers of various crimes. A recent case of racism has been seen in the United States of America.

Economic Inequality – It refers to the inequality on the basis of income or pay of different individuals in the society. As a matter of fact, it is very clear that every person receives the pay according to the position he/she holds. It has been possible because of the potential and capabilities of the people. But on the other hand, poor people receive very fewer wages as they are less educated. This statement is considerable but we can notice that the poor always remain poor and sufferers and wealthy people are wealthy generation by generation. It is because of the inequality done with these people. They do not have proper access to education and opportunities. If the cause of prevailing social inequality would be the potential and ability then this type of inequality would not last for generations.

Is Equality a Myth or Reality?

Equality is our right but it is not properly applied in our society. People do not value the real worth of labor. Equality is really a myth because we have to fight for getting our rights. If we have to fight for our own rights in this way then where equality does exist. The inequality hampers the growth and progress of the society and nation. It is very sad that on one side we are delivering the slogan ‘Sab Padhe Sab Badhe’ and on the other hand there is discrimination carried on the basis of caste, religion, sex, creed, etc. Thus it can be stated that equality is good on the paper rather than to be observed in reality.


The issue of inequality has been experienced in different ways but equality is the utmost need of the time. Equality is a concept but when we observe the application of this concept it remains to become just a myth. The inequitable distribution of resources has led to differences in society. It would never happen if equality would be existing in reality.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How is government implement the equality guaranteed in the constitution?

Ans. The government implements equality through laws, government programs, and different schemes.

Q.2 What is the most common basis for inequality in India?

Ans. The inequality in India is basically on the basis of caste and religion.

Q.3 What is meant by Political equality?

Ans. Political equality states that every citizen must get the right to vote and have equal rights to participate in elections.

Q.4 What is “Joothan”?

Ans. Joothan is the autobiography of a famous dalit writer Omprakash Valmiki.

Q.5 What was Civil Right Movement of USA?

Ans. It was a social movement taken out in 1954-1968 for asking for equality of Afro-Americans in the USA.

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