Essay on How to Prepare For Exams

How to Prepare For Exams

Exams are held to check the knowledge and potential of the students. Exams are like filters that assess the students of different sections. Many of us have exam phobia. We undergo a condition of tension and depression before the arrival of the examination. An unwanted fear distracts us from concentrating on our topics for the exam. The examination period becomes very difficult for us as we do not know where to start. We are confused with different queries in mind.

Short and Long Essay on How to Prepare For Exams in English

Essay on How to Prepare For Exams for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short How to Prepare For Exams essay 10 lines.

How to Prepare For Exams Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Exams are the critical periods of a student’s life.

2) Try to complete the entire syllabus before the commencement of exams.

3) Prefer smart study rather than studying the whole day and night.

4) You can solve previous years’ question papers for more confidence.

5) Revise all the chapters at least twice for remembrance.

6) Take sufficient sleep during the preparation to boost your memory.

7) Take 45 minutes of rest between the continuous study routine.

8) It is necessary to stay motivated while preparing for the exams.

9) Studying in the morning will make you understand things quickly.

10) Proper planning and time management helps in preparing for the exams.

Short Essay 250 Words – Smart Study for Exam Preparation


The examination is a common thing that we all have faced in our life. It might be the examination in school, colleges, entrance, competitions, etc. These examinations help us in evaluating our knowledge and potential. We cannot escape from this and therefore always be ready to face it with good preparation to become successful in life.

Smart Study for Exam Preparation

Students have to face examinations either they are in school or college life. They get promoted to higher sections only after going through the examination. As the exams are closer the level of tension in students gets doubled. The smart way of studying helps us in doing good preparation for exams. It will also be beneficial for students who do not have studied regularly and have only last time for exam preparation.

  • Read the important topics.
  • Solve the previous year’s exam papers.
  • Give more time to the subject that is weak.
  • Never care about the preparations of the others.
  • Eat nutritious food and sleep on time to be healthy and fit.
  • Stay motivated and take necessary breaks after 45 minutes of studies.

Computer and Internet aids in preparation for Exams

The students get good tips for exam preparation with the help of the internet and computers. Every type of information along with different chapters with their videos is available on the internet. This might help the students to prepare for the difficult chapters.


The entire life is like an examination and we need to do good preparation to get success at every step of life. The examination makes us more confident about the knowledge and potential that we possess. We must do our best efforts for exam preparation instead of developing fear from exams or waiting for the last moment preparation. The better we do today is the best we get tomorrow.

A long essay has been provided that contains different ways to prepare for the examination. I hope it might be very helpful to all the students regularly facing this fear.

How to Prepare for Exams and Get Rid of Exam Fear – Long Essay (1000 Words)


Exam time is one of the most difficult times in the life of students. They have to totally dedicate themselves to understand the syllabus and clear out the topics to be studied. It might be easy for the students who are regularly studying but not for all. I think during the exam period every student faces some problems and these problems create unwanted tension and fear from the examination. The parents and students both are bothered equally during examination months.

What are the Exams?

It is the way of accessing the student’s capability by conducting oral or written tests for different subjects. Generally, the months of March and April are termed examination months. The students start worrying and preparing notes to prepare for the examination. The parents of the students are also fully involved with them to guide their children during the examination. Exams are only the steps that upon passing will let us step ahead in our life and further help in achieving our aim.

What should Students do to Relieve the Stress of Examination?

Generally, we become much stressed as the exam months are closer. A lot of confusion exists within our minds. After getting the date sheet we become tenser as it is very difficult to decide what to prepare and how to prepare in an efficient way and score good marks. Many of us have pressure to bring excellent grades in the examination. It has always been seen that sometimes due to excessive stress the good students also score average marks.

Ways to Prepare for Exams:

There are many ways that might help us in getting relieved from the stress during the examination period. These techniques will not only help us relieve our stress but will also help us to score good marks in our examination.

  • Begin by Planning – It is very necessary to develop a time table or study plan before starting our studies for examination. It will help us in deciding which subject to be prepared first and what to prepare at last. We can divide time for different subjects. More time can be given to our weaker subjects. This strategy will give us proper time designation for different subjects and each subject can be covered within a certain time. We must assure that we concentrate on studying the subject at the time allocated for the same. We can also refer to the previous year’s question papers to get an idea of the type of question paper and prepare accordingly.
  • Develop the Habit of Studying in the Morning – Morning time is the best and appropriate time to study. Our mind and body are more energetic and stress-free during the early morning time. The subject matter can easily be understood and well reminded if we study during the morning hours.
  • Best Way to Memorize whatever Read – Reading and writing are the two skills of learning. Many times it happens that we study and memorize different things by both reading and writing and while writing in exams we forget everything. Therefore in order to memorize whatever we have studied, we have to start studying in an efficient way. After studying we can explain the same to our friends or to ourselves. In this way, we can memorize the things we have studied for a longer time. We should not study continuously but take a short break after every 2-3 hours of study.
  • Perform Workouts – A 10-20 minutes exercise will help us in managing the stress. This will make us more energetic and also help us to remain fit during exam time.
  • Change the Place of Study – It sometimes happens that studying at the same place daily make us feel bored and less concentrated. We can change our place of study. We can sit sometimes in the garden or outside to study. The scene of nature will make us feel better and thus we can concentrate better on our studies.
  • A Smart and Efficient Way of Studying – These days we are benefitted from different aid of learning and understanding the subjects. We can study by the visual, models, kinesthetic ways of learning methods. It is difficult to understand the theoretical concepts for many of us. We can study them by figures and flow charts. We can also opt for a group study with our friends.
  • Be Healthy and Fit – We must remember that we have to be well and fit during the examination time. We have to take much care of ourselves. We need to sleep well, take a healthy diet, and do meditation to keep ourselves healthy and fit.
  • Try to Study by Co-Relating different Subjects – In this universe, everything is directly or indirectly related to each other. Therefore we can study different subjects by co-relating different subjects. It will make our study easier and is a better way of understanding the concept. Co-relative studies are the best approach to make different subject studies more interesting.
  • Be Optimistic – The exam time will not remain forever. It will also fly like a moment of time. The thoughts of enjoying and doing different activities after exams are over will motivate and help us to concentrate during the exams.

Are Preparation Strategies Really Helpful in Getting Rid of Exam Fear?

A lot of effort is required to win any competition in the same way exams need different preparation techniques to score well in exams. This can only happen when we prepare for our exams before our exams. It is not possible to become a topper at the last moment of preparation. The pre-exam strategies help us to prepare in a better way and also relieve our fear of the exam. The clearing of exams will promote us to a higher level and bring us close to our aim. In this way, we can state that efficient strategies are helpful in bringing us out of fear of the exams. Instead, it will motivate us to prepare for our exams in a better way.


The preparation of the examination requires the skill of time management. Everything is possible if we do things on time. We cannot depend on the last day for the preparation for the exam. The last day is meant for the revision and going through the underlined topics. We need to have sound sleep before every exam so that our mind is fresh and energetic on the day of the exam. If we follow the techniques for preparing for exams we can score well in our exams.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who came up with an idea of exam?

Ans. The exam was invented by an American businessman and philanthropist Henry Fischel.

Q.2 Are exams important for students?

Ans. Exams are important as it helps us to know our knowledge and potential.

Q.3 Which is the toughest exam in India?

Ans. The UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered the toughest exam in India.

Q.4 Where in the world first exam was conducted?

Ans. It was Ancient China to conduct a test in the whole world known as imperial examination to fill the government vacancies.

Q.5 Why are exams held?

Ans. Exams are the oral or written tests conducted to evaluate the knowledge and progress of students.