Essay on 2020 is a Year to be Remembered

2020 is the Year to be Remembered

Every New is a present of new hopes, new energy, and a beautiful future. We enjoy the commencing of New Year by giving a warm welcome and saying goodbye to the old year. The year 2020 was a New Year after the end of the year 2019. The year has arrived with a lot of positivity and good vibes but the pandemic became a year to be remembered in the future. The year was said like a year to live safely and remain alive. Everybody might have their own experience regarding the year 2020.

Short and Long Essay on Is 2020 the Year to be Remembered in English

The different aspects of the year 2020 have been provided by me in the form of a short and long essay. It might give an idea to the students to write about this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Is 2020 the Year to be Remembered (100 – 120 Words)

1) Every passing year leaves some memories that are later remembered.

2) 2020 was the year to be remembered forever due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

3) 2020 was the year when people struggled hard to survive.

4) Many people lost their loved ones this year.

5) Thing like quarantine was never experienced before.

6) From 2020, sanitizers and masks became our necessities.

7) Schools, theatres, offices, markets, etc were closed for a long time.

8) Lockdown taught us the true meaning of freedom.

9) Online market became an essential part of our life during this time.

10) Overall, the year 2020 was full of bitter experiences for the world.

2020: The Year of Nature’s Revenge to Human Beings – Short Essay (300 Words)


Every New Year commences with a lot of positivity, new hopes, and beautiful wishes. It is obvious that every old year is replaced by the coming New Year. The year that commenced after finishing 2019 was 2020 and this year can never be forgotten and will be remembered forever.

The Year 2020 made us Health Conscious

The sudden outbreak of covid-19 in 2020 made this year to be enumerated in the history of the world. The most important thing that the year 2020 did was that it helped the people to become health conscious. The mask and sanitizers have become an essential part of our lifestyle. It has made us follow proper hygiene measures.

People have now started eating healthy food to boost their immune system so that they may be safe from the Covid-19 infection. In this way, they have understood the importance of maintaining good health.

2020 – The Year of Nature’s Revenge to Human Beings

The year 2020 has been totally different from any of the years in the past. Although the beginning of the year was good as the other years but the rest of the year was very full of negativity and bad memories. 2020 reminded human beings about the destruction that they have caused to the entire ecosystems and various species dwelling in them.

This year was full of bitter experiences but is a warning to the entire human race to stop the activities that are causing harm to the environment and other species of the earth. We all observed that in 2020 nature was healing itself. This sudden outbreak of pandemic gave reminded us of the need of caring for our environment.


The year 2020 gave us the worst experiences of our life that we never thought would happen but gave us some important life lessons.

How 2020 was a Year of Changes and Challenges (1000 Words)


Every year is full of a mixture of good and bad memories. The year 2020 was a leap year and has its starting from Wednesday. 2020 was an exceptional year, unlike other years with more heart-shaking memories from the starting of the year itself. The year was full of bad news all around the world. The year has passed with great negativity but gave a big message to human beings.

2020: A Year of Extraordinary Changes

The beginning of the year 2020 came up with bad news of Australian bushfires. In this, more than 500 Million animals were killed. Later in 2020, the world was hit with the tremors of the Pandemic caused by Covid-19, and simultaneously there were marches of racial equality and justice in the USA. The consequences of the pandemic were painful. It totally changed everything in this world. The people were advised to stay in the houses. The roads, markets, and busiest places like railway and bus stations remain haunted with no people. There were successive lockdowns imposed by different nations in the world. The liveliness, hustle-bustle, and happiness disappeared suddenly. Everything happened suddenly in an uncertain manner. There have been no enjoyment, weddings, parties, celebrations this year.

The pandemic brought a huge recession to the whole world. Many countries in the world faced a financial crisis during this time. It led to the cancellation of different events that were supposed to be held in 2020. Overall it can be stated that everything stopped at a moment and thus we have been placed 10 years back in the race of development.

Bitter Memories of the Year 2020

The year 2020 has been a very destructive time for the whole world. It appeared as if the wheel running continuously has stopped suddenly. The year has been mentioned as a bad time full of painful events. Many people have lost their family members and loved ones as lakhs of people died due to Covid-19. The industries, factories, businesses, schools, offices all were shut down for a longer period. Many people lost their jobs and became helpless. The students were not able to go to school and attend class. The only option to know about the world was the media. The news of the COVID-19 was only delivered on the news channels all throughout the year.

The year has also experienced the adverse impact of climatic changes like floods and cyclones. The Australian bushfire and extreme tropical cyclones in North America had devastating aftereffects. The festivals in the year 2020 were celebrated by people peacefully within the houses with safety.

Changes in Education and Learning in 2020

Children are always waiting for the arrival of the holidays. They love to play instead of going to school and attend classes. All schools and educational institutions were shut due to the nationwide lockdown. In starting the schools were closed and no learning activity continued. The students were granted a long holiday. The situation was not going to be healed sooner and therefore the online learning method was adopted by all the educational institutions. The students had to attend their classes online instead of going to school. This step was beneficial for the students as the studies were not disrupted and continued.

The major problem was with poor students who were not financially strong and not having separate smartphones or laptops for attending the classes online. The problem aroused with the parents having more than two children. The government has also provided online education for students by television. The issues of bad network connectivity deprived many students of attending the online lectures and therefore they were marked absent.

Message Given by the Year 2020

The earth belongs to all the living organisms created by god. Human beings forget this thing and started to understand themselves as the supreme power. Environmental issues are happening due to the illicit and improper use of resources by human beings. The pandemic was a lesson to the deeds of human beings. We need to understand and care about nature that is a great gift provided by god to us. We were the sufferers of the mistakes we have committed.

Nature Heals Itself: During the lockdown, the animals freely wandered on the roads. Nature got the time to heal itself. Many unnatural things happened during this time. Dolphin has been sighted in the waters of river Ganga. The pollution level during those days was low as very few vehicles were permitted. This was a warning to mankind. If humans have cared about the environment and other living organisms we would have not suffered up to this extent.

We must be prepared for handling any difficult situation. We pay our gratitude and Hats off to the corona warriors who stood for us without fearing for their lives. The masks and sanitizers should be made as an integral part of our daily life. It promotes healthier and hygienic living. It is always said, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Was 2020 a Year of Changes and Challenges?

The year 2020 was a remarkable year in the history of the world. The means of transportation including trains and airplanes all were stopped. The nationwide Lockdown was imposed by most of the countries in the world. We never have thought of this kind of situation. The people remained wherever they were and many were away from their families.

 The stories of the migrant laborers who walked miles to reach their families and many died accidentally in the way and that was the most pathetic situation. The situation started becoming worse day by day. Thus it can be stated that the year 2020 changed the way of life and everything. It was full of changes and challenges. It taught us the importance of family life and valuing nature and other living organisms.


The year has passed by giving us different unforgettable memories. This marks the year 2020 as a year to be remembered forever. The ceased activities slowly and gradually started resuming with safety and precaution in the last months of the year. The changes will become an integral part of our lives in the future.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How will year 2020 be remembered?

Ans. The year 2020 will be remembered for the havoc situation of the global Pandemic and drastic transformations in the world to get rid of this situation.

Q.2 Where corona virus was first detected in India?

Ans. The coronavirus infection was first confirmed in Kerala with the first positive case in India.

Q.3 Which high economic countries have suffered a GDP fall due to Covid-19?

Ans. The high economic countries like the USA, China, France, Italy, etc suffered a great fall in GDP due to pandemic.

Q.4 How is GDP of India affected due to Covid-19?

Ans. India is among the greatly affected countries due to Covid-19 as the country’s GDP will contract by 10.3%.