Essay on How One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme will help us

One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme

Technological advancement is making our life better and comfortable. Newer technologies are emerging day by day. If we talk about the world there are many countries with immense technological advancements. The people in foreign countries use a single card for the payment of every kind of transportation charges and other works along with avoiding any kind of revenue leakage. The concept of one card one nation has recently developed in India and is of great importance.

Short and Long Essay on One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme in English

Essay on One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme essay 10 lines.

One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) National common mobility card is introduced in India under the Make in India project.

2) PM Narendra Modi is responsible for introducing this card on 4 March 2019.

3) People can pay all traveling fares through this card.

4) This card promotes cashless transactions and hence reduces corruption.

5) To promote the usage of this card, users are loaded with exciting cashback offers.

6) Both online, as well as offline transactions, can be done using this card.

7) The adoption of this card is a step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat.

8) This card appears similar to that of a credit or debit card.

9) This card is available in more than 25 banks in India.

10) National Common Mobility Card is a multipurpose card that reduces the headache of carrying several cards.

Short Essay 250 Words – Scheme to make Public transport more Traveller friendly


National Common Mobility Card has been in common concept in foreign countries for many years. The concept of one nation, one mobility card has been recently introduced in India. This scheme is a part of the Make in India project.

The Initiation of Scheme One Nation One Mobility Card in India

The one nation one mobility card also called as National Common Mobility Card scheme was inaugurated on the 4th of March, 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This National common mobility card can be issued by more than 25 banks in India. It is the result of the advancing science and technology that has given rise to such facilities in the world.

Scheme towards making Public transport more Traveller friendly

Public transport is commonly used by the people of India for traveling from one place to other. The National common mobility can be used by people to pay fair in the metro, bus, railways, and toll taxes. Hence it makes traveling more easy and comfortable for the people of India. The other benefits of using this card have been enlisted below:

  • The customers will not have to carry multiple cards if they have the national common mobility card.
  • People can use this card to pay for both offline and online transactions.
  • People get exciting offers and cash backs after using this card for different types of transactions or bill payments.
  • The card can be used to do cashless transaction that reduces the chance of corruption that is most common in paying cash.


The national common mobility card can be used anywhere in the nation. The development of one nation, one mobility card scheme in India is a great initiative for the nation and its people.

There are many things to know about this program and the long essay will enlighten you with details of the topic. It might be helpful to students in preparing for competitive exams, essay writing, assignments, and projects.

How One Nation One Mobility Card Scheme Will Help Us – Long Essay (1000 Words)


India is rapidly growing with the advent of new technologies. A recently developed one nation one mobility card will be transforming the public transportation facility for the people of India. It would be very convenient to carry one card instead of carrying separate cards for a different purpose.

What is One Nation One Mobility Card?

The NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) called one card one nation is the result of swadeshi technology. It has been totally developed inside our nation. The ideas and conceptualization for the development of one card one nation in India were continued from 2006 onwards but came into existence in 2019. The National Common mobility Card was launched on 4 March 2019. Recently our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the National Common Mobility Card for Delhi Metro on Monday, 28 December 2020. It is inter-operable at every metro station in New Delhi. Slowly and gradually it will be used in every part of the nation.

The Need for NCMC (National Common Mobility Card)

The card is linked with world mobility that signifies transportation and traveling. Traveling is the most usual routine work involved in the life of most of us and people travel from one place to another for some or the other purpose. The population either living in larger or smaller cities or less developed regions in India prefers public transport and carries cash to pay the fare for buses, auto, train, taxi, etc. There are several issues that arise in paying by cash like unavailability of change money, standing in queue for booking of the metro, bus, train tickets, etc. Many times it happens that the exact amount of fare is not available and therefore it leads to a problem. Cash handling is also not very easy. Thus the problem of cash handling, revenue leakages (corruption) focuses on the need for NCMC.

The people living in metro cities have different cards meant for travelling. They have a bus pass, train pass, metro pass, etc. It is not very easy and convenient to carry a large number of cards or passes meant for definite work. Moreover, the foreign countries were involved in providing facilities for automatic fare collection at metro stations. These problems gave rise to the need for one card to make travelling easier and risk-free.

Attributes of One Nation-One mobility Card

  • The National common mobility card is similar to Rupay credit or debit card and is made in India.
  • It is a smart debit card that can help in multiple payments.
  • It consists of the two systems that are made in India. They can be stated as:

SWAGAT – It is an Open-Loop Automatic Fare Collection Gate.

SWEEKAR – It is an Automatic Fare Collection Gate.

  • It is made available by more than 25 banks including State Bank of India, Punjab National bank, and others. The private and public partnership banks have the authority for the same.
  • It is powered and the gateway for the transaction and is provided by Rupay.

The Utility of One Nation-One Mobility Card

  • It can be used to pay fares of buses, trains, metro services, i.e. all the means of public transport systems.
  • It can be used to pay toll taxes, retail shopping, money withdrawal, and online shopping thus reducing the possibility of revenue leakage.
  • The service providing the feature of the card will provide the facility of making monthly passes, season tickets, etc.
  • We can avail of some amount of cashbacks after making bill payments, withdrawals, etc.
  • It supports contactless transactions and fosters fast payments and therefore is traveller friendly.

Agencies Involved in Developing One Nation One Mobility Card

The National common mobility card program had been proposed and fostered by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. There were some other agencies like NPCL, C-DAC, and BEL that collaborated for making the program come true.

  • NPCL It stands for National Payment Corporation of India. The total responsibility of developing the specifications of the NCMC card was given to NPCL. It is also known for developing BHIM, UPI, Rupay card, etc.
  • C-DAC – It stands as a Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. It has developed the AFC system for NCMC and had been working in collaboration with NPCL.
  • BEL – It stands for Bharat Electronics Limited- the credit for developing the gates and readers for NCMC goes to this company. It has been working in collaboration with NPCL and C-DAC and had a great contribution in developing this card.

One Nation One Mobility Card – Promoting Digitalization

The National common mobility card aims towards making our nation become cashless in India. We can make payment for transportation fares, shopping, parking tax, toll duties, etc. via one single card that is a smart card, and thus it greatly promotes Digitalization. The idea and development of the NCMC program have been totally taken and completed in India. Therefore, it is called swadeshi and it is a great effort towards making India an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Is National Common Mobility Card (NCMC ) Really Helpful for the People of India?

The development of the One Nation-One mobility Card will be facilitating public transportation in India. It will not be mandatory for people to carry cash or different cards for payment. A person will be benefitted from numerous benefits from a single card. The corruption or revenue leakage problem will be reduced to a large extent. Many times it happens that people have to pay more than the normal price and the extra money paid by us goes into pockets of fraud. It is neither beneficial for us nor the nation but bringing down the economy of the nation. The development of such a program and by efforts of our own country is appreciable and is also beneficial for the people of India.


The development of one nation one card is of immense value for the nation. It will be greatly beneficial for the people of India. Slowly and gradually we are getting new emerging technologies. The great thing is that it is made in India. It makes us feel proud and gives us great strength that nothing is impossible for our nation. It will also boost the process of making India a cashless nation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can we get a National common mobility card?

Ans. We can get the National common mobility card issued from more than 25 banks in India.

Q.2 In how many forms NCMC can be issued from banks?

Ans. These cards can be issued in debit/credit/prepaid card forms.

Q.3 Will NCMC cards support offline transactions?

Ans. Yes, because there will be a stored value in cards that can be used to pay in offline mode.

Q.4 Who gave the idea of one nation one mobility card?

Ans. The idea of NCMC was given by the Nandan Nilekani committee that was formed by the Reserve Bank of India.

Q.5 How is NCMC powered?

Ans. The national common mobility card is powered by the Rupay mechanism.