Essay on How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday

Birthdays are special days for people of all ages. It is a day when we are born. It is a day of fun, surprises, and joy, as friends and family come together to celebrate the special person. We all wait for a year to celebrate our birthday. On this day, gifts are often exchanged, and wishes for the future are shared. Exactly, in the same way, what about the birth day of that special and most important member of the family, our mothers.

Mothers are the vital part of our lives. So, celebrating her birthday is a great way to show our appreciation for all that she does for us. As a child we celebrate our mother’s birthday in different ways that make her happy. So, today we will discuss about how I celebrated my Mother’s birthday OR how you celebrated your Mother’s birthday in detail.

Short and Long How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday Essay in English

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How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday Essay 10 Lines (100 – 120 Words)

1) My mother’s birthday falls on 24 August.

2) I along with my family planned a surprised birthday party for her.

3) First of all, I surprised my mother with a beautiful birthday card.

4) My sister and I baked a wonderful birthday cake for her.

5) We also cooked her favorite food.

6) We decorated the home with balloons of her favorite color.

7) In evening, we arranged a family dinner at her favorite restaurant.

8) We also brought a necklace as a gift for her.

9) We played her favorite songs and sang happy birthday.

10) We had a great time taking lots of pictures and making memories of my mother’s birthday.

Short Essay on How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday (250 – 300 Words)


My mother’s birthday falls on 1st July. This year, I decided to make my mother’s birthday a special one. She always works hard both in her career and in taking care of our family, so I wanted to make her birthday memorable. Therefore, I decided to plan a surprise birthday party for her.

Planned a Surprise Party

To made sure that the surprise should be a complete surprise, I organized the party in secret and invited her close friends and relatives. I purchased some gifts for her. I also made a birthday card for her. To add to the surprise, I made a cake with her name written on it. I decorated our drawing room with balloons.

Birthday Celebration

As my mother is a working woman, I waited for her to return home. Once my mother returned home, I presented her with all the gifts I had bought for her. I decorated the dining table with all the things she loves. She was surprised to see her friends and close ones. All of them wished her well and clapped as she blew out the candles. She loved the cake and the decorations also. She was truly touched by the effort I had put into the surprise and thanked me for making her feel special.


The surprise birthday party for my mother was a success and I am so glad that she enjoyed it. It was a special day and she really loved the celebration. She did so much for me and this was my way of doing the same for her.

Long Essay on How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday (500 Words)


A mother is a unique and incredible gift from the heavens. Mothers play an important role in a child’s development and emotional well-being. They are the pillar of the house and their importance in our lives can’t be explained. She is the one who provides us with un unconditional love and care. Despite of doing everything for us she never demands anything. Even on her birthday, she remains busy with her daily chores. Celebrating her birthday is an excellent way to honor her for everything she has done for us. I decided to make her happy and feel special on her birthday.

Special Decorations for Her Birthday

After planning for a birthday party I started making necessary decorations in the house. I made sure that my mother’s birthday should be something that she would remember for a long time. My mom loves flowers therefore; I had decorated her room with a lot of fresh flowers to make it look very cheerful and lively. I also made some cards as she loves my creativity. This year I wanted to make sure that I give my mother the best gift. From decorations to cards and cake, it was whole lot of fun. It is a special day to make her feel loved and cherished.

Big Family Get Together

All of our family members were present for the birthday celebration. We cooked some of her favorite dishes and followed all the rituals of special occasions. We sang songs, danced, and had a great time. It was a gathering of the family that was full of emotions and laughter. We laughed, clicked pictures with the cake and cherished the moments.

Gift for My Mother

This year I had the chance to make my mother’s birthday super special and I tried my best. I made a list of small things that my mom loves and bought them for her birthday. This included a necklace, a family photo frame, colorful bangles, a beautiful dress, and her favorite lipstick set. I had also brought a bouquet of roses. We had a delicious and beautiful cake prepared for her surprise. My mother was delighted to see the lovely gift and she was very happy.

My Mother’s Priceless Reaction

I was really delighted to see her enjoying the decorations and all the little efforts that I have made. She was filled with joy, especially when she saw the surprises. Tears of joy and happiness were flowing through her eyes. She thanked everyone especially me for all the gifts and surprises.


My mother’s birthday was like a dream come true moment for me. I was glad that I could make the day special and give her all the pleasure and joy. It was definitely the best present that I was able to give her. There are no words that can explain how much I love her. I am sure that she will remember this day for a long time and I am glad that I could make it special for her.

I hope the above provided essay on How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday will be helpful for you to plan a unique birthday surprise for your dear mother.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday

Q.1 When Mother’s Day is celebrated?

Ans. In India Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Q.2 What are some common gifts for Mother’s birthday?

Ans. Some common gifts for Mother’s birthday include flowers, cards, jewelry, handmade cake and other special treats or sweets.

Q.3 How can I make my mom’s birthday extra special?

Ans. You can make your mom’s birthday extra special by planning a special surprise for her, creating a handmade gift, or simply making sure to tell her how much she means to you.

Q.4 What is the importance of a mother in the family?

Ans. The mother is the primary source of support, comfort, and guidance. She provides physical and emotional care to her children, and her role is critical in a family’s overall functioning.