How I Celebrated My Birthday Essay

How I Celebrated My Birthday

The word ‘birthday’ when spelled sounds of exciting parties and beautiful wishes. Birthday is the most awaited day in the life of every person especially children. Most of us enjoy our birthdays in a beautiful manner. We enjoy this day with our friends, relatives and close ones.

Short and Long Essay on How I Celebrated My Birthday in English

10 Lines Essay on How I Celebrated My Birthday (100 – 120 Words)

1) In the morning I went to the nearby temple with my mother.

2) On returning, we distributed food to the poor.

3) This day was full of birthday wishes.

4) In the evening, I celebrated my birthday at my farmhouse.

5) My parents had secretly organized a small party for me.

6) My friends, family, and relatives joined me at the birthday party.

7) I received so many gifts from my loved ones.

8) After cutting the cake, I played so many games with my friends.

9) We all enjoyed the cake and other delicious food cooked by my mother.

10) At night I was tired and directly went to the bed for sleeping.

Short Essay 1 (250 Words) – How I Celebrated My Birthday in lockdown


Birthday is the most awaited day in everyone’s life. It is the day when we are born and is a special day for all of us. We get no scolding from our parents and elders on this day. Birthdays are enjoyed by people of every age group i.e. children, adults or older people.

Planning is the most vital part of a Birthday celebration

We all make plans for celebrating our birthdays every year. Most of us invite our friends and celebrate it at our home while many have plans to go on a trip to celebrate the birthday with family and friends. There are many people who love to celebrate their birthdays with poor children or in orphanages. It depends upon the choice of people. Small kids love to celebrate their birthday by inviting their friends and in this way they get a good time to play with them.

My own experience of a birthday celebration in lockdown

I had celebrated my many birthdays with my family, friends, and relatives. During the lockdown, we could not invite anyone and therefore I celebrated my lockdown birthday in a different manner. I thought to plant some new trees in my garden on my birthday. I spent my time planting trees and every member of my family planted one tree as my birthday gift. Thereafter, I enjoyed the delicious dishes made by my mother and feed the same to squirrels and birds in the garden and the street dogs too. I am a nature lover and therefore I loved celebrating my birthday in the lap of nature.


I really loved the way of celebrating my lockdown birthday as it gave me a chance to spend my beautiful day with nature. It was a memorable birthday of my life.

I have brought a long essay giving a beautiful experience of celebrating my birthday. I hope you will find it interesting to read and get an idea of writing essays on this topic.

Long Essay 2 (1000 Words): How a Birthday is a Special Day in Everyone’s Life


Birthday is the day on which we are born. It is our own and special day for us. Everybody has a unique way of celebrating their birthdays. Although every birthday reminds us of the lessening of one year from our life still we celebrate it and make it a special day for us.

Celebration of My Birthday

I am very fond of celebrating my special day of life every year. I want it to be the most unique and beautiful experience for me. I was born on the 14th of March and therefore my birthday falls at the onset of the spring season. The most unusual thing about my birthday is that it falls in the month of March and every year the annual exams are held during this time. In spite of examinations, I celebrate my birthday with full joy every year.

Last year also I had a wonderful celebration of my birthday. The day started with the beautiful wishes of my parents. I have started getting birthday wishes from my friends and relatives as the clock strike 12 in the night. I felt very fresh in the morning and as I had my exam on that date therefore I took bath and was ready to visit the temple with my father and get the blessing of God. I use to go to the temple on every birthday. My father dropped me at school and the exam on my birthday went very well. In the afternoon I also gave the party snacks to my school friends.

Slowly and gradually the celebration time arrived in the evening. I got a beautiful dress as my birthday present from my parents. I wore the same dress on that day. I along with my sisters had planned the games to be played on my birthday. The planning for arranging the games and return gifts were carried on from one week before my birthday. My parents had invited all my neighbors, friends, and family members to celebrate my birthday. I was overwhelmed with the beautifully decorated room as my birthday surprise. This was done by my sisters and friends. The cake was a white forest and it was my favorite flavor. Thereafter I blew the candles and cut the cake with the song Happy Birthday to you. I took the blessings of my parents and elders. My mother distributed the cake and snacks to everybody present at the birthday party.

It is a Beautiful Part of the Enjoyment

After cake cutting was over I moved to another room with my friends. We had planned different games and puzzles to be played on that day. We enjoyed the musical chair, pass the parcel and puzzle game was most interesting. There was a gift given after revealing every step of the puzzle. We did a lot of enjoyment, danced to different songs and finally, the celebration was near to the end. Everybody was served delicious food. It was time for everyone to leave and once again everyone wished me a happy birthday. We had decided to give cake and chocolates as a return gift to everyone.

A Unique Deed of My Birthday Celebration

For the last few years after celebrating my birthday at my home I used to go to donate food to the poor people in the slum area located at a small distance from my house. The people there were very poor. Last year also I went there with my father and sisters. I thought of celebrating my birthday with the children there. I took a one kg cake that I had bought by saving my own pocket money. I always used to think that we were blessed to have such caring parents and a beautiful family. We have tasted most of the things and we celebrate with the people who are also granted all those happiness.

Celebrating my birthday with the small children in the slum area was the most beautiful part of the day for me. They ate the cake as if they have never tasted it before. The smile on the faces of people over there gave me internal happiness. My father gave them the snacks and food that we have brought for them. Finally, we returned to our home and the celebration of my birthday ended with the immense blessing of many people.

The Time for Opening Presents

I am very much fond of my birthday as I receive different beautiful presents on this day. In the end, after everything was over I sat with my sisters to see what present have I received as my birthday gifts. It is very exciting to see the presents. One by one we had opened all the gifts and were very happy with such lovely presents from my friends, relatives, and family members.

Is Birthday a Special Day in Everyone’s Life?

The birthday of every person in this world states about the day they are born on this earth. It is really a special day for everyone. It brings in us the feeling that the day is totally our own day. It comes once only every year. We celebrate this day and the memories of the day make it a beautiful one. In my opinion, a birthday is a day when everybody cares for us. We receive beautiful presents and wishes from our relatives and friends that make it more special. Isn’t it? But there are also people in this world who are unknown of the day they were born like our grandparents and poor people.


I celebrate my birthday with great happiness and joy. Moreover, the blessing and wishes that I receive on my birthday are very precious for me. My parents make this day as most memorable day every year since my childhood. Every year it is the most special and the day full of surprises for me. I wait eagerly every year for my birthday.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is birthday a special day?

Ans. It is the day when we are born and on this day we experience that how older we have grown, therefore it is special.

Q.2 Who invented the birthday cakes?

Ans. The birthday cake was first invented by German bakers.

Q.3 How did the concept of celebrating birthdays begin?

Ans. The concept of celebrating birthdays was initiated by Greeks as they admired Egyptians celebrating pharaohs as Gods.

Q.4 When is silver birthday celebrated?

Ans. Silver Birthday is celebrated when a person turns to be of 25 years of age.

Q.5 What is meant by celebrating Golden birthday?

Ans. This is the birthday that is celebrated on attaining the age equal to our birth date.