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Feelings are powerful and complex mental responses influenced by our environment and body. They are a major part of our mental and physical health and should not be overlooked. Examples of feelings include happiness, denial, sadness, anger, worry, fear, envy, and pride. Happiness is an emotion that can be expressed through joyful behaviour and it has been researched and linked to improved health, greater resilience, and increased overall well-being. Today we will discuss more happiness and the benefits of being happy in our life.

Short and Long Happiness Essay in English

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Happiness Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 words)

1) Happiness is the ultimate goal of living.

2) Happiness is found in the moments we share with loved ones.

3) Happiness comes when we have faith in ourselves.

4) Happiness is a journey and a way of life.

5) Happiness comes from within, not from outside.

6) Live to experience the joy and contentment of happiness.

7) Seek joy in the small things and we will find true happiness.

8) Choosing happiness is a choice that must be made every day.

9) Happiness is a state of mind and should be nurtured and cared for.

10) True happiness is achieved by finding the balance between pleasure and pain.

Short Essay on Happiness (250 – 300 Words)


Happiness is an emotion experienced by individuals. Every individual has a unique conception of happiness. In modern times, happiness has become a priority in the lives of all people. We strive constantly to be content and satisfied with our lives and to have a feeling of overall joy.

Definition of Happiness

The most general definition of happiness is an overall feeling of contentment. However, there is no exact definition of happiness as it is an intangible emotion. While some may define it in terms of material items, success, or luxury, for others it is derived from relationships, connections, or personal experience. Moreover, happiness can be interpreted differently in different cultures, making it difficult to express it in a single definition.

Factors Contributing Happiness

It is believed that several factors contribute to the feeling of happiness. Positive thoughts are the first step towards being content. We should be mindful of our thinking and it should be filled with optimism and hope. Additionally, engaging in exercise and outdoor activities can help to lift the mood and provide a sense of fulfillment. Furthermore, investing time in developing meaningful relationships is an important factor. Moreover, spending time nurturing hobbies, such as painting and writing, is another important step.


In conclusion, happiness is an emotion that is difficult to define but it is something that we should all strive towards. It can be achieved through positive thinking and meaningful relationships. We should also find time to indulge in activities that make us feel joyous and content.

Long Essay on Happiness (500 Words)


Happiness is the pursuit of life. Many people assume that happiness means being content with the present life, but in reality, it has a much broader meaning. It involves fulfilling life objectives, pushing personal boundaries, and creating positive experiences, as well as achieving a life full of meaning and purpose.

What is Happiness? 

Happiness is fundamentally a state of satisfaction. It is often described as a feeling of joy, contentment, and satisfaction with life as a whole. It is associated with positive emotions such as pleasure, love, and hope. Happiness is not just a physical sensation, but rather a deep and meaningful emotion that comes from a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Why is Happiness Important?

Happiness is essential to our well-being and plays a role in living a healthy life. It has been linked to better physical health, increased productivity, improved problem-solving skills, and improved relationships with others. Happiness is not only beneficial to our physical and mental well-being, but it also helps to increase our sense of life satisfaction and achievement. Additionally, happiness can be beneficial in helping us achieve our life objectives, allowing us to be more focused on what really matters in life.

Factors Contributing to Happiness 

The most important factor is having positive relationships with family and friends. Having supportive and genuine relationships with the people in our lives can provide us with a sense of purpose and connection, which can lead to greater levels of happiness. Other factors that can contribute to happiness include exploring our creativity and talents, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and having a career or job that we find meaningful and satisfying.

How we can increase our Happiness

There are many steps we can take to increase our overall happiness. One way to increase our happiness is to practice acts of kindness. Doing small things for others such as volunteering, helping out family members or friends, and lending a helping hand can lead to a deeper sense of satisfaction. Additionally, it is important to take time for ourselves and do activities that help us relax and decompress. Activities such as taking a walk in nature, yoga, or mindfulness practice can help us disconnect from our daily stresses and connect with our inner sources of happiness. 

Finally, it is important to practice gratitude. Taking time to reflect on the things we are thankful for helps to put our lives into perspective and appreciate what we have.


Overall, happiness is an important contributing factor to our well-being, and it is a state of contentment and satisfaction. There are many factors that can help increase our level of happiness such as spending time with loved ones, engaging in activities that relax us, exploring our creativity and talents, and practicing acts of kindness. Practicing gratitude can also be beneficial in helping us appreciate all the moments of happiness in our life. Taking the time to prioritize our happiness is essential to living a life full of meaning and purpose.

I hope the above-provided essay on happiness will be helpful for everyone to know about happiness very well and help you in living a happy life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Happiness

Q.1 What is happiness?

Ans. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and joy that arises from achieving one’s goals or from positive life experiences.

Q.2 How can I cultivate happiness in my life?

Ans. It can be cultivated by practicing gratitude, doing things that bring you joy, having strong personal relationships, and setting goals that are meaningful to you.

Q.3 How can I stay positive in difficult times?

Ans. While difficult times can be challenging, reminding yourself of the things that make you happy and focusing on the things you can control can help you stay positive.

Q.4. What are the benefits of being happy?

Ans. Being happy can lead to feeling healthier, having better relationships, managing stress more easily, having a better outlook on life, and leading a more fulfilling life.

Q.5 Are some people naturally happier than others?

Ans. While some people are predisposed to be more optimistic, research shows that everyone can gain more happiness by acknowledging and cultivating the positive aspects of their life.