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Good habits are very important in life. They are instilled mostly during childhood and stay with us till the end. We have covered below many aspects of good habits through three different essays, of varying word lengths, on good habits. These essays cover all the significant points about good habits. Hope you will enjoy reading and learning them:

Short and Long Essays on Good Habits in English

Essay on Good Habits for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Good Habits essay 10 lines.

Good Habits Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Good habits make you a good person.

2) Good habits help you to achieve success.

3) People with good habits are respected everywhere.

4) Good habits make you everyone’s favorite.

5) Good habits help you to develop self-discipline.

6) It is important in making a good social reputation.

7) Good habits can improve your quality of living.

8) Good habits help to keep you healthy.

9) A good habit is a key to happiness.

10) A good habit gives you a good friend and a good environment.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What are Good Habits and Benefits


Good habits are essential for making success in life. They are beneficial not only to the one who possesses them but also to others as well.

Good Habits for Success in Life

Good habits are very important to be successful in life. A person with good habits makes steady progress in studies, career, personal life, and all. On the other hand, a person with bad habits, however talented he/she is, will one day lose the successes in life.

List of Good Habits for a Successful Life

These are the list of good habits essential for a successful life –

  • Going to bed early and waking up early.
  • Always polite and considerate towards others.
  • Being respectful to elders, teachers, and friends.
  • Spending time in a good company.
  • Constantly reading and learning.
  • Studying in a disciplined way.

Benefits of Good Habits in Daily Life

These are some benefits of good habits in daily life –

  • Help you achieve your dreams and objectives.
  • Earn you good friends for life.
  • You earn more respect from family, friends, and society as well.
  • Good habits improve the quality of your life.
  • You become more productive and gain success.
  • You gain the trust of people who are ready to help you in need.


Good habits are very essential for making progress in everyday life and also for making success. If you have good habits and follow them every day, then there is nothing you should be worrying about.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – List of Good Habits and How to Develop Them


Good habits are like a virtue in life. If you keep your habits good, you will keep moving up in life and gain respect. One could possess several good habits to get benefit from. Good habits are mostly instilled during childhood and stay till the end. In this essay, we will know about some essential good habits, how to develop them in kids and also their benefits in everyday life.

List of Some Important Good Habits

One could possess hundreds of good habits; however, I have given below some of the essential good habits required in daily life.

  • Neatness

You should look neat and clean as well as adopt good personal hygiene. Cleanliness is a habit and essentially a good one.

  • Politeness

You should be polite to others you meet, irrespective of their weaknesses or strengths. If you are so, you have definitely some good habits.

  • Discipline

Discipline is the most important good habit that one can possess. It helps at every stage in life. A disciplined person always progresses in life.

  • Respectful

Being respectful to others, whether they are poor, weak, or small, is definitely a good habit. It will also earn you respect and love from others.

  • Gratitude

Gratitude is also a good habit and an essential one at that. It is the quality of being thankful for an act of kindness, others have done to you.

How to Develop Good Habits in Kids and Children

The earlier good habits are developed in humans the better. Therefore, it is advisable to develop good habits in children. Below are some of the ways to develop good habits in kids and children.

  • Become a Role Model Yourself

Kids learn from their parents. They copy your behavior and conduct in their own real-life situations. So, the first thing to do if you want your child good mannered is to be good mannered yourself.

  • Express Compassion

You must teach your kids to be compassionate towards others. Teach them to respect weak and poor, Tell them that all humans and animals can feel pain and insult and must be treated with respect.

  • Instill Discipline

If you want your child to be well mannered, first teach him/her discipline. Only a disciplined child will be open for all the teaching and guidance, necessary for a productive life.

  • Reward and Interrupt

Reward the children appropriately when you see then displaying good mannerism, but also remember to interrupt them when they cross the limit.


Developing good manners in children is a continuous and ongoing process and will require time. But in the end, it will turn them into productive and successful adults.


Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Meaning and Importance of Good Habits


Good habits are very essential in life in several ways.  It is important for everyone irrespective of age. It is as important for a child to have good habits as it is important for an adult. Good habits are the foundation of your social life and also your achievements. In the essay, we will discuss several aspects of good habits like meaning, importance, benefits, etc.

Meaning of Good Habits

Good habits usually refer to your moral conduct and also your way of living. It is the way you treat others and behave with them. Being polite and considerate toward others is considered a good habit. If you meet others with a smile and treat everyone with respect then you have good social habits.

Apart from good social habits, how you treat yourself and your surroundings also matters. Keeping yourself neat and tidy always is considered a good habit. Similarly, if you keep your room clean and tidy, it is also a good habit. Brushing your teeth twice daily, clipping your nails from time to time, not littering are some of the good habits.

Likewise, there are many good habits that one can possess. These habits shape up your complete personality and define who you are and how you are. The society we live in, value good habits and acknowledge it.

Importance of Good Habits

Good habits in life are very important due to their several advantages. They impact our social and personal lives as well as the lives of others, up to some extent. Below listed are some of the importance of good habits, explaining how they benefit us.

  • Ensures Good Health

Good habits pertaining to your personal hygiene play a vital role in keeping you healthy and out of the reach of diseases. Washing hands regularly, brushing teeth, wearing tidy clothes are some of the good habits that will keep you away from diseases and infections.

  • Better Social Recognition

A person with good habits is loved and respected by everyone. If you look tidy and have polite manners, you will attract new friends. Such a person is always treated with respect in society and is remembered or called on every occasion. People don’t hesitate to associate with you if you have good habits.

  • Makes Life Valuable

Good habits have an obvious impact on your life, making it more valuable. Valuable in the sense, that you will be more recognized, acknowledged, and promoted in different quarters. You will achieve the maximum in whatever you seek. Your life will not only have value for yourself but also for others in your life – family, friends, relatives, and all.

  • Makes Life Productive

Good habits also make your life more productive. This has something to do with your own self-esteem and personal health. If you have good habits then you will not only feel good about yourself but also give your 100% in your work. Apart from that, you will get support from external quarters as well.

  • Helps You Succeed

Good habits help you succeed in life in several ways. People, colleagues, friends, and relatives all are more than eager to help you if you are well mannered. Your boss will love you too, guiding you through hurdles.  So many good things in your life gradually become a reason for your success.


Good habits are very essential to progress in life and leave a mark. They are the most valuable asset a human can possess. You can lose money and materialistic possessions, but if your habits are good, you will regain them with hard work and support of friends and family.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why it is important for parents to teach good habits to children at an early age?

Ans. It is important for parents to teach their children good habits at an early age so that doing it repeatedly will come into a regular habit.

Q.2 What are the three magic words for developing good habits?

Ans. The three magic words for developing good habits are Please, Thank you, and Sorry.

Q.3 Who is called obedient children?

Ans. Children who respect their elders and do their work on time are called obedient children.

Q.4 Who teaches us good habits?

Ans. Good habits are taught to us by our parents and teachers.

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