Speech on Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the serious problems that India faces today. Governments after governments have done their bit, but still, the number of youth is unemployed. To understand the problem and the factors leading to it as well as its solutions; I have given below three speeches on unemployment for my readers.

Short and Long Speech on Unemployment

Speech 1

Good afternoon everyone. Respected Principal Sir, teachers, and my very dear friends. I am here to give a speech on unemployment.

We all know how big a problem is unemployment. It severely hampers the growth of the nation and generates various social problems. It is well known that being the world’s second-most populous country, India has alarming unemployment statistics.

If we look a little back, we would know that unemployment wasn’t an alarming issue around five decades back as it is today. Tremendous population growth since then is to be blamed for unemployment today.

Having said that I must say that two things need to be implemented on war footings to counter unemployment. Firstly, there should be an effective family planning policy to control any further rise in population. Secondly, the government should start thinking about providing a means of income generation rather than traditional employment.

I am happy that the Government of India has introduced schemes like Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP), which provides financial and technical aid to the rural population for generating their own source of income.

It is only in these schemes and their effective implementation that India’s answer to unemployment lies. Thank You!

Speech 2

Good morning dear friends! A very warm welcome to our Principal Sir, teachers, and respected guests. I am here to give a speech on unemployment.

As you all know that unemployment is a burning issue these days. It is very common to see political parties blaming each other for the present unemployment status in the country. But, I would only say that it is very easy to put blame on others and very difficult to find solutions. My appeal to all the political parties whether in power or in opposition is that we should overcome the differences and must find a solution for the unemployment, together, for it is damaging the growth of the nation, more than anything else.

Let’s talk about some statics to let you know how severe the situation is. The unemployment data is collected every five years by the Ministry of Employment and labor. Around 31 million Indians are jobless. Also around 393 million work in poor conditions with no job security at all.

With these statistics, it is easy to assess the problems India faces in the form of unemployment. Few are employed and many even face the danger of losing their job.

This puts tremendous pressure on the government to generate employment. But, the already over-employed government and private sectors provide less hope. So what should the government do? The solution lies in opening up and expanding the venues of self-employment.

Rather than generating jobs, the government must concentrate on giving a regular source of income to the unemployed. This may come in the form of loans handed out for opening a shop or small trades like handicrafts, honey farming, and several other similar industries.

People must be provided financial aid and necessary training in their respective trades of choice. I think this is the most feasible solution to tackle unemployment. Thank You!

Speech 3

Good Morning everyone! I am thankful to you all for giving your precious time for this assembly. I am grateful to Principal Sir and teachers for giving me this opportunity to address you all today.

I am here to give a speech on education and I hope that you will all enjoy it and also try to understand my views.

We all know how important is an education in our life and what role it plays in shaping our future. In fact, education not only shapes the future of an individual but also the future of the society as well. After all, society is nothing but a group of individuals, so the more educated they are, the better oriented and disciplined society will be.

Education, most importantly, the primary education, must be provided to every child. Because, I believe that a childhood without education will lead to a life of poverty, misery, and unemployment. A nation that is still a developing economy, can’t take that chance!

The solution to most of the problems that we face today – poverty, unemployment, despair, crime, etc. lies in educating our children and masses. If we educate our children today, we will have literate and worth citizens tomorrow.

We also need to understand that education has many spheres where it could be implemented. It is not necessary that education only means reading books, sitting on benches and writing exams, etc. There is a lot more to it that we must acknowledge now.

There is something called vocational education; I am sure many of you must have heard the word before. Vocational education is a kind of training program provided to the students to make them industry-ready.
Several skills required by the industries are imparted into the students so that they can be employed easily in the respective industries. This is like a life-saving program for those who didn’t have a chance to gain a formal education. It also significantly reduces unemployment in society and raises the living standard.

Then there is adult education. I think that adult education is one of the most important forms of education, which has the potential for transforming society as a whole. It is a kind of informal education meant for the uneducated adults, provided by volunteers and teachers.

There are many adults who have spent their whole life without even going to school for a single day. There are school dropouts, women, who never had formal education.

Adult education makes them independent by teaching them the necessary everyday skills. As you see my friends, that education is way vaster and has several definitions.

I believe that education constitutes everything that changes one’s life for better; educate him or her about a subject or imparts necessary skill; teaches how to live fruitfully in a way so that we give back to the society as well.

We are lucky that we are getting top-class education in this esteemed institute under the skilled guidance of our teachers. We must make the best out of it and turn it into an ocean of possibilities not only for ourselves but also for the society.

Our education will only be fruitful in the true sense if we use it to give back to society. Being responsible citizens of the nation, it is our duty to use our education for the development of the nation, in whatever way we can.

I think I have said enough on education and hope that I was able to make an impact on you all for good. With this, I end my speech! Thank You!

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