Speech on Pollution

Pollution is defined as the addition of unwanted foreign substances in the air, water, soil, and other parts of the environment. Mainly the pollution is caused by several human activities. I have given below three speeches of varying word lengths on pollution for my readers.

Short and Long Speech on Pollution

Speech 1

Hello everyone! Respected Principal Sir, teachers, dear friends, and loving juniors. I hope you are all in good health! Kindly accept my sincere thanks for giving me this opportunity to give a speech on pollution. I was contacted by a respected teacher for the same yesterday.

We all are aware of the definition of pollution – the addition of polluting substances to the environment. Here, by environment generally, we mean the air, water, and the soil. What pollutes them?

These three life-essential elements are polluted only by several activities of humans. Humans throw garbage around, they litter wherever they go, they cut trees, pollute rivers, ponds, etc. Humans love to leave the signs of their existence in a very rude and uncivilized way. And we also don’t show any remorse or regret for the damage we do.

It is high time that we introspect on our own deeds and behave responsibly with the environment. Unless we take the necessary steps to prevent pollution, the day isn’t far when it will be difficult to breathe and we will also not find clean water to drink.

The future of the planet lies in our own hands and we cannot afford any further delay in this matter. Thank You!

Speech 2 – Pollution during COVID-19 Lockdown

Good morning everyone! Respected Principal Sir, teachers, my dear friends, and juniors. I hope that you all were able to steer clear of COVID 19 pandemic. It was indeed tough for the country to go through the lockdown. There were sufferings but there were also hands that offered help unconditionally. I think that the lockdown was also beneficial in many ways, specifically for nature.

With almost over 90% of the human populace locked behind doors to stay safe from coronavirus, nature got plenty of time to heal itself. Rivers are cleaner today than they had been in the past several decades. With no people visiting the seashore and riverside, there is no pollution at all. Just imagine what we humans do to our own resources! In our absence, they have become clean and pious as before.

Similar is the case with air. You all must have noticed that with each passing day under the lockdown, the air became cleaner every day. No surprises though! With almost zero vehicles on the road and factories shutting down for lockdown – the air immediately took to cleaning itself and reversing the damages done by humans.

With human intervention at its minimum during the lockdown, the air got cleaner. Many of the most polluted cities on the globe have recorded the lowest pollution levels, while under lockdown.

Studies reveal that the air quality of transport and industrial places has been improved by almost 60 to 70%, in the lockdown. Also with all the construction activities suspended the PM10 and PM2.5 particle concentration have reduced considerably, making the air cleaner.

Also, the concentration of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc is reduced and the air has become filled with the goodness of oxygen. Our own capital Delhi was experiencing remarkable freedom from pollution, just within days of lockdown.

The impact of lockdown on air pollution is also a hint that the former can be employed as an effective measure to control the latter, whenever things get out of control.

This is also a warning for us humans to value the air as a precious resource, essential for life, and also to intervene minimally with it. Lockdown or no lockdown, we must always be conscious of the pollution we might be spreading. Don’t take out your vehicle when you can walk, don’t unnecessary litter in a place, or don’t make a tourist place crowded. Such steps will ensure that the environment stays clean from pollution for our own good. Thank You!

Speech 3

Good morning everyone! Respected Principal Sir, teachers, and dear friends. Let me first tell you my purpose of being here. I am asked by my class teacher to give a speech on pollution. Initially, I wasn’t sure about how to prepare my speech but I am thankful to my class teacher and principal sir for helping me out.

Friends, as we all know that pollution is a rising concern today. It threatens the mere existence of humans and other species that inhabits the planet. The most baffling thing about pollution is that it is purely human-induced, that is, caused by several human activities.

Activities like littering, transportation, industrialization, use of chemicals in agriculture are all causes of pollution. Though each one of them causes a different kind of pollution.

For example, littering results in soil and water pollution; industrialization and the transport industry causes air and water pollution and agricultural activities using chemicals, results in soil pollution.

We humans and other life forms depend on our natural resources – air, water, soil for survival. These are the most important elements responsible for life on earth. It is, therefore, disturbing that we damage these essential elements at the cost of threatening our own lives as well as the lives of other species.

Do you know that pollution is claiming more lives today than any disease? We are losing thousands of species of animals, reptiles, and aquatic life, to the pollution. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that the future of the planet and its species depend on us humans.

Only we have the required skills to reduce pollution and its effects; since our own activities are responsible for it. Turning to eco-friendly options as an alternative is one of the solutions that can be implemented right away.

With this, I end my speech! Thank You!

Speech 4

Respected Principal Sir, teachers, and my dear friends. I am here to give a speech on pollution. I am thankful to my teachers for providing me this opportunity.

As you all are well aware of that pollution is a significant topic today. Global conferences are being held with the involvement of most powerful nations on the planet. They discuss and frame policies on how pollution levels can be minimized.

Such concern is only an indication of how big the problem of pollution is. The signs of pollution and its effects are too evidently visible today. Air, water, soil, and all other essential natural elements have been polluted up to a dangerous level and the pollution still continues.

We all know how difficult it is to breathe during the peak traffic hours in a city. The majority of us might have felt that irritation and burning in eyes. Didn’t we? That’s only the tip of the iceberg – one of the pollution’s several severe effects.

Trust me; there are several other effects of pollution not only on humans but also on other species and natural elements as well. Though many effects are not visible, nevertheless, they are there and they are dangerous. Let me elaborate.

For example, we don’t see the ozone layer but that doesn’t negate the fact that it is depleting at an alarming rate, and pollution is the only factor responsible for it. Loss in the ozone layer results in excess UV (Ultra Violet) radiation from the sun to reach the surface of the earth, which is subsequently damaging to human health.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are responsible for depletion of ozone layer. CFCs are produced by soaps, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Similarly, there are other forms of pollution having a severe impact on the environment and life on the planet. Thousands of tons of gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and others are emitted into the atmosphere by human activities like transportation, industrialization, and all.

Several of them are greenhouse gases that increase the greenhouse effect, subsequently increasing the average surface temperature of the planet. This phenomenon is called global warming.

Global warming results in severe climatic changes and species depletion. Today, the world is facing unprecedented changes in climate – it’s raining in the places where there had been no rain in centuries; famine, drought, etc.

Another rampant form of pollution is plastic pollution. Wherever we go, we see plastic all around us. Plastic is severely damaging to the environment. It pollutes soil, water bodies, and also results in depletion of natural resources and species as well.

So, what are our solutions? What should we do to eliminate pollution? There is an urgent need for a global initiative addressing the various causes of pollution. Also, it must be a collective effort involving governments, local bodies, and people. Then only the solutions will be effective.

There should be strict laws to regulate pollution by industries and other similar activities. Also, people must be careful about adding pollutants to the environment. Plastic products must be banned and the proper disposal of waste must be ensured.

Unless we take the job in our own hands and be sincere in our efforts, nothing is ever going to change. It is our duty to care for this planet and the responsibility of all other living species are also on us.

When we do what’s needed, the change will be visible everywhere. The air will become cleaner and resources purified.

I think that I have said enough on the topic of pollution. I also hope that I was able to let you all understand the severity of the pollution. Thank You!

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