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Environment is the surrounding that we live in. Whether natural or artificial it represents life. But, the point to consider here is that the natural environment is way more precious than the one we created for ourselves.

Short and Long Speech on Environment in English

I have provided below three speeches on Environment of varying words length for my readers. You can read them and find your needed ones:

Speech on Environment 1

Good morning respected Principal Sir, teachers, and all my dear friends! I am glad for having given the opportunity to speak to you all on the topic of the environment.

First, we must understand that the planet we live on has an environment of its own, which has been there for millions of years. It is this environment that we often refer to as nature. The trees, rivers, water bodies, soil, mountains, ocean, glaciers, etc., all constitute our natural environment.

It is not rocket science to understand that lots of human activities are causing considerable damage to our natural environment. We are destroying our natural resources and often polluting them to the extreme.

The air, water, soil, everything bears the sign of human existence, in fact, human interference and their exploitative nature. Nature has its own way of retorting back to the exploitation which has already started in the form of – extreme heat and cold, melting glaciers, species depletion, and several other effects.

It is the right time for us to stop such rampant exploitation of our own natural resources, we so significantly require surviving.  With this I end my speech, hoping that I had been able to express my views clearly. Thank You!

Speech on Environment 2

Good Morning, dear all! My special gratitude to Principal Sir and all the teachers for giving me this opportunity to address you all from the dais. Before I begin, I must tell you that, I am here to give a speech on the environment.

As you all know the environment is defined as everything that surrounds us. From a larger perspective, it not only refers to the house or places we live in but also the natural environs around us. The trees, soil, water bodies, forests are all a part of our environment.

There are two types of environments – firstly, the one we have built for ourselves like the buildings, houses, cities, markets, roads, etc. Secondly is the natural environment that has been there for ages, like the forests, trees, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.

It is very much essential for us to understand that the natural environment is way more necessary for our survival than the artificial one that we have built for ourselves. In fact, not only ours but the life of other creatures as well depend on the natural environment.

It is very essential that our natural environment is kept in its original form as far as possible. Any damage to that would have severe consequences on not only humanity but also on the planet as a whole.

Haven’t you felt that unexpected change in climate conditions, in the gone couple of decades? There has been a persistent rise in minimum, maximum temperatures during the seasons; often incessant rains leading to floods and acute water scarcity during the summer.

These are only some of the signs of a more severe calamity that is on its way towards us. The effect of which would be in multiples of what we face today. It’s high time that we stop damaging the environment and become a responsible human being.

With this I to end my speech. Thank You!

Speech on Environment 3

Good Morning Respected Principal Sir, honored guests, teachers, and all my dear friends. I am here to give a speech on the environment. I am thankful to you all for giving me this opportunity to share my views on a significant issue that concerns the world powers today.

“Everything that surrounds us constitutes our environment” this is the simplest definition of the environment that our education has given us. Simple it may seem, but the actual state of affairs is more complicated than the definition.

“Environment” isn’t only something that surrounds but is also something that impacts our health, life, and behavior too. The bonding of life and the environment can’t be separated, both are essential for each other. If one is pushed to the brink; another gets affected too.

Unfortunately, human’s constant endeavor to expand their wealth and possessions has led to indiscriminate exploitation of the environment. The results of such exploitation are visible everywhere. Climate change, global warming, drought, famine are only a few of the consequences of environmental exploitation by humans.

Today, wherever we look around us, we see only man structures build with concrete; not a green space in miles. For every inch of space that we have built for ourselves, we have destroyed the natural elements that have been there for hundreds or maybe thousands of years.

Trees are felled, forests razed to grounds to construct buildings roads and factories, etc. We are so busy building our own empire that we fail to acknowledge the life-environment balance. We are continuously threatening our own life as well as the life of other creatures through environmental exploitation.

How many of you have seen a water body, like a pond, lake, or river with any sign of human interference? The signs are everywhere – sometimes in the form of plastic garbage flowing through the waves or a filthy sludge emitted from a factory as waste that is indiscriminately released into the waters.

Though, we don’t realize its severity because it doesn’t immediately affect us. This presumption however is the greatest mistake that humans are committing. We may or may not be directly affected by the environmental damages but let me assure you that technically speaking – our life is at stake.

Let me ask you a question – can we survive without clean drinking water and fresh air. One thing is evident that the rate at which we damage our environment is much more than the rate at which it can repair itself.

It takes only a couple of days to raze down acres of forest land, but it might take centuries to build one again. The water bodies that we pollute have taken for thousands of years to reach up top present capacity.

With all our science and technology we can’t mass produce the basic life elements that nature or the environment gives us. Can we produce water to swell rivers or air for the people of a city to breathe? No, we certainly cannot!

Please acknowledge the fact that by damaging the environment we are not only threatening our lives but also the lives of millions of other creatures that inhabit the earth. Some get displaced, while others find the habitation loss unbearable and perish.

Unfortunately, this all started coming back on us in the form of health issues, extreme climatic conditions, famine, drought, migration, floods, etc. But still, things are not as worst as it could get. There is still a chance of improvement if we begin early.

But, it shouldn’t be alone effort; rather the world must take collective cognizance of the damage and take necessary preventive measures.

I think I have said enough on the issue. Kindly allow me to end the speech with the hope that I was able to instill some consideration for the environment in your mind. Thank You!!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Environment

Q.1 What are some least environmentally friendly countries?

Ans. Myanmar, Afghanistan, Liberia, etc are some least environmentally friendly countries.

Q.2 Which is the greenest city in the world in 2022?

Ans. Copenhagen in Denmark, is marked as the greenest city in 2022 with Denmark being the most eco-friendly country in the world.

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