Speech on Joint Family

Speech Joint Family

The word Family is not only a word; it is an emotion which brings smile on our face. Family doesn’t mean only connecting to each other biologically. However, a family means connecting to each other by heart. They support you in every situation and help you to overcome all the difficulties. Family is something that binds you with their love and care.

Short and Long Speech on Joint Family in English

Here we are providing speech on joint family in easy words so that you can understand this topic in very less period of time. 

Speech 1

A very good morning to all of you. I would like to thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity to present a speech on joint family.

We all are well aware from the word family. We all love our family very much. Joint family, as the name suggests, it refers to many members living in the same house. It has at least three generations like grandparents, parents and children.

In joint family or undivided family, most of the important decisions are taken by the elder member of the family. They are termed as family head or “Karta”. However, the decisions related to household stuff are taken by their wives. In joint family, there is a common kitchen. Food for all the family members is prepared at one place and every women member of the family works together. In joint family, the income of all family members is collected or combined which can be used for family expenses.  

Nowadays, most of the joint family is divided into separate nuclear family. As joint family is mostly seen in the village areas, due to urbanization no one wants to live in rural areas. According to 2001 census, The Nuclear Family has increased by 2% in rural areas. However, the joint family has been declined by 3% across India.

Nowadays, the thoughts of young generation are totally different from their ancestors. As a result, both want to live separately. Sometimes, they fight for property and the relation of father and son is affected, resulting in more nuclear families. Children are deprived from the love and affection of the elders. They feel alone and later prone to diseases like depression.

The main problem in joint family is privacy; they can’t enjoy their private life. Everybody knows about every other person in the house therefore it is difficult to hide any secrets. In those cases, fights and quarrel are quite common. Some people live in joint family by their own choice whereas some doesn’t get any option. 

Therefore, we can say that the family can be a joint or nuclear but a family is one that is always present in our good as well as bad times to guide us and to overcome all the difficulties of our life.

Now, I would like to end my speech. Please forgive me for my mistakes. I’m very thankful to the audience for listening my speech with great patience. Thank you.

Speech 2

A very happy good morning to respected principal, reverent teachers, school staff, and all my dear friends. I am very glad to get this opportunity of standing in front of you all to throw some light on the concept of Joint Family.

Diverse traditions & cultures are the specialty of India. There are many traditions that have existed in past and still continued to be a part of the present culture. A joint family also termed as a traditional family that is existing in the nation is a part of age-old culture. Mostly the joint family system is observed nowadays in the Indian villages. A person with all his children and grandchildren live together and every earning member of the family is most probably involved in the same profession. It is very interesting to note down that India is a country that has existence of a joint family system from ancient times and that is continued till date.

A family with a large number of people that includes grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, children, residing together is stated as a joint family. The eldest member of the family is regarded as the head of the joint family. He takes care and provides guidance to the entire family. There are many people in the joint family and thus all workload and responsibilities are shared among all the working members of the family. They also share their happiness by celebrating festivals and functions together. The food of the entire family is cooked in one kitchen only. There is the division of household work among the women in the families. Every member in the joint family learns to respect each other and live in harmony and peace. They also help each other during difficult situations.

Children in joint families are most benefitted as they get the love and care of their grandparents. The grandparents provide guidance to all the children in the family and always save them from any kind of problems. Children living in the joint family learn to respect the bond of the relationship. They have the understanding of living in unity and loving others. The trend is changing at present and therefore we can observe the splitting of joint families into nuclear families.

People are moving towards the urban areas for sake of getting good job opportunities and educational facilities. They also carry their own families in the cities. In this way, the system of joint family is breaking and this is resulting in the concept of small families. Finally, I would like to state that different types of families in society have some positive and negative aspects. The significance of a joint family can never be denied. The reemergence of it in urban areas is again a boon in society.

Thank you and have a nice day!