Essay on World Health Day

Every year 7th of April, the foundation day of WHO is marked as World Health Day.

Today everybody has a busy schedule. This hectic lifestyle brings lots of stress and pressure. In this busy life, people forget to focus on their health. As a result, they easily get affected by various diseases. Not taking proper treatment and prescription may even lead to death. Therefore, it became necessary to highlight the importance of healthy life among the population. Today, we will discuss a special day dedicated to health that is “World Health Day”.

Short and Long World Health Day Essay in English

Here, I’m presenting short and long essays on World Health Day. This topic is useful for students of all the classes. It is also important for students preparing for competitive exams to know about the celebration of this day.

World Health Day Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Throughout the globe, World Health Day is observed on the 7th of April.

2) This day also marks the establishment of WHO (World Health Organization).

3) It is a theme-based event celebrated annually.

4) The celebration of World Health Day began in 1950.

5) The main aim is to aware people of the importance of health.

6) Different programs and events are organized by WHO on this day.

7) Many governments, NGOs, and health professionals support the event.

8) People organize many events in schools and colleges.

9) It also ensures that the best treatment should be available to all.

10) Free camps and checkups are organized on the occasion of World Health Day.

Short Essay on World Health Day (200 – 250 Words)

Health is the prior need of every human. In order to spread awareness regarding the importance of good health, World Health Day is observed on 7 April throughout the globe. The celebration of this day was initiated by WHO (World Health Organization) in the Health Assembly conducted in 1948. It was 7 April 1950, when the world celebrated the first World Health Day.

On the occasion of World Health Day, several events are organized on large scale. Government and non-government associations come forward to mark the importance of this day. Doctors and healthcare professionals play a major role in creating awareness. On this day WHO takes several steps and actions for keeping people of the world healthy. Events like essay competitions, debates, skit, poster making, etc can be seen in schools and colleges. Doctors organize camps especially in rural and outer areas to make people conscious of various health hazards. Many hospitals offer free treatment and medicine supplies on this day. Social media and print media play a vital role in making this celebration successful.

Every year a particular theme is decided to celebrate the day that highlights the importance of health. The day not only focuses on good health but also aware people of the available healthcare facilities. It also aims that proper treatment and health support should be provided to each and every citizen of the world.

Long Essay on World Health Day (500 – 600 Words)


Nowadays, health is a major topic of concern all around the world. A healthy life does not only mean being free from diseases but it also depicts a healthy physical and mental state. However, a good healthcare facility is the right of every citizen. It is important that people should understand the importance of health and avail the proper treatment provided to them. Getting the correct treatment at the correct time is essential for living. This is only possible when people have proper knowledge regarding health and here World Health Day comes into play.

The Beginning of World Health Day

The very first World Health Assembly organized by WHO was held in 1948. In the same year in Geneva, World Health Organization was formed.  In this assembly, the celebration of World Health Day on 7th April every year was decided. However, this was commenced in 1950. Therefore, on 7 April 1950 Friday, the first World Health Day was celebrated in the world. The theme of the first World Health Day was “Know your Health Services”.

The WHO (World Health Organization) and related organization is responsible for this celebration. Many governments and non-government organizations along with media support make this celebration successful all around the world. Among the 11 global health campaigns initiated by WHO, World Health Day is one of them.

Why World Health Day is Celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated on the foundation day of WHO (World Health Organization). The main motive of this day is to spread global awareness regarding the importance of good health. In the world, many lives are lost due to improper knowledge of disease and its treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to make them conscious of their proper health. There are also several deaths that occur due to improper health care facilities. Due to the unavailability of hospitals and doctors, people suffer from bad health and even death. This day also ensures that no one remains deprived of the health care facility. World Health Day is an initiative to make the world healthy and happy.

How World Health Day is Celebrated?

Many national, international as well as local events are organized by WHO and other related organizations on this day. Every year a particular theme is selected for the celebration of World Health Day. Several programs and activities are observed on this day. Apart from social organizations, health authorities also come forward to make the day more effective. They take pledges to support and help in making a healthy world.

Schools organize different programs and competitions to raise the importance of health among students. They also encourage students to eat healthy and nutritious food. The importance of yoga and other physical exercise is also highlighted. Many organizations conduct rallies and speeches. They also circulate posters and banners in the locality to send messages to all the people of the society. Free checkup camps are conducted on this day. Awareness is spread regarding the serious health issues and their treatments like leprosy, tuberculosis, polio, smallpox, etc in developing countries.


Good health has several advantages for people as well as society. It can help you to concentrate more on your work and we know that work is the basis of living. Hence, good health helps us to live happily. Nothing can be more precious than good health. Keeping this in mind, World Health Day marks great importance. We should also participate and contribute to making this global celebration worthy.

I hope the above given essay on World Health Day will be easily understood by everyone and helps them in knowing various aspects of this celebration.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on World Health Day

Q.1 What was the theme of World Health Day 2022?

Ans. “Our Planet, Our Health” was the theme of World Health Day 2022.

Q.2 Which state of India has a good health rate?

Ans. Kerala has the highest health performance among all the states of India.

Q.3 Which state is referred to as the “Health Capital of India”?

Ans. Chennai is referred to as the “Health Capital of India”.

Q.4 Who was considered the first woman doctor in India?

Ans. Anandi Gopal Joshi is considered the first doctor in India.