Essay on Why do We Study

Why do We Study

Everything around us appears so interesting and wonderful. This thought comes to our mind when we just view nature. Can you imagine that how interesting it would be to study everything surrounding us? It will help in making the concept more clear about whatever we see.

Short and Long Essay on Why do We Study in English

10 Lines Essay on Why do We Study (100 – 120 Words)

1) Study is the ladder to reaching your goals.

2) We study to achieve our dreams.

3) We study to gain knowledge of everything.

4) Study is important to enhance our thinking ability.

5) Studying is important for us to get the job we wish for in the future.

6) Studying helps to improve your personality.

7) Study helps to generate good moral values and disciplines.

8) Study boosts our confidence level and makes us bold.

9) It develops our skills and makes us responsible.

10) We need to study to perfectly balance our life.

Short Essay on Why do We Study (250 Words)


The study is stated as a medium to gain education in our life. ‘Why do we need to study’ this question might have occurred in our minds many of the times. Many of us would also have felt that studying is most the boring task and wish that this would not have been invented. Isn’t it true? Studying is very important as helps us acquiring knowledge and that is most essential for our survival.

Study fosters the betterment of society

The study makes us knowledgeable. It enhances our creativity, thinking power and makes us broad-minded. These features in us help us in proper decision making and that is a step towards the betterment of society. Studies help in making students skilled that increases the chance of getting good jobs. It helps them in building a bright future. The advent of technology is also the result of education and necessity. This has greatly improved the lifestyle of people. Studies also help in inculcating moral values and ethics in us that make us more civilized. The educated people with good morals will themselves help in the betterment of the society.

The study is important for quenching our curiosity

We all have noticed that the small children are always confused and have an immense curiosity to know everything. They keep on asking questions to quench their curiosity. It is human nature that we have an immense desire to know about everything that is happening around us. The knowledge about everything can be attained by studies. The books of different subjects help us in understanding knowing about different things present around us. Just think that if we have not studied the names of different vegetables and fruits how we would be able to distinguish the same. The study is therefore a very important process in our life.


It is very important to inculcate the habit of studying in students. This will help them in building a bright future.

I will be also presenting my opinion in the form of a long essay on this topic. It might be useful for the students in getting an idea of writing an essay on this topic.

Long Essay on Why do We Need to Study (950 Words)


There are many of us among us making faces by the name of studies. It might be the most boring work for most of us still we continue to do this work as we get scolding by our parents and teachers. Studying helps in making ourselves shine in different fields of life. Nothing else can replace the importance of studies in our life.

What does it mean by Studies?

The study is referred to as the process of learning. This is a period that is dedicated to attaining knowledge by means of books. It is completed by the skills involving reading, writing, memorizing, and practicing. Since our birth, after growing up we have been performing different tasks daily. It is not that the capability of doing different tasks is inherited by birth. We learn all these by practicing. The same principle applies in studies. We have to practice things regularly to bring them into our practice and memorize the facts. Studies help in understanding the aim of our life and provide us great satisfaction and happiness.

Study – A Continuous Process

The study is a concentrated and continuous process. Students are required to follow effective ways of studying. Every lesson related to different subjects taught in the class cannot be prepared by study during the limited number of days during the exams. It is most essential for the students to study regularly whatever is taught in the classes. Attentiveness in class helps us in grabbing most of the things at that time only. The doubts or questions need to be cleared as soon as it arises in our minds. Home works and assignments must be completed on time. This way of planning our study will make our minds sharper and helps in getting prepared for the exams. Hence we need to study daily as studying is a regular process.

Importance of Studies

The study is something that requires extensive effort and sincerity. There are numerous benefits that we get as a result of our study. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Make us capable to read and write – Study helps in developing the capability to read and write. It is the basic thing that each child needs to learn for stepping to higher studies. This will enable us with the potential of writing and reading different books.
  • Helps in understanding and achieving our aim – We all have some aim in our life. The study is the tool that helps us in learning and fulfilling our aim.
  • Makes us skilled – Development of skills is the most important aspect of studies.
  • Get good scores in exams – Good scores in the exams requires good knowledge of every subject. Good knowledge of each subject requires devoting our time to studies. If we are not attentive in our studies and do not study regularly we can never score good marks.
  • Makes us a good student – Studying integrates discipline and moral values in us. The student requires these qualities to be stated as a good student. It is only possible by studying regularly and following the instructions of our elders.
  • Helps us to know the world around us – Study is the other name of observation and analysis. We study different things in our books. This knowledge helps us to co-relate and understand different things and happenings in our surroundings. It helps us in understanding the world in our own way.
  • Make us knowledgeable in different subjects – We study different subjects in our school curriculum. This enhances our knowledge in different subjects.
  • Raises our confidence level – When we lack the subject knowledge or know less about whatever we have studied our confidence level is low. The proper knowledge about the subject matter and updated information make us confident. This comes to us by our studies. The more effectively we study the more we gain in life.

Why do We Need to Study?

The most common reply to this question is that we study for fulfilling the dreams of our parents or for their happiness. The most important thing is we study basically for ourselves. We all aspire to achieve something in life i.e. get good job and buy different things of our need. There might be people with unique dreams in life. Studies help in improving our lives and building our future. We study to fulfill all the wishes that we desire in our life. Moreover, it helps in becoming a good and responsible citizen of the society and nation.

Human beings since childhood are full of curiosity to know about different things. The study is the way that helps us to know about different things in life. Books are the most important medium to facilitate studies. Suppose if there are some chocolates kept in front of you, the first thing that happens is that you will count all the chocolates. But imagine that you do not know how to count as you have not studied. Isn’t it saddening? In my opinion, study is most important for all of us to study. Studying is useful for making our future a brighter one by taking us closer to our aims. Moreover, it helps us to know about the different things in this world. Studies make us knowledgeable and that helps in making our life better and worth.


The study is another name of learning. It requires hard work and sincerity. We must realize the importance of studies in our life within time as time waits for no one. Most of us do not care about studying when we are in academics and realize the pain of not studying effectively after reaching higher sections.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the literacy rate in India?

Ans. The literacy rate in India is 77.7%.

Q.2 How can we develop the habit of studying?

Ans. The habit of studying can be developed by trying to study at the same time every day.

Q.3 Which is the best time to study?

Ans. Morning time is the best time to study as our mind can fully concentrate at that time.

Q.4 What is the purpose of homework given to students?

Ans. Homework is given so that students can revise whatever taught in the classroom and develop the ability to self-study.

Q.5 What are the consequences of not studying?

Ans. The consequences of not studying are that it reduces the knowledge and scores of students in exams.