Essay on Summer Season

We all know that change is inevitable. Everything in the world and in our life is exposed to several changes. However, these changes are necessary to adapt and survive in different situations. Nature is the best example of change. The Earth suffers changes with each season. India is one of the few places where all four major seasons can happen in one year. Summer, monsoon, winter, and spring are the names of these seasons. Therefore, today we will discuss one of these seasons in detail.

Short and Long Summer Season Essay in English

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Summer Season Essay 10 Lines (100-150 Words)

1) India experiences the summer season from March to June.

2) Jyeshta and Aashaadha are the names of these months on the Hindu calendar.

3) Summer season is children’s favorite season.

4) The sun is bright with a hot breeze during this season.

5) This time of year, we should wear thin clothes so we don’t get too hot.

6) Dehydration is the most common problem in summer.

7) We should go to hilly areas to beat the heat in summer.

8) People enjoy different fruits and juices in summer.

9) In the market, the demand for fans, coolers, and ACs is raised.

10) During this season, small ponds, rivers, and wells run dry.

Short Essay on Summer Season (250-300 Words)


Everyone remains excited about the summer season. People enjoy the summer in different ways. Everyone has different reasons to love summer. Some love summer for the weather, some for summer fruits, and some for festivals falling in summer.

Incredible Summer Season

During the day of summer, a hot wind blows, which makes everything dry and rough. Even though it’s hot, lots of people like to eat summer fruits like mangoes, cucumbers, jackfruits, litchi, muskmelon, watermelon, etc. On the one hand, summer is a time for kids to have fun and relax. But the hot weather can cause problems and risks like high heat, storms, heat stroke, dehydration, summer boils, weakness, restlessness, etc. Summers also affect nature. When trees don’t get enough water, their leaves fall off. Animals and birds roam in search of water.

Precautions in Summer

People should take a lot of precautions to stay healthy and fit all through the summer season. We should wear light-colored clothes made of soft cotton. To beat the summer heat, we should eat and drink cold things. We need to drink a lot of water to keep from getting dehydrated and getting heat stroke. To stay safe from UV rays, we shouldn’t go outside during the day. Moreover, we should bathe every day to keep ourselves clean.


During summers, people on the road can rest in the shade of the trees. In the house, they want electricity for fans and ACs. Water shortage is another important aspect of this season. Therefore, we can say that this time of year shows us how important water, trees, and energy are to us.

Long Essay on Summer Season (500 Words)


Everyone has a lot of fun during the summer. Thinking of summer means thinking of hot and dry weather. Summer usually lasts from around the middle of March to the end of June, but if the monsoon is late, it can last until the first week of July. During this time, important events like Buddha Purnima and Rath yatra are held. Some other important holidays also fall in summer like Baisakhi, Ram Navami, Raja Parva, and Hanuman Jayanti.

Summer Season: Weather and Food

This time of year, the weather is so hot that water starts to evaporate quickly. This is the time of year when farmers get their land ready to be farmed. During this time of year, the days are longer and the nights are shorter than they normally are. We get a wide range of fruits and vegetables this time of year. One of the best things about summer is the mango. In the summer, you can get a lot of other fruits like jackfruits, guavas, litchis, pineapple, muskmelons, and watermelons.

Summer vegetables include Brinjal, Cucumber, Bottle guard, Pumpkin, Bitter guard, White onions, Tomatoes, Spinach, Beans, etc. Fruit juices, Lemonade, Aam Panna, Jaljeera Pani, and Sugarcane juice becomes favorite daytime beverages.

Effect of Summer

The effect of summer can cause a lot of problems. It not only makes you weak and dizzy, but it can also take life. The level of groundwater goes down, and in some places, things like drought happen. In the hot sun, sunstrokes can happen to the weak and the old. Birds and wild animals have a hard time because they don’t have enough water to drink. During this season, a lot of people get sick with things like dysentery, dehydration, and diarrhea.

When a person sweats too much, they smell bad, which makes people feel bad in public. Also, rashes, itching, and other skin problems start to show up on the body. During the day, everything stops because the sun’s rays are too hot.

Summer and Children

The kids like the summer most. They love it because they have a long summer break or a summer vacation. Most kids spend the summer with their grandparents or in a cold hill station with their families. They can do things like go on picnics, go to resorts, and do many other things they enjoy. This time of year, people want to drink cold drinks, eat ice cream, and drink watery fruit juices like grapes, cucumbers, and watermelons. People like cold foods like kulfis, juices, etc. People wear light dresses, sunglasses, and sandals most of the time.


We can enjoy summer just as much as any other season if we find the right ways to do so, just like kids. Summer is its own thing, just like every other season. There are good things and bad things about this season, but you can still enjoy it to the fullest by taking care of precautions.

I hope the above provided essay on Summer Season will be helpful in understanding this beautiful season in detail.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions on Summer Season

Q.1 What is “loo”?

Ans. Loo is a summer wind that is hot and full of dust. Going outside during the loo is harmful to human health.

Q.2 Which year was the hottest summer?

Ans. According to NASA reports, 2020 had the hottest summer in the world.

Q.3 Why summers are getting hotter?

Ans. Due to global warming and the rise in greenhouse gases, summers are getting hotter.

Q.4 Why do seasons occur on Earth?

Ans. The tilted axis of Earth causes seasons. When the earth tilts toward the sun, it’s summer, and when it tilts away from the sun, it’s winter.