Essay on Science and Technology

A few decades ago, humans never imagined the world in which we are today. They never thought that one day they will fly high in the sky, or they will travel in fast-running trains. Who thought that going to the other corner of the earth will become so easy? Why Earth, we can even go to other planets. We are now habitant to heavy machinery and weapons. Our life has changed this much that we don’t even have to move for work. This change in the world is possible only because of science and technology. To understand Science and Technology, today we will discuss this topic.

Short and Long Science and Technology Essay in English

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Science and Technology Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Science is the study of things methodically, and technology is the result.

2) Science and technology have made our lives better in every way.

3) They are very important for meeting the needs and wants of people today.

4) Science and technology have made life simple, easy, and quick.

5) It has been used in every part of every country’s modernization.

6) In education, science and technology are very important.

7) Science has also helped a lot in the field of farming.

8) Several diseases that used to kill people can now be cured.

9) With technology, we can reach the other side of the world in just a few hours.

10) Misusing science and technology can be proved disastrous.

Short Essay on Science and Technology (250 – 300 Words)


In terms of science and technology, our country, India, is growing quickly. Science and technology must go hand in hand for the country to grow and develop in the right way. Everyone’s life is greatly affected by scientific discoveries and modern technologies. Science and technology are now things that people mostly talk about.

Advantages of Science and Technology

For a country to be strong and well-developed, it needs to keep coming up with new ideas in science and technology. Science is making things easier for people. On a social and cultural level, we have grown. Malaria and tuberculosis, which can kill, can be now treated successfully. Computers and the internet have made our day-to-day lives fancier and better. Because of advances in science and technology, the world is changing quickly.

Disadvantages of Science and Technology

With the help of science and technology, people have made weapons that are so big and dangerous that can hurt people at any time. Aside from science, people also make bad use of technology. Television, cell phones, and the internet are all great ways to have fun, but they also have some bad things. Pollution is another thing that science and technology have brought about. As science and technology have gotten better, people have become less active.


Science and technology have helped us make things so advanced that they can’t even be thought of. Even though science and technology have given us a lot, we shouldn’t depend on them too much. If we use it right, it will make people’s lives perfect, so we need to be smart about how we use it. Which side we want to be on is up to us.

Long Essay on Science and Technology (500 Words)


As we all know, we live in an era where science and technology play a vital role. Everyone’s life is greatly affected by scientific discoveries and modern technologies. Science, technology, and society are all very connected to each other. Science and technology are the reason why our lives are getting better every day. Therefore, we can say that science has changed a lot about the way people live.

Impact of Science and Technology

Science and technology have come a long way in making people’s lives better than they were in the past. As science and technology have positive effects on the way people live, it also has negative effects on health of people. Science is now the most important way for scientists all over the world to come up with new ideas and build on old ones.

The economy is also helped by progress in science and technology. Modern gadgets have made their way into almost every part of life.  Every day, new technologies come out that make life easier and better.

Science and Technology: a Boon

There’s no doubt that science and technology have helped us a lot and made our lives better. Discoveries in science and technology have a big impact on people’s daily lives and help them live better. Science and technology have led to improvements in fields like medicine, farming, education, the economy, sports, games, jobs, tourism, and so on.

Inventions like robots are beyond our imagination. The world is now more like a small town because of science. Because transportation has gotten better, it is easy to travel to every part of the world. Man has even been to the moon with the help of science. Science has helped make machines better and reduce manpower. Science in the field of medicine helped us to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Science and Technology: a Curse

“Science is a good worker but a bad boss”. Science and technology have helped us a lot, but they also have some bad effects. It can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the usage. If biotechnology is used correctly, it can help get rid of diseases that can kill people. But now it is used to make diseases that can kill people.

Manpower and nuclear power are old ideas. The new thing is biological war. Terrorists do bad things with modern technology. Applications of science and technology like mobile phones and the internet can majorly affect human health. However, it also made people lazy and unhealthy.


Science and technology are very important parts of modern life, and they have a huge impact on the history of human civilization. It’s hard to think about what our lives would be like without science and technology. Science is seen as a good thing, but sometimes people make it a bad thing. When science and technology are misused, bad things can happen. we have to use everything wisely and only to a certain point.

I hope the above provided essay on Science and Technology will be helpful in understanding both sides of Science and Technology.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Science and Technology

Q.1 Are science and technology the same?

Ans. Science is a systematic way to gain knowledge and improve skills through observation and experimentation. Technology, on the other hand, is the practical application of science that helps improve the quality of life.

Q.2 What was the first discovery of science?

Ans. Wheel and fire were considered the first discovery of science.

Q.3 Which is the most innovative country?

Ans. Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world.

Q.4 What are some latest technologies in India?

Ans. IoT (Internet of Things), Robot, Blockchain, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), etc are some latest technologies in India.