Essay on Save Trees Save Earth

Everyone wants to live a longer life on this Earth, but is it possible to survive without trees? When we say Earth supports life, is it only earth behind our survival? No, life is possible on Earth because of the natural things present on it. The major natural resource that makes our earth a green planet and helps living things to remain alive is trees. Today, we are going to discuss how we can save our precious Earth by saving trees.

Short and Long Save Trees Save Earth Essay in English

Here, I’m providing short and long essays on “Save Trees Save Earth” in different word limits. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and12 and also for higher classes who need to know about the topic. The language is kept simple so that every student can understand it properly.

Save Trees Save Earth Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) We can save Earth only by saving trees.

2) Trees are necessary for the survival of all living creatures.

3) Trees are helpful in reducing pollution.

4) Major threats to the Earth like global warming can be controlled by trees.

5) Trees provide us oxygen that’s why we are alive.

6) Trees also give us food, shelter, timber, fuel, etc.

7) Many medicinal trees can save human life.

8) Human activities and needs are responsible for cutting down trees.

9) By planting trees we can control the balance of the ecosystem.

10) By reducing, reusing, and recycling things, we can save trees.

Short Essay on Save Trees Save Earth (200 – 250 Words)

Earth supports all the necessities for survival, one of which is trees. Trees play an important role in building a healthy environment. A healthy environment is required to live a healthy and sustainable life. Damaging trees directly means damaging the Earth. Trees are helpful to both humans and animals in many ways. Things required for being alive like oxygen, food, shelter, fuel, etc are obtained from trees.

Trees are helpful in reducing pollution and providing clean air. The increasing temperature of the environment can also be controlled by trees. The growing danger of global warming can be minimized with the help of trees. Trees support the habitat of wildlife. Many herbivores and animals depend on plants and trees for their food. Cutting trees will result in disturbance of the entire ecosystem. Today nobody wants to plant a tree but everyone wants to take its benefits.

Trees can be saved if we stop deforestation. Reusing the things that come from trees will also provide great help. Planting trees will help in turning our Earth greener and making it healthy. Government can also help in reducing deforestation by enforcing certain rules and laws. However, it is the duty of every human to plant more and more trees in order to save our Earth.

Long Essay on Save Trees Save Earth (500 – 600 Words)


Today humans are enjoying a technological era where everything becomes possible and easier through various technologies and industries. But this luxurious life does have a black side. It has many harmful effects on nature. Earlier people don’t have major industries and technologies but they have trees and pure air. Today people have all the major facilities but at the cost of trees that provide us pure air and many more things.

Importance of trees

Trees provide oxygen without which the life of humans is impossible on this Earth. Therefore we can say that trees fulfill the basic requirement of human survival. Apart from oxygen, the food that we need to satisfy our hunger comes from trees. Trees also provide us with fuel and shelter. The “Ayurveda”, the field of medical science is dependent on trees for their medicines. In summers, trees give us shade and cool air. The air from air conditioners and other appliances is nothing in front of natural air from trees.

Climate change, rainfall, etc are managed by trees. Soil erosion is well protected by trees. Trees are also helpful in protecting us from natural disasters to a great extent. Not only humans, but trees are also a blessing for all living organisms. Trees are the homes of many animals. Apart from these things, trees also provide us, with rubber, timber, fruits, etc.

How to save trees

Although the government is taking several steps to conserve trees and forests, it will be successful only when the entire nation comes up together with the same goal. People should also support organizations and communities that protest against saving trees. Creating awareness among the general public would be a good step to control deforestation. Trees are an enormous resource that needs to save instead of cut down.

People can save trees by planting more and more. Trees should not be cut down for personal use. The usage of things like paper that comes from trees should be minimized. We can also adopt the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) strategy to conserve trees. The mistake of humans cutting trees blindly will disturb the Earth majorly. A Healthy and happy earth can only be achieved through a healthy tree population.

Threat to the trees

The main threat to the trees is urbanization. We can consider humans as another enemy to the trees. Humans are blindly cutting trees for their profit. Trees are mainly cut down due to the construction of big industries. Roads and other facilities need clearance of trees or forests.

Due to the growing population, the need for more and more farming also arises. Due to this most of the forests are now converted into farming lands. Trees are also being cut for human necessities. Today, it seems normal but tomorrow will be more terrifying. Cutting down trees excessively will result in holding oxygen cylinders to breathe in the upcoming future.


We always say people in the village live a healthy life. This is only due to the presence of trees and greenery in the rural areas. City lives lack this greenery and people are more prone to diseases. As a result, people living in rural areas are more fit and long-living than those living in big cities. Therefore, if we want to remain fit, we need to plant more and more trees.

I hope the above provided essay would be helpful for you to understand the importance of planting trees. So, come, let’s plant trees today to enjoy the fruitful results tomorrow.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Save Trees Save Earth

Q.1 When Earth Day is celebrated?

Ans. Earth Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm every year on 22 April.

Q.2 Which country has more species of trees in the world?

Ans. Brazil has the more tree species in the world.

Q.3 Which country is considered the “Country of Forests”?

Ans. Suriname is considered the “Country of Forests”.

Q.4 Which countries have fewer trees?

Ans. Qatar, Greenland, Saan Marino, etc are some countries with very low forest cover.