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Choosing a favourite subject can be a difficult decision. Everyone has different interests and experiences with different subjects, so it can be tough to pick just one. Before making your decision, it's important to think about which subject you find the most challenging and rewarding. Consider how the subject fits into your overall educational goals, and if it aligns with what you're passionate about.

Hindi is one of the widely speaking languages in India and also has several benefits. Choosing Hindi as a subject can give anyone a variety of career opportunities in different sectors. Today we will discuss about My Favourite Subject Hindi.

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My Favourite Subject Hindi Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) Hindi is my favourite subject since it is my mother tongue.

2) It is the language of the soil and I feel proud to know it.

3) Learning Hindi has always been fun because of the interesting literature and poetry associated with it.

4) Hindi is the language with which I express my feelings and thoughts.

5) Hindi has its own charm and beauty which is incomparable.

6) I love reading stories and poems in Hindi.

7) I also enjoy writing in Hindi as it is a very versatile language.

8) Hindi is a language of unity and understanding as it is spoken by lots of people in India.

9) Studying Hindi has helped me understand the culture and history of our country.

10) I believe that learning Hindi is essential for communicating effectively with people from different parts of India.

Short Essay on  My Favourite Subject Hindi (250 - 300 Words)


Hindi is my favourite subject. It is among the most widely spoken languages in the world, and India's official language. It is a language of great cultural significance for me, as my ancestors are from India and I grew up speaking it.

Why Hindi is My Favourite Subject

The first reason why Hindi is my favourite subject is because it is my mother tongue. I have been speaking it since I was a child and it is a part of my identity. Learning Hindi has also helped me to better understand my culture and heritage.

Another reason why Hindi is my favourite subject is because it enables me to communicate with people of different backgrounds. Knowing Hindi has allowed me to make friends and connections, both in India and abroad. It has also helped me to learn about other cultures, as well as develop my own understanding of the world.

The third reason why Hindi is my favourite subject is because it is a language that is filled with literature, poetry and music. I have been able to appreciate the beauty of these forms of art by learning Hindi. I have also been able to understand the nuances of the language better, by reading and writing in Hindi.


Hindi is my favourite subject for many reasons. It is my mother tongue, it helps me to communicate with people of different backgrounds, and it is filled with literature, poetry and music. Learning Hindi has enabled me to better understand my culture and heritage, as well as develop my own understanding of the world.

Long Essay on My Favourite Subject Hindi (500 Words)


Hindi is a deep-rooted language in India. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world with more than lakhs of native speakers. It is the official language of India and has played an important role in unifying the country’s many cultures and heritages. Hindi has been the dominant language of the region for centuries and is deeply rooted in the music, arts, and literature of India. For me, Hindi has been an important language to learn because it has helped me on my journey of self-discovery and broadening my horizons.

History and Origin of Hindi

Hindi was originated from the Sanskrit language and was first used in the Vedic period of India. This language was later adopted by the rulers of the North Indian kingdoms such as the Mughals, British, and Marathas. It has then slowly spread to the rest of the country and is now one of the official languages of India.

Benefits of Learning Hindi Language

Hindi has many benefits and can benefit both Indians and non-Indians. Learning Hindi can help build relationships with the Indian community or deepen existing ones. It can also be helpful in the workplace and could even open up career opportunities. As Indians become a larger part of the global economy, the ability to speak Hindi is becoming increasingly important.

Hindi is also beneficial to Indians because it is a language to connect with their culture. It is a strong source of Indian identity and adds to the richness and depth of the culture. It can be used to teach children important values of the culture such as respect, discipline, and responsibility. By speaking the language, Indians can connect to their roots and appreciate the culture even more.

Hindi Language in Education

Hindi plays an important role in educational institutions in India. It is taught in all the major schools across the country and is a part of the curriculum in most undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is also an important language for the government exams in India, such as the UPSC and Bank PO exams.

Cultural Relevance of Hindi Language

Hindi is an important language of India because of its extensive cultural significance. The language is the official language of the country and has been used for centuries to bridge the gap between numerous cultures and various religions. Hindi is closely related to Sanskrit, the language of ancient India and is deeply rooted in the Indian culture.

Hindi is used in many aspects of Indian culture. It is used in the Bollywood film industry and is the language of many popular literature. It is also used in politics and music and is an important part of Indian identity. Finally, it is used in religious ceremonies, rituals, and festivals.


In conclusion, Hindi is an essential language for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of both Indian culture and the Indian people. It is a tool to bridge cultural and religious divides and is an important part of Indian identity. It is also beneficial to non-Indians who wish to connect with the Indian community. Learning Hindi can help build relationships and open up career opportunities.

I hope the above-provided essay on My Favourite Subject Hindi would be beneficial for you in many ways and helped you knowning the importance of Hindi very well.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Subject Hindi

Q.1 When Hindi Diwas is celebrated in India?

Ans. Every year on 14th of September, Hindi Diwas is celebrated.

Q.2 How is Hindi different from other Indian languages?

Ans. Hindi is different from other Indian languages as it is written in the Devanagari script, it has its own vocabulary, and it follows its own grammar rules.

Q.3 What is the best way to learn Hindi?

Ans. The best way to learn Hindi is through speaking with native speakers, using resources such as textbooks and TV shows, and practicing writing and speaking drills.

Q.4 What are the career options available for Hindi subject?

Ans. A student with Hindi subject can have career options like Customer Care Specialist, Interpreter, Teacher - Hindi, Translator, Tutor - Hindi language, Journalist, Writer, Singer, Speaker, Host, RJ, Historian, IAS, Researcher, etc.