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Every desire in life is fulfilled if you have money. The best source to earn money is by doing jobs. But is it possible to get a high-paying job without an education? No, education is necessary to get any job. And no one can get an education without teachers. Teachers are the people who educate us and help us to secure a successful career in the future. Like many other professions, the teacher is the noblest and most respected profession in the world.

Short and Long My Best Teacher Essay in English

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My Best Teacher 10 Lines Essay(100 – 150 Words)

1) Every teacher is great, but Mr. Rakesh is my favorite.

2) He teaches us chemistry in school.

3) He made us remember all the periodic table and chemical formulas.

4) He is very kind and polite.

5) Rakesh sir never scolds or punishes any student.

6) He always helps every student to clear doubts.

6) His best trait is that he loves and cares for students.

8) He has won a lot of medals and awards.  

9) Besides teaching us his subject, he also teaches us how to be a great man.

10) I wish my best teacher Mr. Rakesh sir, will live long.

Essay on My Best Teacher (250 – 300 Words)


“Teacher” is a word for a person who teaches. The most important person in the world is the teacher. Without a teacher, a student is incomplete. Most of a student’s time is spent at school,  so their whole life is in the hands of their teacher.

My Best Teacher

The best teacher that I admire the most is Ms. Puja. There are many reasons to like her. She teaches us English. Ms. Puja is teaching us for a long time. She makes everything very easy for us to understand. She never gets angry with us, even when we have doubts or questions. She always talks to us softly and politely. Every student like her way of teaching and never misses her class. As a result of her teaching, all the students in my class can speak in English.

What Makes My Best Teacher Unique?

Ms. Puja is a well-experienced teacher. Her style of teaching is very different and works well. She thinks that hard work is important. We’ve learned from her not to laugh at each other’s mistakes. Her suggestions and advice are always good. She uses all the different ways to teach. She is the best teacher who makes learning seem like fun all the time.


A teacher teaches you how to live and brings out your best. People always do well in life if they have good teachers. It’s a blessing to have a good teacher who can get along well with the students. It’s hard to find good teachers, so when you find one, make the most of them.

Long Essay on My Best Teacher (500 Words)


Teaching is an honorable job. People look up to and respect the teacher a lot. A good teacher is an important part of any society. A teacher is very important, just like a parent. In school, you usually meet a lot of people who can change your life for the better or for the worse. A teacher is a neutral person who can find a good balance between the good and bad things that happen.

A Look at My Best Teacher

Even though every teacher is good, the best ones are always few and far. Now that I’m in high school, I have a lot of teachers, but there is only one whom I can call “the best teacher”. It is because of how much he has changed my life. My favorite teacher is Mr. Ashok Singhal. He teaches us Physics. He is teaching us for the last two years.

His way of teaching is cool and nice. We all love going to his class often. Earlier I was poor in physics, but his teachings made me topper in this subject. He is a middle-aged person with high experience. He is the best person to talk to when we don’t understand something or need help. We always think that God has given us a wonderful teacher in the form of Ashok sir.

Features of My Best Teacher

My best teacher is sweet, simple, and has a good heart. Sir Ashok is a very kind teacher. He makes things that are hard to understand very clear. He takes his job as a teacher very seriously and is always on time. He is very good at giving lectures and presentations. His behavior is so good that he never says anything mean to anyone.

Students always praise him because of his good traits. His way of teaching is so interesting and simple that it’s easy for us to understand what he’s trying to say. He pays the same amount of attention to each student and wants them to be honest with him.

Importance of Teachers in our Life

Teachers are an important part of our society. He educates people and spread ideologies to help the country grow and prosper. A good teacher always wants his or her students to do well. Teachers are in charge of how far a country will go in the future. He tells us how to live a good life and shows us the correct way.

Most of what we learn in school helps us make important choices and do other important things in life. Teachers show students how to tell the difference between right and wrong and help them reach their goals in life.


A good teacher should be a good mentor, a philosopher, a guide, a friend, and most of all, a parent to the kids. We will never get better in life if we don’t have good teachers. It is always a good manner to respect and thank teachers for their contribution to our life.

I hope the above provided essay on My Best Teacher will be helpful in understanding the characteristics of my teacher.

Essay on My Best Teacher

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Best Teacher

Q.1 What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

Ans. A good teacher must have patience, good speaking and listening skills, enthusiasm, discipline, etc.

Q.2 How to become a teacher?

Ans. One can become a teacher if he/she has a B.Ed degree or by qualifying for other specific exams.

Q.3 When is World Teacher’s Day celebrated?

Ans. On 5 October, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated.

Q.4 What is the full form of a Teacher?

Ans. The full form of a Teacher is Talented, Educated, Adorable, Charming, Helpful, Encouraging, and Responsible.