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A developing country is a nation with low living standards and a struggling economy. Developing countries often have limited access to resources such as energy, education, and healthcare, which can lead to a cycle of poverty. Despite the hardships that these countries face, many have made significant progress in the last few decades towards reducing inequality and supporting economic growth. One of the countries with majority of attention for the same is India. India is an emerging developing country located in South Asia. Today we will discuss about New India in detail.

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‘India: An Emerging New Nation’ Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

2) India is becoming an important player in the global economic and political arena.

3) India’s young population, increasing industrialization, and the massive FDI inflow are the driving forces of its growth.

4) India’s digital infrastructure is constantly upgrading.

5) India’s major export industries are pharmaceuticals, automobile, textile and clothing, IT services and software, and gems and jewelry.

6) The government has implemented a number of reforms in order to promote India’s emergence as an economic powerhouse.

7) India’s defense forces are among the strongest in the world, with advanced weapons and systems.

8) India’s space program is one of the most ambitious and advanced in the world.

9) India has traditionally maintained good relations with major countries.

10) India has some of the best universities, business schools, and research organizations.

Short Essay on India: An Emerging New Nation (250 – 300 Words)


India is a country of many wonders, inspiring stories and traditions. It has remained a vibrant, diverse and powerful nation for centuries, setting examples for the rest of the world with its incredible history and culture. Since 1947, India was declared independent and has since then emerged as an influential, burgeoning new nation making significant economic and developmental strides.

Economic Development in India

In the past few decades, India has emerged as one of the most advanced economies in the world, leveraging digital technologies and innovative solutions to become one of the global leaders in business, technology and digital innovation. India’s economic growth has been driven by its incredible advancements in science and technology, investment in infrastructure and human capital, along with a rise in foreign investments.

Social and Political Reforms

The present-day social and political reforms in India have given rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, and global citizens. Indian democracy continues to be resilient, robust and inclusive, accommodating views from every corner of Indian society. Several laws and initiatives have been introduced in the country, providing equal rights to all citizens, irrespective of caste and gender. These laws have contributed towards the emergence of a liberal and inclusive society.


India has made remarkable strides since independence in 1947 and has become an important example of what a growing and emerging nation looks like. Its efforts to stay on the development track have been impressive, and much progress has been made in the economic, social and political arenas. This wonderful country embodies diverse cultures and values, which makes it one of the most unique and progressive nations in the world.

Long Essay on India: An Emerging New Nation (500 Words)


India is a country situated in South Asia. It is the second most populous country with a population of over 1.41 Cr. souls, and the seventh largest country in the world, covering an area of approximately 3,287,263 km sq. India has come a long way since its independence in 1947, when it was an economically backward country with a largely agrarian base. India’s emergence as a new nation is even more remarkable considering the highly turbulent socio-political environment in the past few decades.

India as Emerging Nation

India is often referred to as an “emerging new nation” for its rising position in the global community and its transformation from a developing to a developed economy. India is a land of diverse cultures, religious communities and a country that has immense potential.

Indian Economy

India is the largest democracy in the world, a fact that is often touted when speaking about the success of the nation. The transition from a largely agrarian economy to a booming one in a little over nine decades cannot be understated. India is now witnessing rapid developments in the industrial, services, pharmaceutical and Information Technology sectors, which increasingly have been driving growth and contributing to its GDP.

With the implementation of various reforms and initiatives, India has successfully opened its economic doors to the world, boosting integration with the global economy and enabling the nation to compete with other developed nations. Reforms in currency, tax, banking and financial systems, liberalization of trade policies, removing of foreign direct investment, and the emergence of private sector participation in the economy have been seen as key catalysts of the nation’s transformation.

Digital Evolution In India

Furthermore, the spread of technology, digitisation and the increased reliance on digital platforms have been integral aspects that have allowed businesses, individuals and the economy to gain tremendous growth. The advancements in technology have been instrumental in connecting different parts of the country, reducing poverty and bringing about awareness about the importance of literacy for every citizen.

Education & Litercary

The nation has witnessed a great shift in terms of gender equality and the improved empowerment of women, the tribals and other marginalised people. The nation has seen a dramatic improvement in education, health and gender equality due to solid policy support from the government.

The rise in the literacy rate and the development of skills among the rural population has allowed India to witness an incredible success in terms of its economy. This has enabled the nation to reduce its dependence on its agricultural sector, which in turn has enabled it to emergence as a powerhouse of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

FDI Inflow

In addition to the points mentioned above, the nation has been growing significantly in terms of foreign direct investment, with foreign investors increasingly betting on the Indian economy. The nation has continued to have successful interactions with the outside world, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the world.


Overall, India’s economic progress and its success story ties in with its polity, history and cultural plurality and together, these elements have made India’s rise to power well defined and evident. The nation is moving towards becoming a superpower and it is only a matter of time before India becomes the biggest economy in the world.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Question on India: An Emerging New Nation

Q.1 What are the main characteristics of a developed nation?

Ans. developed nation typically is characterized by high per capita income, a relatively high quality of life, advanced infrastructure, a highly educated workforce, and an innovative economy.

Q.2 What factors contribute to economic development in developing countries?

Ans. Economic development in developing countries is typically driven by investment in physical infrastructure, technological innovation, and improved education and health care.

Q.3 How do emerging nations become developed economies?

Ans. Governments of emerging nations can focus on making investments in transportation, power, and communications systems, while also providing access to education and health care.