Essay on Importance of Trees

It is a human tendency to neglect gifted things. They only care about the things for which they have to pay. Similarly, people pay no attention to the importance of trees in our life. Nothing can make our life easy and more beautiful than nature. One of the most precious gifts of nature to us is trees. The things that we get from trees make our lives simpler. It also beautifies the entire planet. Thinking of life is equal to thinking of trees. Therefore, to highlight the role of trees in our life, today we will discuss the importance of trees.

Short and Long Importance of Trees Essay in English

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Importance of Trees Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Trees are one of nature’s most amazing things.

2) Trees are important for all living things to stay alive.

3) Trees give us fresh fruits and vegetables.

4) It gives us oxygen to breathe.

5) They are also important to keep our climate in good shape.

6) Places with more greenery tend to be more peaceful.

7) Trees keep the world clean and make it look nice.

8) It takes many years for a seed to grow into a tree.

9) Planting more trees will lessen the effect of global warming.

10) Spirituality is another area that shows how important trees are.

Short Essay on Importance of Trees (250 – 300 Words)


Trees keep the cycle of life going on Earth. Trees are the earth’s true beauty and make it appear magnificent. Trees are supporting humans since ancient times. On seeing their importance, people have prayed to trees like Peepal, Neem, Tulsi, Oak, etc.

Trees are just as important to people as water is to fish. Some of the importance of trees in different aspects are mentioned below:

Trees for Life

Nobody can live without plants and trees. Everything necessary for life comes directly or indirectly from plants. Trees give fruits and medicines. Many other things like wood, rubber, cotton, paper, etc are obtained from trees.

Trees Supporting Ecosystem

Animals, insects, birds, and many other living organisms live in trees. Through photosynthesis, trees make food and give a lot to the whole ecosystem. This process cleans the air and keeps the environment in good shape.

Trees in Balancing Water Cycle

The water cycle on Earth is kept going by trees because they help water evaporate. Rain falls on trees, which hold the water in the ground. Nature made the trees’ root systems so well that they keep the soil underground from being washed away by rain and floods. This keeps landslides and soil erosion from happening.


We need to know how important trees are for a good life. Every year, people should plant at least five plants. The present scenario shows that today the world needs to plant more trees. Therefore, if we want to be healthy in the future, we need to plant more and more trees.

Long Essay on Importance of Trees (500 Words)


Trees are among the best gifts of nature. The benefits of trees in the life of every organism can’t be ignored. Apart from giving us several uncountable things, they make the world a peaceful and calm place. It helps us feel less stressed because of its greenery. Plants and trees are very important to the survival of all living things on Earth.

Trees: Our Life

Trees are a worthy gem on this planet. The life cycle begins on earth with a tree. Animals and birds also live in the trees. It supports herbivores. Farmers make a living by growing trees and selling what they get from trees.

Fruits and medicines made in the country are sent to other countries. This helps the economy grow as a whole. It keeps the air clean and fresh. As we say, nature is the best healer; patients get better quickly when they are near trees. Aside from the fact that they keep us alive, trees help us in many other small and big ways.

Uses of Trees

Trees are important for all living things on Earth. They are also important for taking care of the world around us. Trees give us pure oxygen which is very important for survival. They give us a lot more things other than food and oxygen. They help cut down on air pollution as they consume carbon dioxide.

Trees give us wood, which we use to make things like furniture, tools, and other things. They also give us medicines. The roots of the trees keep the soil in place so that it doesn’t wash away. Many industries also use raw materials that come from trees. People on their way can get shade from the trees. They help us in so many ways without asking for anything in return.

Save Trees for Saving Life

Saving and planting trees is becoming more and more important every day. Without trees, our planet will look like a sea without water. We can celebrate our great accomplishments and best times in life by planting trees instead of setting off firecrackers, which are bad for the environment. Planting trees is a great way to keep the environment from getting dirty.

The number of trees that are being cut down is almost at its limit. Because cities don’t have enough trees, it rains less and there is more pollution in the air. Since we’ve started to adopt western culture and more people are moving into cities, trees are being cut down faster than they are being planted. Government should strictly ban deforestation and work on planting activities.


Trees help us stay healthy and happy on Earth. But, we humans use them so that we can make money. Trees make the earth look lovely. We need to know how important trees are. We should all work together to save trees and fix the environment because we can’t live without trees. We should try to get more and more people to plant trees.

I hope the above provided essay on Importance of Trees will be helpful in understanding the need to plant more trees.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Importance of Trees

Q.1 When is World Environment Day is celebrated?

Ans. Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June.

Q.2 What is Van Mahotsav?

Ans. Van Mahotsava is an annual festival in India that takes place in the first week of July and is all about planting trees.

Q.3 How much water can a huge tree consume each day?

Ans. Trees can take in between 10 and 150 gallons of water a day.

Q.4 Which tree is known as the “Tree of Life”?

Ans. Baobab trees are considered the “Tree of Life”. They are also known for their huge ability to store water in their trunks.