Essay on Gender Inequality

God has made everyone equal. He has given two eyes, two legs, two hands, and one body to everyone. But it is humans, who create differences in everything. In a society, everyone has the right to live their life the way they want, without being treated differently. But still, there are many social evils like gender inequality, caste discrimination, and so on. To understand one of these social evils in detail, today we will discuss Gender Inequality and various concern related to it.

Short and Long Gender Inequality Essay in English

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Gender Inequality Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Gender inequality means that people are treated differently based on their gender.

2) Gender inequality is the unfair and unequal treatment of men and women.

3) In many countries, women are seen as less important than men.

4) It makes it hard for the countries to grow and be successful.

5) Some causes of inequality are racism, unequal pay, and sexual harassment.

6) Even now, the birth of a girl child is still not acceptable in some parts of India.

7) Gender equality can only be reached when men and women are treated equally.

8) The country’s economy is also hurt by the difference between men and women.

9) Gender inequality also affects the population of the country.

10) It is bad for society and should be a top priority for the government to end.

Short Essay on Gender Inequality (250 – 300 Words)


Gender equality between men and women has been talked about for hundreds of years. Gender discrimination is when men and women don’t get the same rights based on their gender. In other words, when people are treated differently because of their gender, this is called gender inequality.

Consequences of Gender Inequality

Inequality between men and women is one of the main reasons why a country doesn’t grow as much as it could. When people treat men and women differently, it has some effects on education also. To move forward, a country needs to value both men and women equally. Also, people can’t say what they think because of gender inequality. It takes chances away from people who deserve them.

How to Remove Gender Inequality

Men and women are just as important and needed by humanity as each other. The first part should teach young children to fight against gender stereotypes as early as kindergarten. Part of our resolution is to work for equal pay in all fields of work. Social media and TV are other ways we might be able to solve our problems.


Things have changed little by time. But this is still a very serious problem that affects a lot of people. Gender inequality is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two, and getting to our final goal of equality is not going to be an easy step. All we can do is break it down into many parts and give them time to work.

Long Essay on Gender Inequality (500 Words)


Inequality between men and women is a problem all over the world that has been going on for hundreds of years. Women’s status has been going down steadily since the late 1900s. Even when they do the same job, women are often paid less than men. Gender inequality looks at how the difference between men and women affects a person’s life.

What is Gender Inequality?

Gender inequality states that men and women are not the same. In many countries, women are not treated as equals to men at all. Gender inequality is a curse on society because girls are mistreated, women in the industry don’t get paid as much as men, women are forced to do housework, and girls can’t go to school or college. Gender inequality is a dangerous problem that leads to unfair treatment between men and women in society.

Effect of Gender Inequality

There are effects of gender inequality on the entire population. When women aren’t encouraged to work in the economy and their rights are taken away, the economy of a country goes down. Women’s lives are affected by discrimination in a lot of different ways, from their ability to get ahead in their careers to their mental health. Jobs, pay, and social standing are all things that can and do change because of gender equality. Unequal pay between men and women at work has been a problem for decades.

Causes of Gender Inequality

A possible reason for the difference between men and women is the social stigma that says women should stay at home and do housework. The patriarchal system in India is the main reason why women don’t have the same rights as men. Poverty is another big problem that gets in the way of equal rights for men and women.

Gender Inequality in India

In India, there has been inequality between men and women for hundreds of years. Gender inequality and its social causes have an effect on India’s sex ratio, women’s health, education, and even the economy. Because boys and girls are not treated the same, India has a very large population.

In many parts of India, girls are killed before they are even born. A study found that there are only 908 girls for every 1000 boys in India. When a boy is born, everyone gets excited and makes a big celebration, but when a girl is born, it is seen as a shame. Even though India’s constitution says that men and women have the same rights, the gender gap still exists.


Inequality between men and women is bad, and we should do everything we can to get rid of it. We need to realize that it’s not good to underestimate a woman’s skills because of her gender. To make things better, we need to stop female foeticide and other cruel things, like child marriage or treating women like objects.

I hope the above provided essay on Gender Inequality will be helpful in understanding this serious issue in depth.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Gender Inequality

Q.1 How gender inequality is measured?

Ans. The Gender Inequality Index (GII) is used to measure gender inequality.

Q.2 What are the different types of inequality?

Ans. Income inequality, political inequality, wealth inequality, responsibility inequality, opportunity inequality, etc are different types of inequality.

Q.3 Can we end gender inequality?

Ans. Yes, gender inequality can be eradicated by ending unwanted social norms.

Q.4 What initiatives have been taken in India for gender equality?

Ans. A social campaign called “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana” has been started to encourage girls to go to school. In addition to this, the government runs many other programs, like the Women Helpline Scheme, UJJAWALA, National Mission for Empowerment of Women, etc., to raise people’s awareness.