Essay on Gender Discrimination

India is a democratic country that offers several rights to its citizen. People of India can enjoy rights to speech, rights to information, rights to equality, rights to follow a religion, etc. Violating these laws can result in punishment. These rights are made to protect the dignity of citizens so that they can enjoy healthy living. Also, these rights are necessary to remove the social hierarchy and injustices. But after many efforts, India still has the root of one of the social injustices, which we call “Gender Discrimination”. Therefore, today we will discuss Gender Discrimination in detail.

Short and Long Gender Discrimination Essay in English

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Gender Discrimination Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Gender discrimination means treating men and women differently.

2) Today also gender discrimination exists in every part of the world.

3) It adversely affects the people of society in many ways.

4) Gender discrimination can occur in school, the workplace, or the home.

5) As a result, women are not allowed to go to schools and dream big.

6) Poverty, illiteracy, and people’s mindset are the major cause of gender discrimination.

7) It hugely affects the mentality of women as well as small children.

8) Education can help to fight gender discrimination.

9) Generating awareness regarding the importance of equality could also help.

10) People should give equal respect to females to remove gender discrimination.

Short Essay on Gender Discrimination (250 – 300 Words)


Apart from various fundamental rights, people can be treated differently because of their culture, where they live, the color of their skin, their social status, and even their gender. Gender discrimination is when people treat men and women differently because of their gender. This is an unhealthy practice that can adversely affect the people of society.

The Root of Gender Discrimination

This strong disease comes from the way people think and act in society as a whole. It is people’s mentality that separates society into males and females. Men hurt one out of every three women in the world in some way at some point in their lives. Poverty is another major reason why men and women don’t have the same rights. Women still have less chance to go to school than men all over the world.

Gender Discrimination in India

Inequality between men and women is a big problem in India, and it affects Indian women and girls in many different ways. Girls are more likely to be sexually abused, exploited, or murdered. They are also more likely to get married at a very young age and became victims of domestic violence. In India, women are not given the same rights as men.


Discrimination based on gender is a problem in the world today. No one likes to feel like they are being treated badly, whether it’s because of their race, gender, or age. Therefore, we should fight this social evil and hope that gender discrimination should be removed away very soon.

Long Essay on Gender Discrimination (500 Words)


Discrimination based on gender has been practiced for a very long time around the world. This false belief started with a misunderstanding of the roles of each gender in life. Every person in society wants to have the same rights and access to the same resources, but there is a lot of discrimination. The most common kind of discrimination is between men and women.

What is Gender Discrimination?

When someone is treated differently because of their gender, it is called gender discrimination. In other words, when the different rights of men and women are not followed properly, gender discrimination takes place. Gender discrimination happens not just at work, but also in schools, colleges, and communities. Most places in the world have this bad thing going on.

Causes of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination has many causes. Out of these, illiteracy has to be number one. Another cause is people’s mindset. We’re all taught that boys are good at sports, study, and jobs, while girls are good at household chores. Also, the patriarchal way our society is set up plays a big role. This men dominating society treat men as superior and women as weak. So, most crimes happen to women, and they are the main targets. This society also shows that women are weaker and don’t have the right to stand up for themselves. This hurts women’s personalities a lot because men are taught to let them down.

Effects of Gender Discrimination

Discrimination based on gender hurts society as a whole in a lot of ways. It doesn’t just affect one part of society; it affects everyone. It affects young people because it changes how they act, what they study, their goals, their attitudes, and more. This kind of discrimination in society leads to hate, unfairness, and a lot more. The number of male and female students in elementary and secondary school shows how gender inequality hurts the economy. As a result of gender discrimination, the number of girls in the world is going down.

How to remove Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination can only be stopped if people are taught that people of all genders deserve equal rights and respect. This big problem in society can only be fixed by making women equal to men and giving them the same rights as men. Improving a gender-sensitive curriculum that reflects national policy on gender equality is also needed to help girls feel more confident in school. Gender discrimination can be stopped by making people aware of it. Education is the only key that makes people think in a better way. But first, people’s attitudes need to change.


Everyone, whether they are a man or a woman, needs a good start in life, which means getting an education to acquire an equal position in the workplace. Everywhere, women are setting good examples; therefore, we should praise them and give them equal rights. All people are equal because God made them then we are no one to discriminate against them based on gender.

I hope the above given essay on Gender Discrimination will be helpful in understanding the effects of this disease on society.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Gender Discrimination

Q.1 Which countries have gender discrimination?

Ans. Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc countries have gender discrimination.

Q.2 Which country is known for gender equality?

Ans. Denmark is known for gender equality in the world.

Q.3 How equality is measured?

Ans. The Gini index looks at how people in a society share their income and how much they spend. The more equal a society is, the lower the number.

Q.4 What is GII?

Ans. GII stands for Gender Inequality Index. The United Nations Development Programme created the Gender Inequality Index as a way to measure differences between men and women.