Shweta Srivastava

Shweta Srivastava is a young, aspiring, motivated and hard working girl. She holds bachelor degree in computer science and engineering. She loves to write articles on IT and various other fields. Many articles and blogs written by her has been published on different social sites and blogging sites as well. She has positive attitude and always being loyal to her work. Shweta believes to have patience to achieve great results.

Essay on Nature

What is the real asset in this world? Is it money or other expensive things? The real asset on this planet is nature. Nothing can be more precious and important to us than nature. When we open our eyes we see many things. We see the sun, water, tree, mountains, sky, and so on. All …

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Essay on Water

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”. A well saying from W.H. Auden shows the importance of water in our life. “Water” is a word we all are familiar with but only a few of us know its importance. Water is a clear liquid that doesn’t have a taste, smell, or color. It …

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Essay on New Year

When we hear the word “New”, we ultimately get excited, whether it is new clothes, new books, new toys, or new games. No matter what is new, every new thing makes us feels good. As we have many things new, we do have a new year. After spending twelve months we get into a new …

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Essay on Christmas

Festivals are likely a way to unite people together for the betterment of society as well as the nation. People celebrate and enjoy all the festivals together irrespective of their caste and religion. A large number of festivals have been celebrated in India. Out of which, one festival that excites all the children the most …

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Essay on Quami Ekta Week

India is being called a democratic country but incidents such as protests, mob lynching, and other are still committed against minority groups. This majorly affects the development and status of the country. Therefore, there was a need to unite the people of the country together. To fulfill this need, Quami Ekta Week is celebrated. It …

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