Speech on Patriotism

An evergreen topic that encourages us to do something for our nation without any selfishness is patriotism. I have brought some sets of speeches and hope you will find them helpful.

Short and Long Speeches on Patriotism

Speech on Patriotism for Students of Class 4, 5, and 6

Good Morning everyone respected principal sir, and dear teachers. I welcome all of you on this beautiful morning. I Nikita of class 4 am going to say a few lines on Patriotism and want to encourage my fellow classmates and elder brothers and sisters.

All of us feel proud when someone wins a gold medal in the Olympics and we proudly say that he or she belongs to our country. Is it patriotism? Not really, it is a proud moment for us but the person who won and added a proud title to the nation showed his honour for the nation. Patriotism is a feeling of honour for the nation and all of us should have it. It encourages us to do something for our nation. When we do anything that benefits our nation then it is patriotism. For example, you study well and started your own business then started earning well and pay all of your taxes on time then it is your patriotism and dedication to the nation. On one side you are helping in the growth of the economy and on the other side, you also pay all the taxes on time.

Even a small contribution like keeping your environment clean, throwing garbage in the dustbins, following the traffic rules, paying respect to public properties, paying tax on time, are also some of the simple ways of showing your patriotism.

All of us should respect our nation because it is our nation which has given us a lot of things. There are soldiers who continuously stay awaken on borders to keep us safe so why can’t we have the feeling of gratitude for them. It is a brave feeling which always motivates us to do something good for our country. With these words, I would like to end my speech.

Thank You!

Speech on Patriotism for Students of Class 7, 8, 9 and 10

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers, jury members, and my dear friends, very good morning to all of you. I am Ritika of class 8 and going to deliver my speech on the topic of Patriotism.

The word instantly draws an image of some famous freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, etc. There is no doubt that they were some of the best and true patriots of India but we cannot carry the same people in every era. We have to develop some new examples too. The way they fought for the nation without thinking about their own life now it is your turn to make your nation feel proud of you.

Patriotism refers to a feeling of dedication and sacrifice for your motherland. Even if it is a beggar but he is following certain cleanliness rules then he is a responsible citizen of India. So, there is no hard and fast rule to sacrifice your life to show your patriotism but there are thousands of other ways to show your respect to your nation.

Protect the public properties, respect your nation and its national symbols, respect your flag, soldiers, etc. When Britishers ruled over India, people suffered a lot and some social workers who came forward for help and brought freedom for us are today known as patriots. Trust me those who take risks in their lives only succeed otherwise it is very easy to follow the crowd.

In today’s era, there are very few who think about their nation and really want to do something for it. Now the question arises how you can show your patriotism apart from following some set of rules. As the government announces many policies but it is not everyone avails of these policies so you can play an important role in this sequence. You can make people aware of these policies and contribute your part to the development of the nation. This will be your true contribution to your nation and qualifies today’s definition of patriotism. Hope you got my view on this topic and with these words; I would like to end my topic.

Thank You!

Speech on Patriotism in New Era for Teachers

Respected chief guest, honorable jury members, staff, students, and my dear friends, today on this occasion I have been invited to say a few words on Patriotism.

The ten letters word has a lot of meaning, actually, it is a feeling and we can’t exactly describe it but I will try my best to use suitable words to make you understand. It is a feeling which encourages you to do something for your nation without anything in return.

The way a child loves his mother a patriotic person loves his nation, his birthland is everything to him. The concept of motherland came from Ramayana where Shri Ram addressed his birthplace as his mother and also compared it with heaven. It was Shri Ram’s patriotism that he decided to leave Sita just because of his nation. Telling these stories does not mean you have to leave your wife or loved ones to show your patriotism I simply mean one has to give sacrifice.

Some famous patriots like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Rani Lakshmi Bai, etc are some famous patriots who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Don’t hesitate because you don’t have to sacrifice your life to prove your patriotism. It all depends on you as to how much you can do and want to do. Our brave soldiers continuously protect us from our enemies on the borders, although it is their job still very few of us the courage to choose this as a carrier.

The way it is not so easy to love someone because you have to show you dedication and respect for them similarly, patriotism is a feeling that needs your courage to serve your nation. I would like to give you some examples of famous patriots in today’s generation. Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, CEO of INFOSYS. I hope all of you know this person and many of you would be thinking about how he is a patriot? Actually, he is the person who achieved his knowledge and pledged to serve his nation itself. Nowadays my dear gentlemen prefer living in foreign countries and you don’t have any idea how much it harms your nation. The nation you were born and brought up in and when you became able you decided to serve other nations. Dedicate your education to your country and show your patriotism. The true use of your education is when you will use it for the sake of your nation and in today’s era, this is the area where we are lacking behind.

So, I would like to request my youngsters to become the Bhagat Singh of the 21st century and help your best to boost your nation’s economy. And my appeal to others already in a job, to pay their tax on time and save public properties. It is your country, your motherland so, keep it clean and contribute your part to make it beautiful. Cooperate with government agencies and follow their policies fairly, stay away from bribery, become a good citizen of India, support your country, and all these things will also show your patriotism.

It is easy for those who already follow all these things but at the same time, it is tough for those who never followed these things. But in today’s term, these are some simple ways to show your patriotism. Apart from this our brave soldiers are an integral part of this definition. Hope it was not boring and I succeeded in delivering my thoughts to you in simple words and with these words, I would like to end this topic.

Thank You!

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