Speech on Children’s Day for Principal

Children’s Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born on 14th November 1889. He was from a good family background still, instead of enjoying his life he chose to serve his nation, and not only he, his father, and two sisters are also known for their contribution to the freedom fight. We celebrate his birthday because he loved children a lot.

Children’s Day Speech for Principal

We have given below two speeches on children’s day, first one is why do we celebrate children’s day and second one is children’s day celebration, hope you will like reading these as per your need.

Speech on Why Do We Celebrate Children’s Day

Good Morning everyone and a very Happy Children’s day to all of you. At first, I would like to appreciate the students who decorated this stage because it is really looking amazing and showing how creative our students are.

Today on this occasion I would like to tell you why we celebrate this occasion? It is our first Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday we celebrate as Children’s day. He had a soft corner for children and loved their company so he wished to celebrate his day as Children’s day. So, every year on the 14th of November we celebrate this auspicious occasion.

I have seen people celebrating many days and festivals but we never really understand why we celebrate it. Now let me ask you something, do we ever celebrate a common man’s birthday in a state or all over India? Of course, no, but why, because they did not do any extraordinary job. We celebrate some special people either he/she is a star, a famous person, an athlete, etc. And one more question, why do we celebrate when the person is not alive? It is because we always want to remember them and try to learn from them.

So, we celebrate a special occasion to learn similarly, Children’s day is special because on this day Nehru Ji was born. There is a lot to learn from him. He was such a great personality but was polite and kind at the same time. Children’s should learn the leadership quality he had, the way he used to handle people was markable, and had a very good image on the world stage.

Apart from his leadership qualities, he was a true patriot and gave his best when the nation needed him. He was an amazing Prime Minister who contributed a lot to the development of the nation. Although he studies abroad, he served his nation rather than a foreign country. Children’s day is special because of Nehru Ji and also these beautiful and innocent faces.

I know my students will definitely become an example for others one day. Your innocent faces also inspire me to bring the best education facilities for you and I will always try my best. You are the little Nehru and it’s your day enjoy and learn.

Thank You!

Speech on Children’s Day Celebration

Good Morning everyone, my dear teachers, and lovely students, Today on the occasion of the 131st birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru Ji we are celebrating this day as Children’s day. Today it is Children’s day and I wish all of you a very happy Children’s Day.

Today we are in the 21st century and it was a time when there were very few schools and colleges in our country. It was Nehru Ji who promised students to provide a world-class education to them. He introduced IITs, AIIMS, etc. You can call him one of the milestones of Indian History.

You are so lucky to be noticed on Nehru’s birthday. Nehru Ji was the only son of Motilal Nehru a great barrister. He was from a rich family background but was a very down to earth person. We celebrate this day because Nehru loved children.

He had a daughter Indira but when she was born after a few months he was arrested and was in jail for many years as a result he never enjoyed her childhood. After a few years, he had a son and he died just after a week. These two incidences changed him a lot and his love for children increased.

It will be not wrong if I repeat William Wordsworth’s phrase “Child is the father of Man”. Really a child has a lot of potentials to learn and can achieve more knowledge and power than a man; because a child’s brain is fresh and has a learning capacity that slowly decreases as per age. A child is more powerful because they can bring change as you know what your father’s profession is and there are very few who change their profession frequently.

But we never know what a child can become in his future? He can be a Prime Minister or a famous Singer depending on his preparation and focus on his carrier. Nehru Ji always encouraged children because he knew that they were the future of India.

After independence, it was necessary to develop India and Nehru Ji believed in children. Even today I believe in you and feel proud when you win awards in different fields. The moment I share the trophy I see the smiling faces but today I want to say that I feel happier than you because you are the future and will bring a change in our society.

And I also wish to conduct some history classes for you, not to bore you just to encourage you. We should know the details of our freedom struggle and this is because to let you know how the foreign countries treated us. Today there are many books available describing India by foreigners and you will really feel sad while reading them. You are the future of India and we are developing you for the nation but I feel sad when I see some of our best students serving in foreign companies.

Yes, it is good to develop but at the same time, you should also think about your nation. The nation needs you and it is in your hand now. As a principal, I tried my best to manage the best teaching faculty for you. We celebrate Children’s day but never thought about the importance of this day.

Nehru Ji loved children and also, we and this day remind me every year about the growth and development of the nation. I feel as if it is my duty to develop the best students who may grow their own companies and become an employer for the world. The world needs change and I know my students are enough capable to deal with the world.

I read books and I have read many books of Nehru Ji and as a Principal whenever it is 14th of November, I feel like what I have don’t for you in the past 12 months. Every day, this day reminds me and wants to ask me what your progress is? And I feel proud that I have a team of more than 2000 students. At last, I would like to wish all of you a very happy Children’s day and a good future.

Thank You Dear Children, have a good day!