Essay on Why I want to become an Engineer

It is always advised that we all must decide about our aim in our life. It makes our life interesting and purposeful. When we are in our childhood stage we do not know exactly what is meant by aim. We simply want to become whatever we see around us. Many of us get attracted by the charm of some or the other profession from childhood only while some of us remain confused about our aim till we grow up. There are many children among us whose aims keep on changing as they grew older in their lives.

Long Essay on Why I want to become an Engineer

I was very fascinated by the profession of engineering from childhood onwards and thus I decided to become an engineer in the future. I have detailed my passion for the profession of engineering in the form of a long essay. It might be helpful for the students in getting an idea to write an essay on this topic.

1200 Words Essay - My Passion to become an Engineer


We all aspire to become or do something in our lives and this is termed as the aim of our life. The aim of every person in this world differs according to their choices and interests. Our goal of life bothers us in our dreams and thus we have to do a lot of effort to make our dreams turn into a reality. Dreaming high and working for the same can help us in achieving our aim and becoming successful in our life.

Engineering is the passion of my life

Engineering is a great profession and is rendered with great respect. I have been fond of the profession of engineering from my childhood onwards. When I was studying in primary classes we were taught about different professions. My teacher explained about the works of different professions. I got curious about the profession of an engineer when it was explained by my teacher. At that point, the passion for the engineering profession started developing in my mind. When I went home I asked my parents about engineers and this great profession. They made me understand the engineers and their role in the nation. I started enhancing my knowledge about this profession as I grew older. Moreover, I felt very nice when for the first time I saw the civil engineers working on the site. I also decided to become a civil engineer in the future.

Several reasons for deciding to become an engineer

The aim that we choose in our life is because of the love and interest in that particular profession. We all have some or the other reasons for having a particular profession as an ambition of our life. I am greatly fond of the engineering profession and desire to become a successful engineer in the future. I have enlisted certain reasons that attracted me towards the profession of engineering.

Creativity in working

The work of an engineer is full of innovation and creativity. The engineers take up new ideas and work upon the same to make something new and interesting. The work of an engineer is never a boring one but is full of creativity. There is something new to do every day and work on different new things. This makes this profession an interesting one.

  • Love challenges in life

A work without different challenges is actually boring. Challenges help in learning about different new things in our life. It is also said that success is not possible without taking risks in life. I love the work associated with different challenges as it gives us different beautiful experiences of life. It also makes our life an interesting one. I as an engineer will learn a lot by working in a profession full of challenges and fun.

  • Serve the people of my nation

An engineer has a great contribution to making society a better place to live. They are the great minds behind the construction of several infrastructures and machines. These facilities have made the life of people more convenient. As an engineer, I would get a good opportunity to serve the people of the nation by my work.

  • Make my nation an advanced one

Everybody wishes that the country in which he/she is residing should be the developed one. This can happen only when every sector is developing at an equal rate. The engineering sector has a great contribution in making the nation an advanced one.

  • Responsible behavior

A good and responsible behavior is expected in every type of work that we do. There are different projects that are being completed under the supervision of the engineers. They have a major responsibility in handling as well as completing the project. I find myself as a responsible person and therefore can be a good and responsible engineer in the future.

  • Leadership quality

There is a need of a good leader in every field. The presence of a good leader is a boon to all the people working in the group. They get good guidance and positivity for achieving the target. I am a good leader from my school days. I am able to influence people by my work and this makes every team member of my group work with full dedication. A good team leader quality is required in the engineers so that they can motivate the members of their team for a good result. I think I can be a good engineer with a good team leading quality in the future.

Are engineers having an important role in the development of the nation?

Engineers are the backbone of development in any of the nations in the world. There are engineers in different fields like computer science, chemical, civil, mechanical, etc.  Civil engineers have a major contribution in the building of structures like dams, roads, bridges, beautiful buildings, canals, etc. The development of these infrastructures has helped in the progress of society and nation.  There have been vast progress and development in every field of engineering. This could not have been possible without the engineers. The engineers work on different concepts of math and science that give rise to new technology.

There is tremendous development in technologies that have been possible because of software and hardware engineers. The work full of creativity that the engineers do becomes a blessing for humanity. The great minds of the engineers have blessed many of the nations of the world with different technologies, machines, and infrastructure development. This has made the life of people easier and relaxed one with less effort to do. Thus, it can be stated that engineers have a major role in the progress and development of any of the nations in the world.


I have a dire interest in engineering and technology and thus want to pursue engineering in the future. The most important step is to crack the engineering entrance exams. I will work hard to get a good rank in the same so that I can become a successful civil engineer in the future.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by an Engineer?

Ans. A person who is skilled in construction, making designs, using machines and devices is termed an engineer.

Q.2 When is World Engineering day celebrated?

Ans. World Engineering Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of March.

Q.3 Who was the first engineer in the world?

Ans. Imhotep was regarded as the first engineer in the world.

Q.4 When is Engineers Day observed in India?

Ans. 15th September is observed as Engineers day in India.

Q.5 Which branch is considered the oldest branch of engineering?

Ans. Mechanical engineering is considered the oldest branch of engineering.