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Essay on why I want to become a Physical Therapist

We live and act in present but always think of our future. Isn't it true? Sometimes we imagine our future in our dreams. Everything seems to be true in dreams. Moreover, many people are confused when they are about to complete their schooling. It is because they still do not have any decided aim in life. When we decide what we want to be in our future it becomes easy for us to pursue our studies and career.

Where shall you be after 10 years? I don’t know what will be your replies to this question. My answer to this question is that I see myself as a successful physical therapist in the next ten years.

Why I want to become a Physical Therapist

In the same reference, I have explained that why I want to become a physical therapist in the form of a long essay. Students are asked to write an essay on this topic in their exams. I hope it would be beneficial for them in getting an idea of writing an essay on this topic. Moreover, it might also be useful for the physical therapy students in qualifying for their job interviews. Why I want to become a Physical Therapist

1000 Words Essay - My Passion of being a Physical Therapist


Life becomes beautiful if we are clear about our aim of life. I know that life is full of hurdles but when those hurdles fall in the way of our ambition they become challenges for us. I think when we get anything that we desire without any hard work we do not feel good. If the same thing we get after facing several challenges we feel satisfied. This happens only when our main focus is on the goal of our life.

The Passion of My Life

When I was in class 5, I used to think that I will earn a lot of money when I grow up.  At that stage, I was not having any particular aim in my life. I just thought that people work for money and they get the same by doing the job. Recently my grandmother had a paralysis attack and thanks to God that she was alive and safe. She was alive but has to spend the rest of her life on bed as she was unable to move her body parts. Her life became miserable and I could not see her in such a painful condition.

The doctor had advised her for taking exercise therapy after few days. A physical therapist would come every day to make my grandmother feel well by exercise therapy. I could not believe it when I saw that the condition of my grandmother started improving. At that point I was really fascinated by the profession of a physical therapist. That day I decided to become a physical therapist in my future.

My entire family is working in the medical sector and so I already had decided to make my future in health care. I was not sure that what career I will pursue in this sector. This incident made me clear about the aim of my life. I have to do great efforts for seeing myself as a successful physical therapist in the future. It is not only my dream but I will make it a reality of my life.

Reasons to be a Physical Therapist

The choice of every person in this world differs and thus the ambition too. Many of us have similar ambitions in our life but our perspective towards that is different. It can happen that I love the teaching profession as it makes us social while others might have a different opinion for this. I want to be a physical therapist in the future. Here are some reasons that will explain my love and passion for this profession.

An optimistic profession- Physical therapists help in making out things possible that seem impossible in beginning. I hope many people would have been benefitted from several exercise therapies. I love doing things that are related with great positivity. The condition of a paralyzed patient is very critical but physiotherapy brings pleasure to those people by turning things from impossible to possible. I am a very helpful and optimistic person. As a physical therapist, I can teach people to have positive thinking in life. I will also prove this statement by my work.

Fulfill my motive of helping others- A physical therapist helps people in getting rid of post-surgery pain, arthritis, back pain, and several other pain and discomfort due to injuries in the body. They provide the therapies that help people in regaining their body movement blocked due to pain or injury. They help people in restoring the functioning of the damaged body part. As a physical therapist, I would also be able to help many people in recovering from a painful situation. Moreover, I will get a chance to serve the people of my nation.

Passion for the profession and proper understanding- The patients of a physical therapist may range from a child to older people. The physical therapist needs to understand the mental and physical condition of their patients. It is not possible to handle every patient by a single procedure. In this way, a physical therapist develops a good relationship with their patients. It is easy to treat people if they understand their emotions and mental condition. Every patient requires a regular schedule of exercise therapies according to their health problem. The physical therapists also provide their services with the full dedication that gives a positive result. I love to do my work with dedication and this profession requires dedication for a good result.

Is the Profession of a Physical Therapist a Good Carrier Opportunity?

It is good to pursue a carrier as a physical therapist. If you want to work in healthcare services it can be a better opportunity for you to opt for physiotherapy. The demand for physical therapists is increasing day by day. There are some health problems that do not have any cure. It can only be treated by physical therapists. Physical therapists also work with physicians, surgeons, and other specialists.

According to me if you chose this profession because of your passion you will surely become successful. The level of success depends upon your own input for the profession. The difference between a job and a carrier is that job can be done by anyone but a carrier is made by a passionate person. Hard work has no substitute in any of the professions in this world. Therefore, I can say the profession of a physical therapist is a good carrier opportunity for students. They have to work hard to make themselves a successful physical therapist. As a physical therapist, you can set up your own clinic and start practicing. Physical therapists can also try for opportunities as physical therapists in sports teams and with athletes. Athletes and sports people need proper guidance to recover fast from their injuries. 


It is easy to see dreams but difficult to make them a reality. The journey of becoming a physical therapist is a little longer and difficult but not impossible. I will have to pursue BPT for becoming a physical therapist. It is almost 5 years program but I will work sincerely to make achieve my ambition.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When do we celebrate World Physical Therapy Day?

Ans. World Physical Therapy day is celebrated every year on 8th of September.

Q.2 What was the name given to the first physical therapists?

Ans. The first physical therapists were called "Reconstruction Aides".

Q.3 Who is called the father of Physiotherapy?

Ans. Per Henrik Ling founder of Swedish Gymnastics is called the father of Physiotherapy.

Q.4 What degree is highest in physiotherapy?

Ans. A Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) is the highest degree in physiotherapy.

Q.5 What is unique about physiotherapy?

Ans. Physical therapists diagnose, cure, and help in restoring physical disabilities in patients only by exercise therapies.