Shweta Srivastava

Shweta Srivastava is a young, aspiring, motivated and hard working girl. She holds bachelor degree in computer science and engineering. She loves to write articles on IT and various other fields. Many articles and blogs written by her has been published on different social sites and blogging sites as well. She has positive attitude and always being loyal to her work. Shweta believes to have patience to achieve great results.

Essay on Teej Festival

We all know that India is the land of festivals and celebrations. Apart from important festivals, Indian also celebrates small occasion that gives them joy. Here, we connect emotions and sentiments with devotions resulting in various fasts and festivals. One of these fasts is Teej fast. Teej is counted among the toughest fast performed in …

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Essay on Food

As we all know, we need food to stay alive. But is food necessary only to survive? Apart from feeding our hunger, food is our source of happiness. The pleasure we derive from eating delicious meals serves as a source of pure delight. Food has the unique ability to evoke positive emotions and bring people …

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Essay on Earthquake

Life is very precious, not only for humans but for every living organisms. They care for their life very much. But there are many threats to their life. Some are created by them itself while other are caused due to natural causes. Humans can control their activities but can’t nature. There are many dangerous natural …

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Essay on Earth

After getting tired from work, the place where we go and relax is our home. Home is not only a physical space it is a place where we get comfortable. Apart from our brick and stone houses the global house that gives shed to every living thing is our Mother Earth. We think that we …

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